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2 November 2021:

Indian Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change Issues Draft Plastic Packaging EPR Regulations
The regulations set a 100% EPR coverage target for specified plastic packaging by 2023.

New Zealand Government Launches Public Consultation on Developing a New National Waste Strategy
Input on developing required new waste legislation also is being sought.

Iceland Environment Agency Releases Action Plan to Reduce Food Waste
The plan includes 24 actions to be taken by government and businesses.

Brazilian Camara Bill Would Require Retailers to Collect Used Packaging
The bill focuses on glass, aluminum and plastic packaging.

European Commission Adopts Regulations Restricting Three Harmful Chemicals in Recyclable Waste
Two of the three chemicals are used to treat textiles, a waste stream of growing interest in the European Union.

United Kingdom Government Announces Plastic Packaging Tax Amendments
The amendments are supposed to provide a financial incentive to use more recycled content in plastic packaging.

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