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August 2017:

Kenya Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Unveils National Waste Management Bill
The measure provides a framework for future regulatory development.

Portuguese Government Launches Public Consultation on National Strategy for Combating Food Waste
The National Strategy includes an Action Plan with 14 measures and 14 progress indicators.

New South Wales EPA Proposes Minimum Environmental Standards for Scrap Metal Businesses
The standards address only eight areas of scrap metal operations.

Bill in Puerto Rico Senado Would Help Market Local Products Made from Recyclable Materials
Measures include developing a recycled products marketing plan and publishing a recycled products guide.

Mandatory Use of LED Lamps in Public Housing Development Proposed in Brazilian Camara Bill
LED lamps are more energy efficient and less toxic than some other types of lighting.

INTERPOL Inspections Uncover 1.5 Million Tons of Illegal Waste in One Month Operation
More than 10 thousand tons of illegal waste was discovered in the Netherlands alone.

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