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August 2018:

Resolution Introduced in French National Assembly Calls for Transitioning from Plastic Beverage Bottles to Reusable Glass
Plastic bottle producers would pay into a special government-managed fund to support the transition.

Norwegian Environment Agency Is Directed to Prepare Disposable Plastics Reduction Recommendations
The agency will submit a preliminary assessment of possible actions by the end of this year.

Australian Government Releases Updated Marine Plastic Debris Plan
The primary goal of the plan is to protect Australian ocean and coastal wildlife.

Taiwan EPA Raises Environmental Fee on PVC Packaging by 470%
The agency said most PVC packaging is incinerated instead of being recycled.

Another Bill Introduced in the Philippine House Seeks to Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags
The same bill would ban the sale of products containing microplastic beads and add restrictions on other plastic items and packaging.

Bill to Impose Fees for Disposable Plastic Straws Introduced in Philippine Senate
The fees would apply both to drink packaging with attached straws and straws provided optionally by food and drink establishments.

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