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July 2022:

Irish Parliament Approves Circular Economy Bill
The bill includes provisions relating to single-use plastics, food waste, a circular economy strategy and a new supporting fund.

United Nations Under-Secretary General Calls for Developing a "New Plastics Economy"
Four other recommendations also were made during a UNEP speech on making plastics more circular.

Norwegian Environment Agency Recommends All Municipalities and Businesses Collect Sorted Waste Streams
The agency wants to increase waste textiles collection in particular.

Victorian Government Announces New Governmental Body to Strengthen State Recycling Efforts
In a related development, a bill introduced in the Victorian Parliament would enhance efforts to transition to a circular economy.

Brazilian Senador Announces Development of a Regulatory Framework for Plastics in a Circular Economy
The framework may focus as much on the initial production cycle as reducing post-consumer waste.

Hong Kong EPD Launches Recycling Service Dedicated to Housing Complexes
Participation by building owners and managers is voluntary.

Ban on Single-Use Plastics Takes Effect in India
Special enforcement teams will be for checking for illegal manufacture, import, distribution, sale, and use of banned items.

Bill to Ban Some Single-Use Plastic Products Introduced in Tasmanian Parliament
The bill establishes a pathway for government to institute bans on products.

Scottish Government Plans to Limit Waste Incineration to Support Circular Economy
The announcement follows an independent review of current incineration activities.

Spanish Lawmakers Are Reviewing Bill to Reduce Food Waste
The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food would be responsible for preparing a national food loss and waste prevention plan.

Bill Introduced in Argentinian Camara Would Require Integrated Management of All Municipal Solid Waste within Five Years
The Argentinian Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development would develop a program and guidance.

Public Procurement of Green IT Products Proposed in Brazilian Camara Bill
A government 'lead by example' policy is hoped to stimulate more environmentally friendly IT products in the private sector, too.

UK Government Identifies Five Types of Chemicals for Possible Future Restriction in Products
The five selections comprise the 2022-2023 UK REACH work programme.

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