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November 2018

Peruvian Supreme Decree Restricts Single-Use Plastics
Executive branch agencies are expected to phase out single-use plastic items by 2021.

Ecuadoran Ministry of Education Prohibits Single-Use Plastics in Public Schools
Five types of items have been restricted from purchase or use.

Swedish Lawmaker Calls for Extending Container Deposit Scheme to All EAN Marked Containers
The lawmaker argues that some imported containers are being disposed instead of being recycled.

Volume-Based Waste Charging Bill Introduced in Hong Kong Legislative Council
Waste bags will be sold in sizes ranging from three to 100 liters in volume.

Philippine Senate Resolution Calls for Investigation of Plastic Waste Shipment from South Korea
Author of the measure says he does not want his country to be "a dumping site of the more advanced economies."

Northern Territory Container Deposit Scheme Achieving Many Stated Objectives Says Government-Sponsored Independent Audit
However, 21 recommendations were recommended for increasing the redemption rate.

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