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August 2019:

New Zealand Government Launches Public Consultation on Product Stewardship Priority Products
Mandatory stewardship has been proposed for six categories of products.

Australian Environmental Ministers Directed to Develop Timeline to Reduce Exports of Plastic Waste and Other Wastes
The decision was made as Asian countries have banned or restricted waste imports from Australia and other countries.

Ban on All Single-Use Plastics Proposed in Philippine House of Representatives
Government incentives and tax rebates would facilitate the transition to use of alternative materials.

Bill to Transition from Single-Use Plastics to Biodegradable Substitutes Introduced in Argentinian Camara
The bill targets disposable packaging.

Brazilian Supermarkets Would Be Required to Collect Waste Packaging under Camara Bill
The sponsor of the bills says only 13% of municipal solid waste is being recycled.

Brazilian Camara Bill Would Restrict Locations of Solid Waste Incinerators
Such incinerators would need to be at least one kilometer away from any residential areas.

French Environmental Ministry and National Association of Coastal Municipalities Sign Charter to Combat Plastic Waste
Signatory local governments agree to take 15 steps to reduce plastic pollution.

President of Costa Rica Signs Law Banning Polystyrene Foam Food Packaging
Producers and food providers have 24 months to transition to alternative materials.

Single-Use Plastics Reduction Resolution Introduced in the Spanish Congress
Many provisions in the resolution also are in the EU Single-Use Plastics Directive.

Ban on Five Types of Disposable Plastic Items Proposed in Brazilian Camara
The ban would not take effect until five years after the law is approved.

Two Bills Introduced in Philippine Senate Seek to Reduce Food Waste
Both bills would establish schemes involving national government departments, local government units, and food-related businesses.

European Commission Launches Public Consultation on Effectiveness of End-of-Life Vehicles Directive
The consultation seeks views on whether the ELV Directive is successful is achieving its objectives.

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