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December 2023:

Welsh Government Releases Regulatory Guidance for Proper Separation of Non-Residential Waste Materials
Separated materials glass, metal, plastic, paper and cardboard, cartons and other fiber-plastic composite packaging, food waste and unsold small waste electrical and electronic equipment and textiles.

European Chemicals Agency Says Regulatory Action Needed to Reduce Use of PVC and Harmful PVC Additives
Recommended actions include regulating use of plasticisers such as ortho-phthalates minimizing PVC microparticle emissions at recycling facilities and landfills.

German Federal Environment Agency Says Glass and Composite Packaging Recycling Rates Need to Increase
The agency says too many glass bottles are being disposed as waste instead of separated for recycling.

Chilean Ministry of Environment Launches Public Consultation on Extended Producer Responsibility for Photovoltaic Panels
This initial consultation is data and information gathering, not commenting on a draft proposal.

Colombian Senador Calls for Rescinding Recently Approved Tax on Single-Use Plastics
The bill's sponsor calls the tax a "regressive measure" and "not very significant at an environmental level."

Bill in Argentinian Camara Would Standardize a Color-Coded Three-Bin Recycling Scheme Nationally
The scheme would use green bins for dry recyclable material, brown bins for organic waste, and black bins for trash.

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