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April 2017:

UK Government Proposes Strategy to Combat Litter in England
The proposed initiatives that involve packaging directly are minimal and largely voluntary.

Single-Use Plastic Bag Distribution Fell 71% in the Netherlands since a National Ban on Free Distribution
A government-sponsored survey of retailers found most support the ban a year after it took effect.

Catalan Waste Agency Adopts Regulations to Support a Circular Economy
The regulations authorize government grants to businesses for specified types of projects.

Recommendations for Supporting a Circular Economy Discussed in Recent Swedish Parliament Report
Policy proposals for increasing product durability, reuse, and sharing are among the report's recommendations.

European Parliament Committee Approves Opinion for Adopting a Resolution on Greater Product Durability
The resolution would support efforts to increase product reuse, decrease waste, and help transition to a circular economy.

Japanese Recycling Rate Little Changed in 2016 Says Ministry of Environment
Municipal solid waste generation was also down.

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