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State Recycling Laws Update

January 2022:

"Advanced Recycling" of Plastic Waste Proposed in Three More State Legislatures
Advanced recycling facilities would not be subject to some state waste management law requirements.

Bans on Polystyrene Foam Food Service Containers Proposed in Two States
The bans would extend to some other polystyrene products.

Kentucky State Senator Introduces Bill to Ban Some Single-Use Plastics
Among the items targeted are single-use plastic bags and polystyrene food and drink containers.

Rhode Island Lawmakers Again Try to Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags
The bags were banned in 2019 in Providence, the state capital and its largest city.

Two Packaging Stewardship Bills Introduced in Virginia General Assembly
The two House bills have many common elements but a key difference, too.

Repeal of Arizona Auxiliary Containers Law Proposed in State Senate
The same measure would require retailers to charge customers five cents for each single-use bag they distribute.

Ban on Miniature Bottles Containing Alcoholic Beverages Sought in Rhode Island House Bill
The bill seeks to prevent the containers from becoming litter.

Two Companion Bills in Florida Legislature Would Provide Financial Support to Municipal Waste-to-Energy Facilities
The state would provide two cents per kilowatt hour to electrical utilities as a financial incentive.

Public Housing Access to Recycling Services Subject of New Hampshire House Bill
Towns would be required to provide the access.

Washington State Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Set Standards for Products Claiming Biodegradability
Adherence to accepted standards would be need to certified by a third-party auditing scheme.

Bill to Establish a Takeback Program for Computers and TVs Introduced in Arizona State Legislature
The proposed program would take effect on January 1, 2023.

Illinois General Assembly to Consider New Packaging Product Stewardship Bill
The bill authorizes the Illinois EPA to contract with a stewardship organization to operate the program for 10 years.

Beverage Container Deposit Scheme Proposed for New Hampshire
A ten-cent deposit would be placed on wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Pilot Program to Regulate Single-Use Plastic Products Proposed in Florida House of Representatives
The two-year pilot program could not impose any taxes or fees on the products or single-use plastic bags.

Restrictions on Single-Use Plastic Items to be Proposed in Maryland General Assembly
The restrictions would apply to food service businesses only.

Advanced Recycling of Plastic Waste Proposed in Rhode Island General Assembly
By codifying advanced recycling of the material, facilities that process it would not be subject to some requirements in the state’s existing waste disposal law.

Bill Introduced in Vermont General Assembly Seeks to Limit Plastic Contaminants in Agricultural Fields
The bill calls for establishing a maximum contamination level standard for residual waste, digestate, and soil amendments used in farming.

Committees to Study Waste and Recycling Issues Proposed in Three New Hampshire House Bills
Findings by the three committees would be submitted in legislative reports before the end of this year.

Companion Bills Introduced in Florida Legislature Call for Establishing a Statewide Long-Term Recycling Goal
The Department of Environmental Protection would conduct a study to help set the goal.

Maryland General Assembly to Consider Architectural Paint Product Stewardship Bills
Paint producers may develop and implement individual stewardship plans or join a representative organization.

Vermont Lawmakers Propose Banning the Sale of Mercury-Containing Lamps
Current state law mandates product stewardship of the lamps.

Government of Canada Publishes Draft Single-Use Plastics Prohibition Regulations
A public consultation period is open.

Washington Department of Ecology Begins Rulemaking for New Recycled Content in Plastics Law
A draft of the new rule is expected to be released for public review and comment in summer 2023.

Labeling of Biodegradable Products Subject of Bill Pre-filed in Washington State Legislature
Products would need to meet specific ASTM or ISO test methods.

Ban on BPA in Food Containers Proposed by Pennsylvania Lawmakers
Chemical replacements for BPA would need to be "the least toxic alternative."

Second Bill to Ban Single-Use Plastic Water Bottles in State Parks Introduced in New York State Legislature
The ban would take effect 180 days after the bill’s passage.

Product Stewardship of Wind Turbine Blades Proposed in Washington State Legislature
The Department of Ecology would develop guidance for manufacturers to establish "self-directed" stewardship programs.

Bill Introduced in Pennsylvania General Assembly Seeks to Recycle More Demolition Waste
The measure would require 85% of demolition waste be diverted from landfills.

Pittsburgh City Council Considers Bill to Ban Retail Distribution of Single-Use Plastic Bags
The bill also would require paper bags contain a minimum of 40% post-consumer recycled content and contain no "old growth fiber."

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