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State Recycling Laws Update

February 2017:

Removal of Larger Beverage Containers from Deposit Scheme Proposed in Maine Legislature
Instead, beverage producers and distributors would pay a recycling fee on the larger containers.

Ban on Removable Plastic Beverage Bottle Caps Proposed in California State Legislature
The proposed ban would take effect in 2020.

Carryout Bag Tax Sought by Connecticut Lawmakers
The tax would apply to single-use plastic and paper bags.

Requirements for Compostable Carryout Bags Introduced in Illinois General Assembly
Labeling prohibitions on carryout bags included in the measure.

South Carolina Is the Latest State to Try to Prohibit Local Single-Use Plastic Bag Ordinances
A similar bill introduced in the last legislature failed passage.

Paint Stewardship Bill Introduced in Texas Legislature
Stewardship plan submissions would commence no later than March 1, 2018.

National Funding for Local Zero Waste Grants Proposed in US Congress
Five-year program would be supported with $100 million in US EPA funding.

Illinois Bill Would Ban Specified Items from Recycling Bins
The bill would amend the Illinois Environmental Protection Act.

Legislative Proposal Would Install Recycling Bins along Pennsylvania Turnpike
Sales of collected recyclable materials would help fund turnpike operations.

Recycling Containers Would Be Mandated in Retail Food Establishments under Connecticut Bill
The bill seeks to increase the state beverage container recycling rate in particular.

Zero Waste Economy Study to Be Considered by Vermont Legislators
A special committee would be created to prepare and deliver a report of findings by January 2018.

Texas Bill Calls for Advisory Panel to Study How to Prevent Litter and Illegal Dumping
A best practices guide and report would be due on November 1, 2018.

Maine Senate Bill Proposes $1.5 Million in Funding for Bioplastics Development and Marketing
The funding would be earmarked for a particular technology development institute.

Extension or Elimination of Sunset of California Compostable Plastic Labeling Law Alternately Proposed in California Assembly
The sunset provision is currently scheduled for next January.

Warning Labels for Products Containing Toxic Substances Proposed in Canadian Parliament
Penalties for violations could include fines as high as $250,000 or imprisonment or both.

Restricting Certain Flame Retardant Chemicals Proposed in New Mexico Legislature
Companion bills were introduced in the House of Representatives and Senate.

Packaging EPR Program Proposed in Rhode Island General Assembly
The program would seek to achieve an overall 80% recycling rate for packaging by 2020.

Export of E-Waste Subject of Bill Introduced in US House of Representatives
The measure is a re-introduction of a bill from the 2015-2016 legislative session of Congress.

Tablet Computers Would Be Recycled by Manufacturers under an Illinois General Assembly Bill
The bill also defines "mobile telephone' under the Illinois Electronic Products Recycling and Reuse Act.

Changes to Illinois E-Waste Law Proposed Pertaining to Retailers
The bill also authorizes end-of-life covered electronic device collection fees.

Bill to End the US Environmental Protection Agency introduced in US Congress
The agency would close at the end of next year if the bill becomes law.

New York Lawmakers Again Push for Recycling at Parks and Recreational Areas
Recycling bins would be installed to collect metal, plastic, glass and paper and other material.

Bills in Tennessee General Assembly Address Landfill Disposal of Waste
The bills concern residential waste and industrial waste separately.

Canadian Government Publishes Code of Practice for Managing Waste Mercury-Containing Lamps
The code offers 83 best practices, but is not statutory.

Illinois May Move Up Sunset Date for Automotive Mercury Switch Removal Program
Auto makers stopped using the devices years ago, and switches removals in Illinois have fallen for five consecutive years.

States Consider Changes to Scrap Metal Theft Laws
Illinois bill specifies types of stolen metal products and sets offense categories based on the value of the stolen metal.

Virginia General Assembly Approves Bill Requiring Guidelines for Unused Drug Disposal
Virginia Board of Pharmacy made responsible for developing the guidelines.

More Bills Introduced in Minnesota to Establish Collection of Unwanted Pharmaceuticals
Some bills make country sheriffs responsible for drug collection, others make pharmacies responsible.

West Virginia Is the Latest State to Consider Restricting Flame Retardants in Residential Furniture and Children's Products
Manufacturing and wholesale restrictions would take effect on July 1, 2020.

Canadian Government Publishes Draft Federal Environmental Quality Guidelines for BPA and other Chemicals
The guidelines set safe environmental concentration limits for the chemicals in water, sediment and wildlife diets.

Launch of New York City's Carryout Bag Fee Prevented by State Legislature
New state law prevents retailers from charging a bag fee required by the city.

Fee on Single-Use Plastic Bags Proposed in Pennsylvania General Assembly
Half the collected fees would be returned as grants to retailers to improve their recycling practices.

Restrictions on Biodegradable, Compostable and Some other Plastics Proposed by Maryland Legislator
Affected products include food and beverage containers, carryout bags and agricultural film.

Bills to Revise New York Container Deposit Law Introduced in the State Legislature
Both bills pertain to container redemptions.

Oversight of the Washington Materials Management and Financing Authority Subject of Washington House Bill
The legislation concerns procurement of goods and services and performance relating to the E-Cycle Program.

Composting Pilot Project for Public Schools Proposed in Hawaii State Legislature
An interim report on the pilot would be presented to the legislature prior to its 2018 session.

Mattress Product Stewardship Bills Being Considered in Maryland and Rhode Island General Assemblies
Maryland bill authorizes a study for a possible program; Rhode Island bill amends existing mattress stewardship law.

Washington State Representatives Cosponsor Paint Stewardship Bill
Paint producers would be required to participate in a stewardship organization.

Product Stewardship of Architectural Paint Being Considered in Maryland General Assembly
Companion bills were introduced in the House of Representatives and Senate.

Several Changes to Mercury-Containing Lamp Stewardship Program Proposed in Washington Senate
The changes would benefit lamp producers.

Maryland Lawmakers Propose Much Larger Financial Penalties for Violating the State Special Events Recycling Law
Fines of as much as $500,000 per violation are proposed.

Construction and Demolition Waste Would Be Reused or Recycled under Illinois House Measure
Five percent of the materials in construction projects would need to be reused materials.

Texas Senator Wants to Keep Municipal Solid Waste Facilities away from Major Aquifers
A bill would prohibit permitting of the facilities under specified conditions.

Minnesota Pharmacies Would Be Required to Collect Waste Pharmaceuticals under Senate Bill
They would first register with the US DEA as a collection location.

West Virginia Bill Would Authorize County Trash Collection Surcharges on Residential Property
County commissions could place surcharges on single family homes and multi-family rental properties.

Changes to Litter Laws Considered in Several State Legislatures
Several bills propose increasing penalties as a deterrent.

New York State Companion Bills Would Require Environmentally Sound Packaging by 2020
The packaging also would need to be labelled to show compliance with the proposed law.

Plastic Waste Reduction Act Proposed by Five Rhode Island Senators
The bill targets single-use plastic bags, plastic water bottles and polystyrene foam disposable food containers.

Revisions to Container Deposit Schemes Proposed in Iowa and Vermont
The Vermont bill would repeal the state container deposits law and replace it with a glass container recycling fee.

Ban on Virgin Polystyrene Foam Loosefill Packaging Material Proposed in New York Assembly
Polystyrene foam containing recycled content would be allowed after the ban takes effect.

Tax on Single-Use Plastic Bags Proposed in Washington State Legislature
Single-use plastic bags are already banned in Seattle and some other Washington municipalities.

Amendment to Law Banning Pull-Top Metal Beverage Cans Proposed in Illinois General Assembly
Some types of metal containers with detachable parts would be permitted.

Public Schools Would Compost Waste under Washington State Companion Bills
Schools must also offer students the opportunity to recycle.

Biomass-to-Energy Industry Supported by Two Oregon Bills
Biomass is fighting to compete financially with lowered natural gas prices.

Bills Establishing Product Stewardship of Mattresses and Carpeting Introduced in Maine Legislature
Two senators cosponsor both bills.

Product Stewardship of Household Hazardous Waste Proposed in Oregon State Legislature
Producers that do not meet their annual return share of waste products would pay an extra fee to the state.

Several State Legislatures Take Up Bills Addressing Landfills
Measures range from increasing tipping fees to easing of some remediation liability.

Recyclable Metal Theft Penalties Specified in Pennsylvania Bill
Penalties range from misdemeanors to felonies.

Amendment to Hawaii Tire Recycling Law Introduced in House of Representatives
A tire deposit, similar to a container deposit, would be imposed on each new tire sold.

Rhode Island Lawmakers Consider Bill Concerning Home Medical Sharps Disposal
Hospitals and pharmacies would provide containers for collection.

More Mercury-Containing Products Would Be Banned Under Maryland House Proposal
The proposed ban would take effect in October 2017.

Hawaiian Lawmakers Seek to Ban Two Common Sunscreen Ingredients Due to Environmental Concerns
Proposed ban would take effect this coming October.

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