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State Recycling Laws Update

January 2020: Ban on Government Purchase of Disposable Water Bottles Proposed in New York State Legislature
The same bill directs a study on the environmental and health impacts of single-use plastic water bottles and has other provisions.

Ban on State Government Purchases of Beverages in Plastic Containers Proposed in Hawaii State Legislature
If approved the ban would take effect immediately.

Bills Addressing Disposable Plastic Bags Introduced in Several More States
All of the bills call for five-cent taxes or fees to be placed on the bags.

Bills to Ban Polystyrene Foam Food Packaging Introduced in Virginia and Colorado General Assemblies
The two states join New York, Washington, Rhode Island and Kentucky as states having bills introduced to ban the packaging material.

Single-Use Plastics Bill Introduced in Colorado General Assembly
The bill concerns disposable plastic bags, straws, and drink stirrers and polystyrene foam food service products.

Maryland Lawmaker Wants to Ban Disposable Plastic Straws
The proposed ban would next effect next January.

Bill in Third Eastern State Seeks to Prevent Plastic Bottle Waste in the Hospitality Sector
Maryland became the latest state to take up the issue.

Twenty-one Vermont Representatives Cosponsor Bill to Expand Container Deposit Scheme
The range of covered beverages would be increased.

Three Bills in Arizona State Legislature Seek to Repeal State Auxiliary Containers Law
One bill would impose fees on some of the containers.

Nebraska Senator Introduces Bill to Prevent Local Ordinances Affecting Auxiliary Containers
The purpose of the bill is to reduce the burden on retailers who may have to comply with varying regulations in multiple local jurisdictions.

Study of Food Waste in Virginia Proposed by Virginia Legislator
The study would include prevention recommendations including possible donation requirements for grocery stores and restaurants.

Source Separation of Residential and Commercial Solid Waste Streams Proposed in Hawaii Senate Bill
The same bill would set a 2030 target for reducing solid waste disposal by 80%.

Waste Diversion and Recycling Task Force Would Be Established by Virginia House Resolution
The task force would study methods of improving recycling and diverting waste from landfills, then submit a report to the legislature and governor.

Bans on PFAS in Food Packaging Proposed in Two More State Legislatures
Earlier bills were introduced in Vermont and New Hampshire.

Measure to Restrict Flame Retardants in Some Products Introduced in Arizona State Legislature
The bill also prohibits the use of methylene chloride in paint or coating removal products.

Plastics and Packaging Reduction Act Proposed in Maryland General Assembly
The bill would establish a Single-Use Products Workgroup as well as ban single-use plastic bags.

Creation of a Plastic Pollution Prevention Advisory Council Proposed in Virginia General Assembly
The council would advise the governor on policy and funding priorities to eliminate plastic waste.

Bills to Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags Introduced in Two State Legislatures
The states are Georgia and West Virginia.

Bill to Ban Polystyrene Foam Food Containers and Plastic Beverage Stirrers Introduced in Rhode Island General Assembly
If approved, the law would take effect on passage.

Companion Bills to Ban Several Disposable Plastic Items Proposed in Kentucky General Assembly
Plastic bags and polystyrene foam food and beverage containers are among the targeted items.

Companion Bills Introduced in Washington State Legislature Would Ban Polystyrene Foam Products
The bills include a product recall requirement for manufacturers that continue to produce, sell or distribute banned products after a specified date.

Repeal of Indiana's 'Auxiliary Containers' Law Proposed by State Senator
The law was enacted less than two years ago.

Changes Proposed to Michigan Container Deposit Scheme
Among the changes are the addition of covered beverages and container types.

Container Deposit Scheme Bill Re-Introduced in Florida Senate
The bill would impose a five-cent deposit on covered beverage containers starting next year.

New Restrictions on Solid Waste Management Facilities Proposed in Two State Legislatures
One bill would limit the capacity of new facilities or the expansion of existing facilities.

Illinois Lawmaker Proposes Recycling Program for All State Government Buildings
The responsible government department already manages two voluntary recycling programs.

Measure to Reduce Illegal Recycling of Returnable Shipping Container Introduced in Missouri House of Representatives
Recyclers would have to obtain proof of ownership from container sellers, maintain sales records and meet other requirements.

Reducing Illegal Dumping in Two Counties the Subject of Maryland General Assembly Proposals
One bill calls for annual activity reports to the state government, and the other authorizes adoption of local ordinances.

Vermont Lawmakers Want to Prohibit Certain Chemicals in Carpeting and Food Packaging
Two different bills were introduced in the House of Representatives.

Bill to Ban Flame Retardant Chemicals in Some Products Introduced in Virginia General Assembly
The ban would take effect on July1, 2021.

Bills to Reduce Disposable Plastic Bag Waste Introduced in Two State General Assemblies
One bill proposes a tax on the bags, and the other would ban them.

Two State Legislatures Take Up Bills Regarding Local Governments' Authority to Adopt Disposable Bag and Packaging Ordinances
One bill would remove existing state restrictions, and the other would authorize local governments to adopt them as needed.

Phased In Ban on Expanded Polystyrene Food Service Containers Proposed in Virginia General Assembly
The ban would begin to apply in 2023 with larger restaurant chains.

Polystyrene Foam Food Service Ware Ban Proposed by New Hampshire Lawmakers
If approved, the ban would take effect next year.

Bill Introduced in Second Eastern State Seeks to Prevent Plastic Bottle Waste in the Hospitality Sector
The bill encourages lodging establishments to transition to bulk dispensers for personal care products in guest rooms.

Container Deposit Handling Fee Would Increase One-Cent under Vermont Bill
The proposed change would take effect on July 1.

California Lawmaker Calls for Recommendations for Improving the State Container Deposit Scheme
CalRecycle would be responsible for making the recommendations.

Drug Disposal Program Proposed for Utah Would Include Prescription and Over-The-Counter Medications
Public drug repositories and home drug disposal receptacles would be parts of the program.

Virginia and Pennsylvania Legislators Propose Bans on Drink and Food Containers Having Bisphenol-A
The chemical is a suspected endocrine disruptor.

PFAS in Products and Food Packaging Is the Subject of Two Bills in the New Hampshire General Court
One bill calls for a study of possible warning labels, and the other bill calls for a study of possible alternatives to PFAS in food packaging.

Bans and Taxes on Some Disposable Plastics Proposed in Virginia General Assembly
The measure would allow local governments to adopt ordinances authorizing bans and taxes.

Another Bill to Restrict the Retail Sale of Plastic Trash Bags Introduced in New York State Legislature
Plastic trash bags that do not meet a minimum level of post-consumer material would be prohibited.

Denver City Council Approves Disposable Carryout Bag Fee Ordinance
Retail stores will begin charging fees in July.

Contract Requirements for Reducing Residential Recycling Contaminants Being Considered in Florida Bill
If approved, the requirements would take effect for new or renewed contracts starting in October.

Washington State Senator Calls for Environmental and Sustainability Content in Public School Curriculum
A non-profit organization would be selected to integrate the new content into current curriculum.

Maine Lawmakers to Consider Bill that Could Reduce E-Waste Generation
The bill would establish 'right to repair' digital electronic equipment.

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