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July 2017:

G20 Nations Agree to Action Plan on Marine Litter
The plan includes seven general areas of emphasis.

Peruvian Government Consults on Draft Law on Integrated Solid Waste Management
The draft law incorporates the concept of a circular economy, the five-level waste management hierarchy, and extended producer responsibility to minimize waste disposal.

Puerto Rican Representantes Call for Camara Study of Current E-Waste Management Situation
The investigation seeks to determine if the current e-waste law is being properly followed.

Norwegian Environment Agency Proposes Beverage Container Deposit Increase
A public consultation is open until September.

Nordic Council of Ministers Outline Strategy to Cut Food Waste in Half
The Council also published a guidance document on food waste and date labeling.

Brazilian Senate Bill Would Require Warning Labels on Food and Cosmetics Containing Potentially Carcinogenic Ingredients
The labeling requirement could encourage manufacturers to switch to safer alternative ingredients.

Bill to Establish a Container Deposit Scheme and Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags Introduced in Queensland Parliament
The two new initiatives would take effect next year.

European Parliament Endorses Improved Product Durability Resolution
Extending product lifespans should slow the rate of waste generation.

Brazilian Deputado Calls for Financial Incentives for Consumers to Recycle
Consumer would receive discounts from retailers to buy new products when they return end-of-life products.

Irish Environmental Minister Bans Fixed-Price Waste Charge Schemes
Waste collectors will need to begin providing brown bins for household food waste diversion.

European Food Safety Authority Publishes Bisphenol A Hazard Assessment Protocol
The draft protocol will be used as "a blueprint" for a new hazard assessment that starts next year.

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