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State Recycling Laws Update

April 2017:

Washington State Legislature Passes Changes to Mercury-Containing Lights Stewardship Law
Among the changes, the Department of Ecology must refund access administrative fees to producers.

Omnibus Extended Producer Responsibility Bill Introduced in New York State Assembly
Rather than focus on a product type, the bill would require EPR for all consumer products.

Amendments to Covered Device Recycling Act Proposed in Pennsylvania House of Representatives
The bill would increase manufacturer market share targets for the next few years.

Extension of Scrap Tire Fee Approved by Arizona State Legislature
The fee will be extended eight years.

West Virginia Governor Signs Law Increasing Penalties for Littering and Illegal Dumping
Fines and community service times are both increased substantially.

Three Recently Introduced Bills in Vermont General Assembly Would Impose Carbon Pollution Taxes
Fossil fuel purchases would be taxed, replacing or decreasing other tax revenue sources.

Bills to Fund the Purchase of At-Home Prescription Drug Deactivation and Disposal Products Introduced in Minnesota
One million dollars in funding would be allocated over the next two fiscal years.

Chicago Area Suburb Approves Ordinance Establishing Voluntary Single-Use Bag Fee Pilot Program
The new ordinance follows Chicago's seven-cent fee on single-use bags.

Iowa Governor Signs Law Prohibiting Local Plastic Bag Ordinances
The ordinance prohibition also applies to other types of "containers."

Amended Version of Single-Use Plastic Bag Bill Passes Maine House of Representatives
The latest version also phases out polystyrene foam food service containers.

Fee on Single-Use Plastic Bags Proposed in Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Half of the collected fees would be returned to retailers in the form of grants to support recycling.

Maryland General Assembly Approves Bill Concerning Environmental Labeling of Plastic Products
The new law includes specifications for compostable plastic carryout bags and food and beverage packaging.

State Financial Assistance for E-Waste Collection and Recycling Proposed in New York Senate
Funding could reimburse costs not covered by covered device manufacturers.

Amendments to Rhode Island Electronic Waste Prevention, Reuse and Recycling Act Proposed in General Assembly
Tablets and printers would be added as covered devices among many other changes.

Statewide Organic Waste Study Authorized by Maryland General Assembly
An interim report will be delivered to the legislature by July1, 2018.

Oregon Senator Calls for another Study of Solid Waste Management in the State
A report would be delivered to the Oregon Legislative Assembly no later than September 15 of this year.

Bill to Support Refrigerant Recovery Introduced in US House of Representatives
Reclaimed refrigerants would receive preferential federal procurement status if specified conditions are met.

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Want a Tax Credit for Manufacturers of Energy Star Products and Glass or Window Technologies
Two bills would each authorize $10 million in tax credits annually.

Bill to Support Refrigerant Recovery Introduced in US House of Representatives
Reclaimed refrigerants would receive preferential federal procurement status if specified conditions are met

Maryland Joins List of States Banning Lead in Automotive Wheel Weights
Except for state-owned vehicles, the ban begins on January 1, 2020.

North Carolina Toxic Free Kids Act Essentially Would Ban Nine Chemicals from Children's Products
The restrictions would take effect on July 1, 2019.

Reauthorization of Funding for US Marine Debris Act Proposed in United States Senate
A bipartisan bill requests $10 million in funding per year from 2018 through 2022 for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency.

Oregon Governor Signs Law Creating Transition for State Beverage Container Deposit Increase
Containers bearing the previous five-cent deposit will be allowed to be sold through September 30, 2018.

Montana Resolution Calls for Study of a Possible Aluminum Container Deposit Scheme
However, the deposit scheme would apply only to craft beer containers.

Oregon Legislator Wants More Beverage Container Deposit Information Published Online Each Year
The bill follows an increase in the container deposit amount prompted by lower than expected redemption levels.

Montana Legislator Introduces Bill to Ban on Polystyrene Foam Food Packaging
The ban would be phased in over several years.

Pennsylvania May Be Next State to Consider Prohibiting Local Plastic Bag Ordinances
House representative publishes legislative memo calling for a state law.

Management of Food Waste by Government Food Service Providers Proposed in another New York Senate Bill
The measure is nearly identical to another bill introduced in January.

Imposing Higher Fees on Out-of-State Solid Waste Imports Subject of US Senate Bill
Benefit fees would be authorized for communities where imported waste is processed or disposed.

Maryland General Assembly Approves Modifications to Recycling at Special Events Law
The changes will make the law easier for special event sponsors.

Louisiana Bill Would Authorize Adoption of Local Ordinances on Residential Waste Tire Storage
Ordinances could include fines for violations and government entry on private property to remove waste tires.

Bill to Boost Lubricating Oil Recycling Introduced in US House of Representatives
Federal agencies, recipients of Federal grant funds, entities contracting with the Federal Government, and the general public would be encouraged to use more recycled lubricating oil.

Bill to Ban 1,4-dioxane in Cleaning Products and Cosmetics Introduced in New York State Legislature
The proposed sales ban would take effect on December 31, 2018.

Fee on Plastic Bags Proposed in Nevada Legislature
The fee would apply only for five years then be replaced by a ban.

Connecticut Senate Environmental Committee Proposes Study on How to Increase Glass Container Recycling
The study would include determining the viability of minimum recycled content in glass containers.

Voluntary Organic Waste Donation and Recycling Program for Food Service Providers Proposed in New York City
Food service establishments that participate in the program could have "eligible violations" for which they are found guilty waived.

Colorado General Assembly Bill Seeks to Increase State Waste Diversion Rate
Voluntary waste diversion goals would be set for 20 years beginning in 2020.

Nevada Senate Bill Seeks to Increase the State Recycling Rate
The bill would create the Nevada Council on Recycling and Materials Management among other provisions.

Illinois House Approves Bill to Keep Specified Items Out of Recycling Containers
The bill is now being considered in the Senate.

End to Louisiana Recycling Equipment Tax Credit Contained in Pre-filed Senate Bill
The tax credit would end effective January 1, 2020.

Bill Introduced in Honolulu Council Would Require Demolition Debris Recovery Plans
However, the requirement would apply only to facilities owned by city agencies and departments.

Maryland General Assembly Approves Adding Cell Tower Batteries to Scrap Items for Which Sales Records Must Be Kept
The addition will take effect on October 1.

Washington Department of Ecology Begins Rule Making to Expand List of Chemicals of High Concern to Children
The chemicals officially would be added to the list this October.

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