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State Recycling Laws Update

April 2021:

Maryland House of Delegates Approves Bill to Ban Single-Use Plastic Carryout Bags
The bill is being considered in the Senate.

South Carolina Senate Approves Bill to Support Chemical Recycling of Waste Plastics
The bill is under review in the House of Representatives.

State Purchasing Ban on Single-Use Plastic Water Bottles and Checkout Bags and Polystyrene Foam Food Service Ware Proposed in Rhode Island General Assembly
The ban also would apply to food service providers that contract with the state government.

North Carolina General Assembly Bill Seeks to Reduce Plastic Waste and Increase Plastics Recycling
Among the provisions is tax revenue to support local government plastics recycling services.

Ban on Government Purchases of Single-Use Plastic Items Proposed in New York State Legislature
The proposed ban would take effect immediately if approved.

Bill Introduced in New York State Legislature Would Impose An Advanced Recycling Fee on Food Service Packaging
The Department of Environmental Conservation would have administrative responsibility for the law.

Washington State Legislature Approves Bill Amending Carryout Bag Law
The amendment expands permissible paper carryout bags.

Two Resolutions Approved in Hawaii State Legislature Address Packaging EPR and Waste Exports
One resolution requests a study on the benefits and costs of implementing EPR for packaging.

Bipartisan Companion Bills Introduced in US Congress Would Boost State and Local Recycling Programs
The bills would provide $75 million in federal grants to governments, Indian tribes, non-profit organizations and public private partnerships.

New York City Lawmakers Want a Plan and Progress Reports for Achieving Zero Waste to Landfill
The NYC seeks to achieve zero waste by 2030 but does not have a detailed plan to do so.

Delay in Launch of Photovoltaic Modules Product Stewardship Program Approved by Washington State Legislature
Several keys dates have been pushed back by two years.

Wisconsin Senate Bill Would Amend Existing E-Waste Law
Among the proposed updates is the creation of a rural recycling grants program.

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