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State Recycling Laws Update

June 2021:

Louisiana State Legislature Poised to Approve Bill to Establish "Advanced Recycling" of Post-Use Polymers
Several other states have approved similar legislation this year.

"Advanced Processing" of Plastic Waste Proposed in New Jersey Legislature
Several other state legislatures already have approved similar bills this year.

Louisiana DEQ Requested by State Legislature to Address Release and Discharge of Preproduction Plastic
Plastic production facilitates would maintain spill prevention plans and take other actions.

Pittsburgh City Council Approves Resolution for Placing Limitations on Single-Use Plastic Bags
A state law preventing local single-use plastic bag ordinances by local governments will expire in July.

Toronto City Council Prepares to Move Forward with Single-Use and Takeaway Items Reduction Strategy
The launch of the first stage of the strategy – voluntary measures - had been delayed by the covid-19 pandemic.

Details of Proposed US National Recycling Infrastructure Program Published
Funding of $500 million over five years would be allocated by the U.S. Congress.

Connecticut Senate Approves Bill Calling for DEEP Recommendations on Recycled Content in Products
The House of Representatives is considering the measure.

National Food Waste Strategy Proposed for Canada
The strategy would set food waste reduction targets and provide tools for food producers, retailers and consumers to reduce food waste.

Food Waste Diversion Bill Introduced in North Carolina General Assembly
Larger food scraps generators would be required to donate edible surplus food and separate scraps for composting.

Proposal Introduced in Pennsylvania State Legislature Would Require Philadelphia Officials to Better Address Illegal Waste Tire Dumping
The bill would increase violation fines and establish recordkeeping requirements for some businesses.

US Department of Energy Announces Availability of $14.5 Million for Plastic Waste R&D Projects
Parties interested in receiving funding must submit a concept paper to DOE by June 28.

Bill to Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags and Polystyrene Foam Takeout Food Packaging Clears Colorado House of Representatives
The bill still needs Senate approval.

Rhode Island Senate Approves Bill to Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags
The bill is being considered in the House of Representatives.

New York State Senator Proposes Recycled Content Levels for Plastic Beverage Containers
The bill also bans state purchases of single-use bottled water and places restrictions on other plastic drink and food containers.

Delaware Lawmakers Propose Banning Some Single-Use Plastic Food-Related Items
The Secretary of Health and Social Services would adopt rules and procedures to implement the law.

Companion Bills in New York State Legislature Seek to Reduce Single-Use Plastics at State University Campuses
The bills would require state university trustees to adopt policies to minimize use of some single-use plastic items.

New York Legislators Propose State Recycling Truth in Labeling Law
Plastic products and packaging identified by producers as recyclable would need to meet specified criteria to be sold in the state.

New York City Council Approves Bill Restricting or Banning Some Single-Use Plastic Beverage Service Items
The bill required more than two years to achieve passage.

Colorado Senate Approves Bill to Study Use of Post-Consumer Content in Packaging
The amended bill is being considered in the House of Representatives.

Bill Requiring Food Waste Prevention Plan for New York City Public Schools Approved by City Council
The plan would focus on surplus foods.

Vermont General Assembly Approves Ban on Some Chemicals in Food Packaging and Other Consumer Products
The bill was signed into law by Governor Phil Scott.

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