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State Recycling Laws Update

January 2021:

Washington State Lawmakers Want to Set Mandatory Minimum Post-Consumer Recycled Content Levels for Plastic Packaging
Plastic packaging producers that fail to meet the targets would pay fees to the state to improve waste plastic recycling efforts.

Statewide Ban on Single-Use Plastic Carryout Bags Proposed in Maryland General Assembly
However, existing county and city bag ordinances would be allowed to remain in effect.

Ban on Polystyrene Foam Food Service Containers Proposed in Virginia General Assembly
A phased-in ban would begin to take effect in 2023.

Resolution Introduced in California Assembly Supports Adding Plastic as a Hazardous Material Under the Basel Convention
The resolution calls on the Biden Administration to ratify the Basel Convention.

Mississippi Is Latest State to Consider Restrictions on Single-Use Plastic Straws
The proposed ban would take effect this summer.

Bills to Support Pyrolysis and Gasification of Plastic Waste Introduced in Virginia General Assembly
More than a half dozen states already have enacted such laws.

Bills to Establish Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging Introduced in Washington State Legislature
The bills call for a 90% overall recycling and reuse rate for packaging materials by 2040.

Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging and Printed Paper Proposed in New York State Legislature
Producers would need to have EPR plans approved by the Department of Environmental Conservation within three years of the law taking effect.

Container Deposit Scheme Proposed for Maryland in General Assembly
An advisory committee would develop the framework for the scheme.

Oregon State Legislature to Consider Bill for Product Stewardship of Photovoltaic Energy Systems
The measure seeks to achieve an 85% reuse and recovery rate for end-of-life systems.

Creation of Photovoltaic Recycling Advisory Group Proposed in California State Senate
The nine-member group would make policy recommendation to ensure all end-of-life photovoltaic panels are recycled or reused in a safe and cost-effective manner.

Reuse of Waste Tires Pilot Programs and Study Called for by New York State Lawmakers
The measure would take effect in 90 days once approved.

New York Senate Bill Seeks to Ban Small Plastic Bottles for Hospitality Personal Care Products
The proposed ban would begin to take effect in 2024.

Maryland Lawmaker Says No to Possible Chemical Conversion of Waste Plastic
Her bill, if approved, would prohibit the technology in Maryland starting later this year.

New York Bill Proposes Using Life Cycle Analysis to Determine Overall Greenhouse Gas Emissions Associated with Food and Drinks
The study, supporting policies and reduction targets would apply only to state agencies.

Threshold for Allowing Disposal of Untreated Medical Waste Disposal the Subject of Oklahoma Bill
The bill would tighten the threshold later this year.

New Report on the Effectiveness of the State Container Deposit Scheme Requested in Vermont General Assembly
The Vermont Department of Natural Resources would submit the report to the Vermont General Assembly by January 15, 2022.

Toughening Penalties for Littering Proposed in Virginia House Bill
Fines would double and community service time doing litter clean up would quadruple.

Repeal of Iowa Container Deposit Scheme Again Proposed by Iowa Legislator
The legislator has been pursuing the repeal for a decade.

Vermont Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Ban PFAS in Some Products and Food Packaging
The bill also would ban the use of phthalates and bisphenols in food packaging.

California Senate Bill Calls for All Disposable Packaging and Food Ware to Be Recyclable or Compostable
The measure affirms intention for the introduction of supporting legislation.

New York Senate Bill Calls for Reducing Solid Waste Generation by 2031
New York Department of Environmental Conservation would work with local waste management planning units to meet the goal.

New York Lawmakers Propose Banning or Restricting Two Types of Disposable Plastic Items
Local health departments would be responsible for enforcing the law.

Maryland General Assembly to Consider Recycled Products Market Development Bills
The Maryland Office of Recycling would be given new responsibilities.

Bill to Delay Start of Single-Use Plastic Bag Distribution Ban Pre-filed in Washington State Legislature
The COVID-19 pandemic was cited as the reason for the proposed delay.

Proximity of Solid Waste Processing Facilities Is the Subject of a Missouri House Bill
A similar bill was introduced in 2018 but failed passage.

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