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State Recycling Laws Update

November 2019:

Nova Scotia Legislature Approves Act Banning Single-Use Plastic Checkout Bags
The ban will take effect in about one year.

Portland, Maine Approves Restrictions on Plastic Straws and Drink Stirrers
Earlier this year, the state banned single-use plastic bags and polystyrene foam food containers.

New York City Council Bill Would Reduce Single-Use Plastic Water Bottles in Many Public Schools
Students would be provided with free reusable water bottles.

Metro Vancouver Announces Support for British Columbian Plastics Action Plan
The action plan bans some single-use packaging, requires producers to take back more products, and expands plastic containers covered by the provincial container deposit scheme.

Province of Brunswick Announces It's Planning a Packaging and Printed Paper EPR Program
The EPR program is expected to boost the province’s current 30% recycling rate.

Minneapolis City Council Considers Mandatory Recycling at Public Events and Markets
Event sponsors and market managers would be responsible for providing the required services.

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