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State Recycling Laws Update

October 2021:

New California Law Increases Requirements for Plastic Products To Be Labeled as Compostable
The Senate recently approved the bill that was passed by the Assembly earlier this year.

Packaging Extended Producer Responsibility Bill Introduced in Pennsylvania General Assembly
Producers that fail to collect their share of waste packaging would have to make payments to the state.

Connecticut DEEP Holds Stakeholder Consultation for Beverage Container Deposit Law Update
A stakeholder consultation concluded on August 27.

Fairfax County, Virginia Approves Tax on Single-Use Plastic Bags
The five-cent tax will take effect on January 1, 2022.

Chicago City Council Resolution Calls for Banning Plastic Pellets and Other Preproduction Plastic Material Discharges into Local Waterways
The measure parallels one introduced in the United States Senate in April.

New York City Council Approves Creation of Task Force for Environmentally Preferred Textiles Purchasing by City Agencies
The task force will submit a report with purchasing guidelines and policy and legislative recommendations to the mayor and city council.

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