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State Recycling Laws Update

August 2019:

New Jersey Governor Signs Law Establishing a State Solar Panel Recycling Committee
The committee will study photovoltaic waste and may make legislative or regulatory recommendations.

San Francisco International Airport Announces Ban on Water Sold in Disposable Plastic Bottles
The ban will take effect on August 20.

Bill Introduced in US Congress Would Authorize EPA to Provide Zero Waste Grants
The bill would appropriate $250 million in grant funding over eight years starting in FY2020.

Food Labeling Bills Introduced in US Congress Likely Would Reduce Food Waste
Food packagers would voluntarily apply two types of standardized dates on their labeling.

Chicago City Council Takes Up Bill to Ban Disposable Plastic Food Service Ware
Food service businesses would be asked to "apply their collective buying power to increase the availability of competitively priced recyclable and compostable service ware."

Madison, Wisconsin City Council Considering Banning the Use of Plastic Straws
Wisconsin is one of a handful of states that have enacted laws the protecting the distribution of "auxiliary containers."

City of Austin Prepares to Hire Contractor for Expanding Organic Waste Composting Program
The curbside collection program scheduled to expand again next month and next year.

Waste Tire Recycling Resolution to Be Introduced in Honolulu City Council Meeting
Locally-generated recycled tire material would be used for road paving projects.

Companion Bills Introduced in US Congress Would Combat Marine Debris on Several Fronts
The bills would expand on legislation enacted last year that provided cleanup funds to NOAA.

British Columbia Government Launches Public Consultation on Reducing Plastic Waste
Four options are discussed in a new Plastics Action Plan.

New Hampshire Governor Signs Law Establishing Committee to Study Recycling Streams
The committee will report its findings and any recommendations for legislation later this year.

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Are the Latest to Consider Ban on Polystyrene Food Containers
Repeat violators of the proposed law could receive civil penalties of $2,000 per offense.

Bill Introduced in Michigan Legislature Would Ban Plastic Microbeads in Personal Care Products
Manufacturing and sales bans would be phased in over four years.

Fulton County, Georgia BOC Approves Resolution Eliminating Single-Use Plastics in County Buildings
County government vendors will need to consider alternatives to single-use plastics in pursuing procurement agreements.

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