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State Recycling Laws Update

December 2019:

US Senate Bill Would Allocate $75 Million for Recycling Public Education and Outreach Grants
The grants would be awarded by the US Environmental Protection Agency over five years.

City of Vancouver Approves By-Laws Banning Some Single-Use Items
Minimum fees will be imposed on disposable cups, paper bags and reusable bags.

Massachusetts Senate Approves Bill to Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags
The bill also would require a minimum 10-cent fee on recyclable paper bags.

New York Assembly to Consider Bill Mandating Recycled Content in Plastic Beverage Containers
The bill calls for 75% recycled content by 2025.

Fee on Disposable Bags Proposed in Denver City Council
Retail stores would be required to provide free reusable bags to customers.

Restrictions on Plastic Trash Bags, Not Carryout Bags, Proposed in New York Senate Bill
Plastic trash bags would need to meet a recycled content standard to be sold in New York State.

Oregon’s Second Largest City Bans Single-Use Polystyrene Food Containers
The ban will take effect next month.

Wisconsin DNR Recommends Possible Changes to State E-Waste Program
The recommendations were included in a report showing a fourth straight year of collection declines.

Honolulu City Council Considers Bill to Better Enforce Illegal Dumping
Photographs and videotapes of vehicles involved in illegal dumping would be sufficient evidence to issue citations.

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