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October 2017:

England Launches Preliminary Public Consultation on Beverage Container Deposit Scheme
Responses will be reviewed by a government-established working group that could help shape possible draft regulations.

New South Wales EPA Launches Public Consultation on Draft Waste and Resource Infrastructure Strategy
New processing organic waste and C&D waste processing facilities are recommended; new energy recovery facilities may also be added.

South African Environmental Ministry Takes Over Management of Tire Stewardship Program
The ministry's Waste Management Bureau assumes interim responsibility for the product stewardship scheme.

Chilean Municipal Transit System Participates in Beverage Container Reverse Vending Payment System
Commuters can pay for transportation using waste plastic bottles and beverage cans.

Protection of Waste Workers from Consumer Medical Sharps Proposed in Brazilian Camara Bill
The bill would amend the National Policy for Solid Waste to require public awareness campaigns.

Swedish Chemicals Agency Launches Mobile Website on Chemicals in Children's Lives
The website is the agency's latest "action plan for a toxic-free everyday environment" initiative.

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