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Archive: State Recycling Laws Update

December 2018:

New Jersey Lawmakers Move to Create a Plastic Pollution Task Force
Companion bills were introduced in the Assembly and Senate.

Bill to Allow Local Ordinances Prohibiting or Restricting Single-Use Bags Pre-Filed in Texas House of Representatives
The measure would change the definition of "container or package" in a key Texas Health and Safety Code provision.

Bill Authorizing Local Taxes on Disposable Bags Proposed in Virginia General Assembly
The proposed five-cent tax would apply to disposable plastic and paper bags.

California Assembly Bill Seeks to Reduce Plastic Microfiber Pollution from Textiles
The bill says polyester is a key microfiber pollutant in waterways and oceans.

Gainesville Florida City Commission to Consider Banning Single-Use Plastic Bags and Polystyrene Foam Food Packaging
A vote on a proposed ordinance is expected to take place on January 3.

Texas Lawmaker Calls for Plan to Use More Recyclable Materials as Manufacturing Feedstock
His bill also would include a recycling education program.

California State Senator Calls for Legislation to Address Collapse of Recyclable Material Exports
California exported 8.1 million tons of recyclable materials to China in 2017.

Resolution Addressing Effects of China's National Sword Policy on Recycling Introduced in Virginia General Assembly
The resolution calls for a study that could lead to reduced minimum municipal solid waste recycling rates.

Pittsburgh City Council Bill Would Authorize New Residential E-Waste Recycling Service
Pennsylvania General Assembly banned the landfill disposal of some common electronic devices in 2010.

Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment Releases National Strategy on Zero Plastic Waste
The strategy focuses on waste prevention, collecting plastics after use, and recovering value from plastics.

Repeal of Michigan Container Deposit Law Proposed by Five Republican Representatives
However, the current legislative session has few working days remaining.

Florida State Senator Pre-Files 2019 Bill to Allow Local Governments to Ban Disposable Plastic Packaging
The bill essentially would repeal a 2008 state law.

Michigan Lawmaker Introduces Bills to Ban Five Single-Use Plastic Items
The ban would not take effect for five years.

Visual Inspection Audits of Waste Streams from Large Volume Generators is the Subject of a San Francisco BOS Bill
The city government audits would seek to reduce contamination levels in waste streams to reduce the loss of recyclable and compostable wastes.

San Jose City Council Considers Effect of China's National Sword Policy on Contractor Recycling Financial Incentives
A draft resolution would acknowledge China's policy is adversely affecting waste diversion efforts.

New York City Council Bill Would Exempt Some Organizations from Municipal Waste Collection Charges
Properties housing non-profit organizations and some public institutions would benefit financially from the measure.

November 2018:

Michigan Senate Bill Would Ban Disposal and Incineration of Municipal Solid Waste from Other States
The bill is similar to a House bill introduced in May.

New Jersey Senate Passes Resolution Requesting Federal Government Action on Plastic Pollution
A companion Assembly resolution is still awaiting a vote.

Plastic Bag Bill Being Carried Over to 2019 Virginia General Assembly
The measure would authorize local governments to enact local disposable plastic bag ordinances if they want to.

San Francisco Board of Supervisors Softens Ban on Plastic Straws
The ban was approved only months ago.

San Diego May Consider Possible Public-Private Partnership to Recycle Polystyrene Foam
A group within the American Chemistry Council pledges nearly $2 million in support for recycling the material.

St. Petersburg, Florida City Council Considering Possible Single-Use Plastics Ordinances
Ordinances addressing disposable plastic bags and straws and polystyrene foam food packaging are being considered separately.

New York City Ban on Polystyrene Foam Packaging and Shipping Peanuts is Moving Ahead... Again
The announcement follows a decision by New York Supreme Court Appellate Division.

Revised California CRT Glass Regulations Approved
Processed glass now may be disposed in landfills if specifications are met.

Oregon DEQ Recommends Several Changes to Paint Stewardship Law
Most recommendations address financial issues.

Government Established Task Force Examining Legislative Options to Address Disposable Plastics in Rhode Island
Plastic bags and bottles are among the items being targeted.

Philadelphia about to Substantially Boost Fines for Illegal Waste Dumping
Those convicted also may be ordered to clean up the dumped material or pay for cleanup costs.

New York City Council Member Wants Continuous Reports on City's Litter Receptacles Situation
His legislation would direct the Department of Sanitation to provide it quarterly.

Ohio Lawmaker Believes Special License Plate Could Help Reduce Littering and Improve Recycling
Littering has cost the state an estimated $37 million in highway litter cleanup costs over the past 10 years.

October 2018:

California Bill Establishing Product Stewardship for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Sharps Signed Into Law
California becomes the first U.S. state to require stewardship for drugs and medical sharps.

Bill Requiring Recycling of Photovoltaic Equipment Makes Progress in New Jersey Legislature
The Department of Environmental Protection would adopt regulations needed to implement the law.

Bill to Restrict Distribution of Single-Use Plastic Straws Introduced in Pennsylvania General Assembly
The proposed restriction would take effect on January 1, 2019.

San Diego City Council Tentatively Approves Ban on Polystyrene Foam Food Packaging
Coolers, ice chests, beach toys and some other polystyrene foam also would be banned.

Philadelphia May Allow Private Recycling and Waste Receptacles in Public Right-of-Ways
The Department of Streets would enter in agreements with private property owners and managers.

US Congress Approves Bill to Fund Prevention and Clean Up of Marine Debris
Efforts to minimize land-based sources of solid waste are included in the bill.

Maryland Department of the Environment Consults on Sustainable Materials Management Goals and Metrics
Goals proposed for daily per capita waste generation and recycling rates for six target materials.

California Governor Vetoes Bill Providing Latitude in Meeting Mandatory State Source Reduction and Recycling Target
The measure was intended to help local jurisdictions struggling from China's National Sword Policy.

California Restricts Distribution of Single-Use Plastic Straws
The straws can be provided only upon customer request.

New Jersey Lawmaker Calls for Restrictions on Plastic Straws and Stirrers
The plastic items are common in beach litter and present risks to birds and marine life.

Stamford, Connecticut Approves Ordinance Banning Disposable Plastic Carryout Bags
Recyclable paper bags would be permitted at a fee of ten cents each.

City of Toronto Opens Public Consultation on Reducing Single-Use Plastic Packaging
Residents are invited to participate through an online survey.

September 2018:

California Legislature Approves More Bills Addressing Waste and Recycling Issues
Laws pertaining to beverage container redemption center operations, carpet stewardship annual reporting deadlines, and expansion of activities eligible for the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund are about to change.

Additional Legislation in Michigan Targets Non-Flushable, Non-Woven Wipes
One measures calls on the United States Congress to enact national legislation.

Concurrent Resolutions Introduced in New Jersey Legislature Call for Different Actions against Single-Use Plastics
One resolution requests that the federal government enact extended producer responsibility legislation.

New York City Public Advocate Introduces Bill to Require Organic Waste Separation by City Agencies
The proposed requirement would take effect next July.

Milwaukee City Council Resolution Commends Kroger for Plan to Eliminate Single-Use Plastic Bags
By state law, Milwaukee cannot regulate single-use plastic bags.

British Columbia Government Consults on Changes to Organic Waste Recycling Regulation
Among the changes non-recyclable paper material and compostable plastic would be authorized for composting.

Establishment of Lithium-Ion Vehicle Battery Recycling Advisory Group Approved by California Legislature
The legislature wants as close to 100% of all lithium-ion vehicle batteries in the state to be reused or recycled.

Anchorage Municipal Assembly Approves Ban on Disposable Plastic Bags
The ban goes into effect on March 1, 2019.

Bill to Encourage Single-Use Plastic Bag Recycling Introduced in New Jersey Assembly
The Department of Environmental Protection would have responsibility for the program.

Honolulu Council Member Introduces Bill to Rescind Recently Implemented Carryout Bag Fee
The bag fee took effect only two months ago.

Another Ban on Polystyrene Food Service Containers Proposed in Pennsylvania General Assembly
The latest bill is a companion to one introduced earlier in the House of Representatives.

To Reduce Disposable Plastic Water Bottles, New York City Council Bill Would Require Water Bottle Filling Stations in City Agency Offices
At least one station would be required on each floor of every city agency office.

Warning Labels for Nonflushable, Nonwoven Wipes Proposed in Michigan House Bill
The bill was assigned to the Committee on Commerce and Trade.

California Legislature Approves Bill Restricting Range of Flame Retardants in Some Household Products
The restrictions will take effect on January 1, 2020, if approved by Governor Brown.

August 2018:

Illinois Governor Approves Bill Supporting CRT Waste Glass Storage
Storage is permitted only for "future retrieval."

Mattress Recycling Council's 2017 Annual Report May Be Rejected by CalRecycle
CalRecycle is set to consider the report and staff recommendations at its next meeting.

Bipartisan Bill Supporting Sustainable Chemistry R&D Introduced in United States Senate
A federal interagency group would develop a national roadmap within two years.

Cigarette Butt Recycling Pilot Program Proposed in New York City Council
The one-year pilot program would be conducted in a single district in the city.

Albany County, New York Expands Ban on Polystyrene Foam Carryout Food Service Ware
Previously, the ban applied only to chain restaurants.

US House of Representatives Approves Amended Marine Plastic Debris Bill
Among other provisions, the bill allocates $50 million to help clean up marine plastic debris over the next five fiscal years.

Massachusetts Senate Approves Resolution That Could Help Prevent Premature E-Waste
The resolution supports the right to repair electronics by independent repair shops and product owners.

Third Florida Gulf Coast Municipality Votes to Ban Plastic Straws
The municipality is concerned that marine plastic waste presents a threat to its local ecosystem.

Toronto City Council Calls for Policy to Reduce Single-Use Plastics
An approved council motion directs the General Manager of Solid Waste Management Services to take several actions.

Los Angeles Board of Public Works to Vote on Proposed $3 Million Food Waste Pilot Program
Residents would segregate food scraps in their kitchens and add them to their green yard waste bins.

Latest EPA Data Shows Overall US Recycling Rate Improved Only Marginally in 2015
Generation of municipal solid waste (MSW) increased 3.5 million tons in 2015.

July 2018:

Santa Barbara, California Approves Ordinance Banning Several Disposable Plastic Food and Drink Items
The new ordinance also bans polystyrene foam food service packaging and shipping materials.

San Francisco Board of Supervisors to Vote on Banning Plastic Food Service Ware Accessories
Reusable beverage cups would need to be provided at events by event producers.

Bill to Ban Polystyrene Foam Food Containers Statewide Introduced in Pennsylvania General Assembly
The proposed ban would take effect on January 1, 2019.

US Senate Bill Would Ban Ortho-Phthalates in Food Contact Surfaces Including Packaging
Any current deemed safe applications on ortho-phthalates in food packaging no longer would be in effect.

Proposed Ban on Flame Retardants in Children's Products and Upholstered Furniture Introduced in Delaware General Assembly
The ban would apply to 10 specific substances.

US House of Representatives to Consider Bill Supporting Government Computer Refurbishing by Non-Profit Organizations
The bill would revise an existing federal program addressing transfer of unwanted government computers

Milwaukee Common Council Calls for Departmental Action on Illegally Dumped Waste
The Department of Public Works was directed to develop a plan to provide for more timely cleanups.

Paint Stewardship Bill Introduced in New Jersey Senate
Paint producers would be required to submit a stewardship plan to the Commissioner of Environmental Protection within a year of the bill's passage

New York State Legislature Comes Close but Fails on Paint Stewardship Legislation
Time ran out for a bill approved last minute by the Senate then sent to the Assembly.

Bill to Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags, Plastic Straws, and Polystyrene Foam Food Service Products Introduced in New Jersey Legislature
Violations could produce penalties of up to $5,000 per offense.

Jersey City, New Jersey Bans Single-Use Plastic Bags
Jersey City became the second New Jersey municipality to enact a carryout bag ordinance in June.

Quebec Government Organizing Advisory Committee to Modernize Recovery and Recycling Industry
The action is one of several being taken by the province in response to China restricting waste imports.

Bill Introduced in New York City Council Seeks to Better Regulate the Waste Industry
New regulations would be adopted addressing issues from employee safety training to new licensing requirements for companies handling special waste streams

Virginia DEQ Report Says Nearly 76% of Solid Waste Received at State Waste Facilities Was Disposed in Landfills
The total amount of waste managed at Virginia waste facilities declined by about 2%.

June 2018:

New York Supreme Court Upholds NYC Ban on Polystyrene Foam Food Service Packaging and Loose Fill Packaging
The ban will take effect on January 1, 2019.

Anne Arundel County, Maryland Approves Ban on Polystyrene Foam Food Packaging
The county is the fourth major Maryland local jurisdiction to prohibit the packaging.

Establishing a Product Stewardship Program for Waste Pharmaceuticals Recommended in New York Government Report
The proposed program would cover prescription and nonprescription drugs.

CalRecycle Proposes Broad Expansion of Devices Covered by the Electronic Waste Recycling Act
Producers might be required to improve the durability, repairability, and recyclability of their products; and meet new labeling and reporting requirements.

Bill Introduced in Philadelphia City Council Seeks to Address the City's Waste Tire Problem
The municipal measure follows the likely failure of a related measure in the Philadelphia General Assembly.

New York DEC Finalizes Policy on Household Cleansing Product Information Disclosure
Product manufacturers will need to publish some of the required information on their websites by July 1, 2019.

Resolution Calling for Legislation to Reduce Marine Plastic Pollution Approved by California Assembly
The resolution is now in the Senate.

Prince Edward Island Legislative Assembly Approves Act Phasing In a Ban on Plastic Bags
Corporations that violate the Act would be fined up to $10,000.

Vancouver City Council Approves Measure Banning Plastic Straws and Polystyrene Foam Carryout Food Containers
The bans are part of a larger single-use reduction strategy approved by the city council.

Ban on Plastic Straws and Beverage Stirrers Proposed in New York State Legislature
Violations could produce fines after a 12-month outreach and education period.

Bill Introduced in New Jersey Legislation Would Phase-Out Use of Non-Compostable Plastic Bags
Retailers also would submit reports to the state on their efforts to reduce non-compostable plastic bag distribution

San Francisco Board of Supervisors Are Considering Ordinance to Ban Plastic Straws and other Food Service Ware Accessories
The bill also authorizes minimum recycled content requirements for food service ware.

Federation of Canadian Municipalities Approves Resolution Calling for National Strategy on Marine Litter
Among the seven elements in the proposed strategy are reducing plastic packaging and setting targets to reduce plastic waste in the ocean.

Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation Issues Request for Proposals to Manage the City's Future Solid Waste
The city generates about 3,500 tons of residual solid waste per day.

May 2018:

Government of Ontario Unveils Food and Organic Waste Action Plan
Seventeen government actions are identified in support of four high level objectives.

Vermont General Assembly Approves Bill to Delay Residential Food Waste Collections Program
The measure was sent to Governor Phil Scott for signing.

Public Consultation Launched on New Battery Stewardship Plan for British Columbia
The draft plan set a 50% overall recovery rate target for 2022.

Study of Battery Recycling Proposed in New York Assembly Bill
The Department of Environmental Conservation would deliver its findings to the governor and state legislature by January 1, 2020.

Bill in Second State Legislature Addresses Microfiber Pollution from Textiles
Clothing made using synthetic fibers would need to meet environmental labeling requirements.

New Jersey Legislature Gets Second Bill Proposing Solar Panel Recycling
The measure is a companion to an earlier Senate bill.

Bill to Ban Sales of Single-Use Water Bottles on City Property Introduced in New York City Council
The bill also would prohibit city funds from being used to purchase water in single-use bottles.

Baltimore City Council Members Want New RFP Issued for the City's Recycling and Solid Waste Management Master Plan
The Council says the current RFP relies too heavily on an existing incinerator located within the city limits.

New York Governor Proposes Legislation to Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags Statewide
The proposed ban would take effect on January 1, 2019.

Proposed New York City Ordinance Would Ban Sales of Some Beverages in Single-Use Bottles
The restrictions would apply only to beverage sales at beaches and parks.

Bill Introduced in US House of Representatives Calls for Study of Waste Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in Drinking Water
The study would be conducted by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Ohio General Assembly Takes Up Bill to Prohibit Local Auxiliary Containers Ordinances
Ohio joins six other states that have considered or are considering such legislation this year.

Michigan Lawmakers Seek Repeal of State Law Prohibiting Local Auxiliary Container Restrictions
Their bill would repeal a law enacted only two years ago.

Hawaii State Legislature Approves Bill Providing Grants for Composting Pilot Projects in Schools
The bill also would authorize formation of an official school food composting working group.

Colorado Approves Law Authorizing Recycling of Marijuana Fibrous Waste
The new law will take effect on January 1, 2019.

Connecticut Senate Approves Bill to Establish Microfiber Pollution Working Group
The group would make recommendations for a consumer awareness and education program to reduce microfiber pollution from textiles.

April 2018:

Wisconsin and Georgia Legislatures Approve Bills Supporting Pyrolysis of Waste Plastics
The two states join Florida, which enacted the first such legislation last year.

Long Beach Is Latest California Municipality to Ban Polystyrene Foam Carryout Food Packaging
The same new ordinance will ban the sale of polystyrene craft beads and coolers late next year.

Recycle British Columbia Opens Consultation on Revised Draft Packaging and Paper EPR Plan
Recovery targets for specific materials are planned for 2020.

Arizona State Legislature Approves Bill Addressing Disposal of Consumer Medical Sharps and Drugs
The measure will establish a public-private partnership overseen by the Department of Health.

Michigan Senator Proposes Changes to Law Addressing Landfill Tip Fees and How They Are Used
The bill would replace the Solid Waste Management Fund with a successor having new expenditure directions.

Vermont House Approves Bill Requiring Registration of Household Hazardous Waste Products
The bill is now being considered in the Senate.

Repeal of Ban on Waste Glass as Landfill Cover Proposed in Rhode Island General Assembly
Other specified types of waste would remained banned for cover use.

New York City Government Study Finds Waste Generation Down But Recyclable Materials Still Being Disposed
E-waste disposal also down because of a recently approved statewide disposal ban.

March 2018:

CalRecycle Publishes Second Draft of Proposed Reusable Grocery Bag Certification Regulations
The bag certification system is expected to commence in July 2019.

Bill Introduced in Michigan Legislature Seeks to Regulate Automated Recycling Kiosks
The kiosks would need to be locally licensed as second hand goods dealers.

Minnesota Lawmakers Propose Pilot Project to Test Recycled Rubber Use in Road Pavement
Companion bills introduced in House of Representatives and Senate.

Hawaii House of Representatives Approves Heavily Revised Tire Recycling Fees Bill
The bill is possibly one vote away from approval in the Senate.

Arizona Legislature Scraps Biennial Legislative Report on Scrap Metal Dealers
The report lists all scrap metal dealers registered in the state.

Creation of Solid Waste Disposal Process Committee Proposed in Georgia House of Representatives
The committee would recommend legislation and taking other actions but be abolished before the end of this year.

New Minnesota Bill Would Mandate Drug Disposal Collection Boxes in Pharmacies
The collection boxes would be used for controlled substances only.

Baltimore City Council Bans Polystyrene Disposable Foam Food Service Ware
The new law takes effect in 90 days.

Providence City Council Approves Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags
The ordinance will take effect in one year.

Oklahoma Senate Approves Bill to Prohibit Local "Auxiliary Container" Ordinances
The House of Representatives is reviewing the proposal.

Minnesota Becomes Latest State to Consider Legislation Preventing Local "Auxiliary Container" Ordinances
If approved, the law would take immediate effect.

Connecticut Lawmakers Consider Bill to Set Minimum Recycled Content Level for Plastic Beverage Containers
The bill authorizes the Connecticut Commissioner of Energy and Environmental Protection to adopt needed regulations.

New Hawaii House Resolution Calls for Study of Plastic Caps Recycling
Study findings would be submitted to the state legislature prior to its 2019 session.

Bill to Require Glass Container Recycling Introduced in Pennsylvania General Assembly
The bill would amend the Municipal Waste Planning, Recycling and Waste Reduction Act.

Beverage Container Deposit Handling Fee Increase Proposed in Connecticut General Assembly
The proposed handling fee also would be standardized for all covered beverages.

New York City Proposal Would Require Food Waste Separation by Targeted Food Businesses to Help Reduce the City's Rat Population
The bill is the latest in a series of waste-related proposals to help control rodents.

Honolulu City Council Seeks to Develop On-Island Recycling Facilities
The facilities would be constructed, owned, and operated by private entities.

Hawaii Senate Approves Used Motor Oil Recycling Bill
The bill is being considered in the House of Representatives.

California Lawmaker Proposes Ban on Flame Retardants in Bedding, Juvenile Products and Upholstered Furniture
The ban would apply to all flame retardants instead of specific substances.

California Bill Could Strengthen Legislature's Role in Addressing Hazardous Substances in Consumer Products
The bill calls for a new process for lawmakers to make requests to investigate such hazardous substances.

New Bills Addressing Single-Use Plastic Bags Introduced in the New York State Legislature
Companion bills were introduced in the Senate and Assembly.

Container Deposit Scheme Proposed in Rhode Island General Assembly
Covered beverages would include alcoholic beverages, soda or noncarbonated water, and all nonalcoholic carbonated or noncarbonated drinks.

Hawaii Senate Approves Bill to Set Beverage Container Recycling Rate Target and Possibly Double the Deposit Amount
The bill was sent to the House of Representatives for consideration.

Virginia General Assembly Approves Bill Promoting Beneficial Use of Recovered Material
Recycling centers and some other facilities now will be regarded as manufacturers for the purpose of receiving state and local economic development grants.

Rhode Island House Proposal Would Ban C&D and Organic Waste as Landfill Cover Materials
Prohibition would take immediate effect if the bill is approved.

Hawaii House of Representatives Approves Plastic Pollution Initiative Bill
The bill now will go to the Senate for consideration.

New York City Council Members Propose Legislation to Get Tougher on Illegal Dumping
One measure would authorize the Department of Sanitation to examine illegally dumped material to try to identify who dumped waste.

Two Bills Concerning Waste Tire Fees Were Introduced in the Louisiana State Legislature
Both bills would prevent waste tire generators, transporters or processors from imposing their own fees.

Minnesota Lawmakers Propose Product Stewardship of Solar Photovolatiac Modules
The bill also prohibits including end-of-life photovoltaic modules in municipal solid waste.

Recycling of Marijuana Waste Subject of a Bill in Colorado General Assembly
The waste would become available to make industrial fiber products.

Measure to Address Pollution from Plastic Microfibers Introduced in Second State Legislature
Warning labels would be affixed to garments that are 50% or more polyester in composition.

Two Bills Raised in Connecticut General Assembly Address Flame Retardants in Some Consumer Products
One proposal would establish a ban while the other would require a product labeling requirement.

Utah Senate Approves Bill Prohibiting Local Auxiliary Container Ordinances
The bill was sent to the House of Representatives for consideration.

Repeal of Auxiliary Container Ordinances Law Proposed in Wisconsin State Legislature
Wisconsin is the fourth state this year with a similar repeal bill.

Baltimore City Council Close to Banning Polystyrene Foam Food Service Ware
A final vote on the proposed ordinance is scheduled for later this month.

Honolulu City Council Resolution Calls for Study of Single-Use Food Containers and Plastic Bags
Two issues to be examined are the effects of a possible ban on the packaging and local waste-to-energy recovery.

Composting and Recycling by Schools is the Subject of a Bill in Rhode Island
School organic waste would need to be recycled, composted or anaerobically digested by authorized facilities.

Ontario Assembly Bill Would Require Landfill Site Approval by Local Jurisdictions Prior to Development
The provincial government could not proceed without prior municipal government or Indian council of the band approval.

Bill Supporting Reuse of Unwanted Consumer Products Introduced in California State Legislature
Reverse logistics centers would receive surplus household consumer products to determine if they can be reused or recycled or truly are waste.

New York City Proposal Would Make Textiles an Official Recyclable Material
However, the curbside collection schedule would be different from that of other recyclable material.

California State Assembly Bill Would Authorize Incineration of Home-Generated Medical Sharps by Solid Waste Facilities
CalRecycle, in collaboration with other state government entities, would adopt new regulations.

Washington State Legislature Approves Ban on PFAS in Packaging
The ban will take effect on January 1, 2020 if safer alternatives to PFAS are deemed to be available.

Proposal to Ban PFAS in Food Packaging Introduced in Rhode Island General Assembly
Rhode Island is the second state with a bill requiring a ban.

Draft Bill in Connecticut General Assembly Concerns Reducing Microfiber Pollution from Clothing
The bill calls for creating an industry working group to develop a consumer awareness and education program.

February 2018:

Two Proposals Recently Introduced in the California State Legislature Address Issues with Disposable Food Service Packaging
One bill applies to several types of disposable food service packaging while the other applies only to polystyrene foam.

Proposed Bans on Polystyrene Foam Food Packaging and Single-Use Plastic Bags Combined in Rhode Island Senate Bill
The statewide bans would be enforced by local governments.

Bill to Require Caps Be Tethered to Plastic Beverage Bottles Introduced in California Assembly
The bottles also would need to allow beverages to be consumed while the caps remained attached.

Fee on Single-Use Retail Bags Proposed in Utah State Legislature
Half the collected fees would be placed in a Retail Bag Impact Reduction Fund to promote recycling and reduce litter.

Bill to Prohibit Local "Auxiliary Containers" Ordinances Introduced in Utah Senate
Five other state legislatures are considering similar measures.

Providence, Rhode Island City Council Considering Ban on Single-Use Plastic Checkout Bags
Retailers could provide recyclable paper bags and reusable bags for a fee.

New DSNY Rule Extends Food Waste Handling Requirements to More New York City Businesses
The additional businesses will have a year to comply with the law.

California Legislative Proposal Calls for Educating the Public about Food Waste Reduction
The Office of Education and the Environment would have responsibility for the effort.

Georgia House of Representatives Approves Bill Supporting Pyrolysis of Waste Plastic
The bill is being reviewed in the Senate.

Landfill Tipping Fees the Subject of Two Bills in Rhode Island General Assembly
One bill would increase a special fee; the other would limit general fee increases.

New York City Council Considering Four Measures to Reduce Litter from Trash Containers
Measures include improving waste storage containers, increasing the frequency of emptying, and increasing fines for violating the law.

A Fourth State Considers Banning Recycled Tire Crumb Rubber in Public Ground Cover Installations
A moratorium would stay in place until a federal research action plan is completed.

Connecticut Bill Proposal Would Add Nip Bottles to Beverage Container Deposit Scheme
The miniature liquor containers would be added to the five-cent recycling deposit.

Ontario Environmental Minister Directs Launch of E-Waste Stewardship Program Transition
The current e-waste management organization will develop a plan this year to cease operation in 2020.

Bill to Encourage Public School Recycling and Composting Approved by Washington Senate
The bill is now being considered in the House of Representatives.

Companion Bills in Vermont General Assembly Would Modify Provisions of the Law Addressing Organic Waste Composting and Recycling
Among the modifications, smaller commercial food waste generators would no longer need to arrange to have their food waste transported to a management facility.

Bill Introduced in United States Senate Would Remove Tax Credits for Energy Recovery from Recyclable Paper
The bill could help encourage more paper recycling.

Transfer of Administrative Responsibility for Newsprint Recycled Content Mandate Proposed by Maryland Senator
A nine-member board appointment by the governor would be dissolved.

Carpet Recycling Ordinance Proposed in New York City Council
The proposed ordinance also would ban landfill disposal of carpeting.

New Jersey Lawmakers Re-Introduce Proposal for Solar Panels Recycling Program
The Department of Environmental Protection would have responsibility for developing the program.

Pennsylvania Lawmaker Plans Bill to Require Pharmacies to Collect Unwanted Drugs for Disposal
Pharmacies would need to installation collection receptacles.

New York City Council Bill Would Require Scrap Metal Processors to Record Metals Purchases
Penalties for violations range from $500 to $2,000.

Connecticut House Committee Calls for Study on Beneficial Uses for Waste Tires
A report from the study would be submitted to the Connecticut General Assembly.

Iowa Lawmakers Consider Changes to State Beverage Container Deposit Scheme
One change would double the deposit amount.

South Carolina House of Representatives Approves Bill Prohibiting Local Bans or Restrictions on Auxiliary Containers
The bill was introduced more than a year ago.

California Bill Would Allocate $200 Million for Recycling Infrastructure Projects
The funding would target organic waste and solid waste recycling projects that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Repeal of Hard-to-Dispose Material Tax Proposed in Rhode Island General Assembly
Wholesalers of such material charge and collect the tax when they sell to Rhode Island retailers.

Bills Introduced in Hawaii State Legislature Address the Clean Up of Microplastic Pollution
The Department of Land and Natural Resources and Hawaiian Counties would have responsibilities in the clean up effort.

Increase in Fines for Violating Commercial Waste Disposal Policies Proposed in New York City Council
The fine amounts would increase up to 600% for repeat offenders.

Honolulu City Council Wants to Provide Financial Incentivs to Restaurants That Recycle, Compost, or Reduce Litter
Exemptions from disposal fees and/or a percentage of property taxes are being considered.

New York City Council Members Sponsor Two Bills Supporting Sensor-Enhanced Litter Receptacles
One bill calls for a six-month pilot program and the other calls for a feasibility study.

San Antonio SWM Department to Report that Dirty Diapers Continue to Contaminate the City's Recycling Stream
An increased contamination fee will be recommended to the city council.

Several State Legislatures Consider Bills to Clean Up Litter or Reduce Littering
Two of the bills call for tougher penalties for littering/illegal dumping convictions.

Recycling Fee on Photovoltaic Electric Generating Facilities Proposed in Maryland General Assembly
The fee would equal 10% of the facility installation cost.

Waste Tire Conversion Centers Legislation Introduced in Iowa House of Representatives
The state would be divided into six districts with each having at least conversion center ideally.

Consumer Drug Disposal Education Program Outlined in Arizona State Legislature Bill
The same bill would prohibit counties from imposing taxes or fees on business to pay for drug disposal programs.

Maryland's Legislature Becomes the Third This Year to Consider Banning Synthetic Turf Made from Recycled Tires
Companion bills were introduced in the House of Delegates and Senate.

Companion Bills in Hawaii State Legislature Seek to Boost Plastic Bottle Recycling Rate
The bills call for benchmarks to achieve an 85% container deposit redemption rate by 2023.

Bills Introduced in Three State Legislatures Address Local Auxiliary Container Restrictions Ordinances
Two bills would establish state laws banning local ordinances while the other would repeal an existing state law.

Fee on Disposable Shopping Bags Proposed in Alaska State Legislature
Retailers also would be required to collect and recycle used disposable bags.

Halifax Approves Study on Options to Reduce or Eliminate Plastic Shopping Bags
A ban, partial ban, fee and tax are among the options.

Five Arizona Legislators Propose Extended Producer Responsibility Program for E-Waste
Covered device manufacturers would affix brand labels to their products and submit collection and recycling/reuse plans to the state by January 1, 2019.

Bill to Manage State-Generated E-Waste Introduced in Mississippi Legislature
Surplus government computer equipment and electronics would be sold or donated with sales revenue directed to a new electronics recycling fund.

Recycling and Donation of Organic Waste by Food Establishments Cited for Certain Code Violations Proposed in New York City Council
In place of paying civil penalties, the cited food establishments would enter in recycling/donation agreements with the Commissioner of Sanitation.

Maryland General Assembly Bill Requires Counties to Develop Plans for Recycling Mattresses
The plans would incorporate creating jobs for disadvantaged individuals.

Collection of Used Motor Oil by Auto Parts Stores Proposed in Hawaii State Legislature
Auto parts stores could charge customers for the cost of recycling or disposal.

Georgia General Assembly to Consider Pyrolysis of Waste Plastics Bill
The plastics would be converted to fuels and chemicals.

Virginia Senate Approves Bill Creating Beneficial Use of Recycled Glass
The bill would make certain facilities eligible for economic development incentive grants.

Recycling of Surplus Metal and Equipment by Division of Highways Is the Subject of West Virginia Senate Bill
The division would develop a policy to do so.

Twenty-one Oregon Lawmakers Cosponsor Bill to Establish Product Stewardship of Household Hazardous Waste
Manufacturers of covered products would be required to join a stewardship organization.

Ban on Some BPA-Containing Food and Drink Containers Proposed in Rhode Island General Assembly
Other containers would need to display warning messages on their labels.

New York City Council Resolution Calls for Ban on PVC Products in Public Schools
The resolution seeks to address concern about possible health problems associated with children's long-term exposure to PVC.

January 2018:

Ban on Polystyrene Foam Food Service Products Proposed in Maryland General Assembly
The statewide ban would follow one approved in Maryland's largest county.

Bills Introduced in Two State Legislatures Would Add Beverages Covered under Container Deposit Laws
The additions apply only to alcoholic beverages.

Democratic Lawmakers Seek to Repeal Florida Law Prohibiting Local Auxiliary Container Ordinances
Companion bills were introduced in House of Representatives and Senate.

Kentucky's Legislature Is Latest to Consider "Auxiliary Containers" Local Ordinances Ban
The Kentucky bill follows two introduced in the Missouri General Assembly earlier this month.

Plastic Bag Reduction Act Proposed in Missouri House of Representatives
The Act would ban single-use plastic bags but allow recyclable, compostable and biodegradable bags.

Hawaii Lawmaker Seeks to Ban Disposable Plastic Straws
Violators would face fines and having to clean up litter.

Companion Bills in New York State Legislature Would Mandate Food Donations and Waste Composting
The law would apply only to larger retail establishments.

Proposed Amendment to Montana State Law Focuses on Reducing Organic Waste to Landfill
The bill calls for local governments to develop and implement new waste management plans.

Solid Waste Emergency Fund Proposed in South Carolina Legislature
The same bill would regulate construction and demolition waste sites.

Tax Exemption for Processing of Waste Imported into Vermont Proposed in General Assembly
The waste would also need to be shipped out of state after processing.

Proposal to Encourage Used Tire Recycling Introduced in the Hawaiian House of Representatives
The bill would amend existing law to authorize counties to establish refundable fees on used tires.

Another State Considers Banning Recycled Crumb Rubber over Health Concerns
If the bill is approved it would take effect immediately.

Ban on State Purchase of Single-Serving Plastic Beverage Containers Proposed in Hawaii
If approved, the proposed law would take immediate effect.

Repeal of Law Preventing Local "Auxiliary Containers" Restrictions Introduced in New Mexico Legislature
The law was enacted less than two years ago.

Florida Senate Bill Would Authorize Municipal Plastic Bag Ordinance Pilot Program
The bill applies to coastal communities having less than 100,000 residents.

New York State Plastic Bag Task Force Issues Report on Bag Reduction Legislative Options
The seven options include a bag tax, a bag ban, and an extended producer responsibility program.

Plastic Free Hawaii Initiative Proposed in State Legislature
A new advisory committee would help identify ways to "eliminate plastic pollution in Hawaii's environment."

New Hampshire Senate Bill Would Establish Extended Producer Responsibility for Architectural Paint
The program would be funded through a take back and processing charge placed on each container of paint sold in the state.

Pharmaceutical Extended Producer Responsibility Bill Introduced in New York Senate
Drug manufacturers would develop and implement take back plans individually or jointly or through a take back organization.

Florida Falls Short of 2016 Recycling Target Says Recent DEP Statutory Report
DEP will send a report to the state legislature with recommendations for boosting recycling

Changes to Vermont's Universal Recycling Law Proposed in State Legislature
Among the changes, glass bottles and jars would no longer be designated as a mandated recyclable.

Changes to Scrap Metal Laws Proposed in State Legislatures
Bills were introduced in Arizona and Missouri

Reducing C&D Waste Disposal the Subject of Bill Introduced in Hawaii State Legislature
Specific landfill diversion targets set for public and private building projects.

Vermont Lawmakers Propose Mandatory Registration of Household Products That Contain Hazardous Substances
The product registration fees would help support local household hazardous waste collection programs.

More State Legislatures Take Up Bills Banning Flame Retardants
Measures recently were introduced in Virginia, Maryland and Mississippi.

Vermont General Assembly Considers Bills Restricting Formaldehyde in Cosmetics
The proposed manufacturing, sales and distribution restrictions would take effect on July 1, 2018.

Vermont Lawmaker Calls for Study of Possible Microplastic Contamination of Tap and Bottled Drinking Water
Findings from the study would be presented to the Vermont General Assembly by January 1, 2020.

Two Missouri General Assembly Bills Would Amend Statute Concerning Local "Auxiliary Containers" Ordinances
The measures add plastic water bottles, cups, boxes and the types of disposable packaging protected by the law.

Bill to Authorize Adoption of Local Plastic Bag Ordinances Introduced in Virginia General Assembly
The measure would amend state law concerning counties, cities and towns.

Colorado Lawmakers Offer Plastic Bag Tax Proposal to Help Pay for Affordable Housing
A uniform 25-cent tax would be charged for plastic shopping bags regardless of how many are used by a store customer.

Missouri General Assembly to Consider Several Pharmaceutical Take Back Bills
Two of the three bills apply only to controlled substances.

Proposal Introduced in Vermont General Assembly Would Require Recycling Containers at Gas Stations
The containers would facilitate the collection of paper, aluminum, cardboard, steel, glass, and hard plastics.

Support for Recycling and Food Waste Composting in Schools Proposed in Washington Senate Bill
However, the measure includes no mandates.

Repeal of Paint Stewardship Act Proposed by Two Colorado Lawmakers
The stewardship program reused and recycled 81% of latex paint collected in 2016 and appears to be financially sound.

Washington State Bill Seeks to Ban PFAS in Food Packaging
The ban would not take effect until the Department of Ecology identifies a safer alternative.

Mississippi Bill Would Restrict Bisphenol A and Phthalates in Some Food and Drink Containers
Warnings about those chemicals and others would need to be displayed on food packaging labels or at point of display in stores.

Restrictions on Flame Retardants in Certain Products Proposed in Indiana General Assembly
The proposed restrictions would cover essentially all flame retardants.

Virginia Bill Would Place a Moratorium on Synthetic Turf Fields Made from Recycled Crumb Rubber
Meanwhile, the Department of Health would conduct a study on potential adverse health effects.

Lawmaker Wants Washington State to Become a Leader in Resource Recovery
Her bill contains a half dozen or so provisions to improve recycling rates and develop recyclables markets.

Virginia Bill Would Authorize the Beneficial Use of Waste Glass
Waste glass processors would become eligible for economic development incentive grants.

Bill Introduced in Indiana General Assembly Calls for Product Stewardship of Some Pharmaceuticals
The bill focuses on Schedule II and Schedule III controlled substances.

Organic Waste Diversion Is a Key Element in New Hennepin County Solid Waste Management Master Plan
Mandatory food waste recycling by large commercial waste generators is a possibility.

Regional Plastic Bag Tax Proposed in Virginia General Assembly
The collected taxes would be deposited in a state water quality fund.

Beaufort County, South Carolina Set to Vote on Single-Use Plastic Bags Ordinance
Retailers that violate the ordinance could face fines and possible loss of their business licenses.

Nebraska DEQ Submits Solid Waste Management Study Report to State Legislature
The report includes six recommendations for improving the department and some of its programs.

New York DEC Calls for Improvements in Implementing the E-Waste Recycling & Reuse Act
The recommendations are contained in a report delivered to the Governor and New York State Legislature.

Pre-filed Washington State Bill Would Add Computers, TVs and Other Products to the State Energy Efficiency Standards Program
Proposed additions roughly would double the number of product types covered.

Bill Introduced in Wisconsin Legislature Would Exempt Pyrolysis and Gasification Facilities from Some State Waste Regulations
Plastics sent to those facilities legally would not be considered to be "solid waste."

Amendments to Waste Tires Management Law Proposed in Utah State Legislature
The proposal would provide more state funding to smaller counties and cities to remove waste tire piles.

Mayor Walsh Signs Boston Plastic Bag Ordinance into Law
The ban on single-use plastic bags takes effect in December 2018.

December 2017:

Overhaul of Covered Device Recycling Act Proposed in Pennsylvania Senate
The bill would make each electronics manufacturer responsible for recycling virtually all of its covered devices and a share of orphan devices.

Bill to Establish Container Deposit Scheme Pre-filed in South Carolina Senate
A deposit would be placed on beer, malt beverages, mixed wine drinks, liquor, mineral waters, soda water and carbonated soft drinks in specified types of containers.

Repair and Reuse of Digital Electronic Products Would Be Facilitated by Bill Pre-filed in Washington State Legislature
The proposed law could help delay end-of-life for some electronic products.

Ontario Ministry of Environment Consults on Draft Tire EPR Regulation
The new regulation is expected to take effect on January 1, 2019.

Proposed Kentucky Law Would Distribute Chemicals for Deactivating and Disposing of Unwanted Controlled Substances
The chemicals would be distributed by pharmacists and medical practitioners.

Iowa DNR Waste Study Recommends More Focus on Diverting Compostable Materials from Landfill
The study said the value of the recyclable paper and containers being landfilled in Iowa is worth more than $60 million annually.

Another District of Columbia Suburb Acts to Ban Polystyrene Foam Carryout Food Packaging
The ban will take effect on January 1, 2019.

Milwaukee Department of Public Works May Study Possible Pay-As-You-Throw Waste Charging Scheme
A Common Council resolution calls for a study to be completed by March 2018.

Boston City Council Approves Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags
The measure awaits approval by Mayor Marty Walsh.

Saskatchewan Government Expands List of Covered Devices under its Waste Electronic Equipment Regulations
The changes will take effect on May 1, 2018.

Minneapolis Officials Unveil Draft Zero Waste Plan
The comprehensive document outlines strategies to recycle or reuse 80% of municipal solid waste overall by 2030.

Bill Introduced in US Congress Would Create a Federal Office of Food Waste
The proposed office would receive $100 million in funding for FY 2019 through 2023.

Government of Ontario Consults on Food and Organic Waste Framework
The framework includes a 17-step action plan the government will implement.

Biogas Would Become an Official Alternative Fuel under Bill Proposed in New York City Council
The measure would encourage purchase of city vehicles that could run on biogas.

November 2017:

Product Stewardship for Pharmaceuticals Proposed in U.S. House of Representatives Bill
The U.S. Attorney General would establish and implement the stewardship program.

Bill Introduced in New Jersey Senate Would Require Recycling of Photovoltaic Equipment
However, the current legislative session is scheduled to adjourn in less than two months.

Ban on Non-Compostable Single-Use Coffee Pods Proposed in Canadian Province
A violation could produce a fine of up to $5,000.

Ohio Lawmaker Wants to Increase a Waste Disposal Fee to Fund Soil and Water Conservation
A bill he introduced would double a fee amount.

Philadelphia Re-Launches Recycling Financial Incentives Program under New Name
New Philacycle program supports the city's zero waste and litter prevention goals.

Los Angeles City Council Considers Motion to Use Homeless People to Clean Up City Litter
The motion would establish a pilot program to create a homeless litter abatement force.

US Senate Bill Would Provide Tax Credits for the Production of Renewable Chemicals
An additional credit would be available for renewable chemical production facilities.

Rhode Island Governor Signs into Law Changes to State E-Waste Act
Tablets and printers added as covered devices; market share by weight incorporated into collection provisions.

Bill Proposed in Illinois General Assembly Would Amend the Consumer Electronics Recycling Act
New requirements proposed for CED manufacturers participating in a clearinghouse.

Paper Receipt Recycling Ordinance Proposed in New York City Council
A related proposed ordinance would prohibit paper containing BPA or BPS, two suspected endocrine disrupting chemicals.

San Francisco City Council Considering Ban on Glass Bottles in City Parks to Help Reduce Litter
The bill also says shards from broken bottles present a safety hazard.

Pittsburgh City Council Members Draft Resolution to Establish a Program to Collect E-Waste and HHW
The council members say e-waste is "often dumped onto vacant lots, alleys, and hillsides rather than properly recycled."

Arizona Attorney General Rules that a Local Plastic Bag Ordinance Is Illegal Due to a Recently Enacted State Law
The local ordinance preceded the state law.

October 2017:

Second Bill to Restrict Interstate Waste Imports and Impose Higher Fees on Out-of-State Waste Introduced in US Congress
The new House of Representativs bill is a companion to an earlier bill introduced in the Senate.

Bill Introduced in Pennsylvania General Assembly Seeks to Deter Waste Tire Dumping in Philadelphia
The illegal disposal of waste tires would produce fines of $5,000 per tire.

Ohio General Assembly to Consider Auxiliary Containers Bill
The legislation would insure that single-use plastic bags, food service packaging and some other packaging are available for commercial distribution.

Environmental Fee on Carryout Bags Proposed for Cuyahoga County, Ohio
County retailers would retain part of the fee and remit the remainder to the county fiscal officer.

St. Paul City Council Considers Then Delays Action on Proposed Carryout Food Packaging Ordinance
The ordinance would ban carryout food and beverage packaging that is not environmentally acceptable.

Bill to Ban Waste Tire Burning Proposed in Nova Scotia Legislature
A legislator wants more waste tires to be recycled, not used as fuel at cement plants.

US Consumer Products Safety Commission Restricts Five Phthalates in Children's Toys and Products
New regulations result from a lawsuit brought by several environmental and health non-profit organizations.

San Francisco BOS Votes to Ban Upholstered Furniture and Juvenile Products Containing Flame Retardants
The county-wide sales ban would commence on January 1, 2019.

Bill Introduced in U.S. Congress Seeks to Reduce the Use of Disposable Plastic Bottles in National Parks
The sale of water in disposable bottles could be eliminated on a park-by-park basis.

Vancouver Launches Public Consultation on Reducing Single-Use Packaging Items
The consultation paper outlines potential approaches for disposable cups, take-out food containers, and plastic and paper bags.

Bans on Polystyrene Foam Food Service Packaging Approved by Two More Massachusetts Local Governments
More than two dozen Massachusetts cities and towns have banned the material.

Pennsylvania General Assembly Considers Bill to Expand Anti-Littering Efforts
Funding would be provided by increased littering fines.

Chicago Mayor Proposes Much Tougher Penalties for Illegal Waste Dumping
Owners of property where waste and debris have been illegally dumped could be fined up to $5,000 per day.

North Carolina General Assembly Overrides Governor's Veto of Repeal of Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban Measure
The bag repeal provision had been incorporated into a broader environmental bill approved by the North Carolina General Assembly on August 31.

California Legislature Approves Bill to Publicly Disclose Chemicals of Concern in Cleaning Products
Manufacturers will need to provide information on labels and disclose information online for covered chemic,als.

September 2017:

North Carolina General Assembly Repeals County's Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban
The ban repeal provision was added to a broader environmental bill.

California Legislature Poised To Approve Changes to Carpet Recycling Law
Among the changes are setting a 24% minimum carpet recycling rate target for 2020.

Update of Connecticut Volatile Organic Compound Limits Regulations Nearing Completion
Revisions apply to consumer products and architectural and industrial maintenance coatings.

Bills Introduced in New York Assembly Would Ban Polystyrene Foam Food Service Ware and Modify Current Plastic Bag Recycling Requirements
The plastic bag bill would extend the current plastic bag recycling law to more New York City stores.

Proposal to Require Compostable Carryout Food Packaging Introduced in Honolulu City Council
The bill would update an obsolete existing polystyrene foam packaging ordinance.

August 2017:

Bill Introduced in Pennsylvania General Assembly Would Create Supplementary E-Waste Collections
Covered device manufacturers also could opt of the current recycling by making an appropriate payment into the state Electronic Materials Recycling Account.

DTSC Publishes Draft Revisions to California's Waste Photovoltaic Modules Regulations
Proposed changes include new requirements on how PV modules must be handled, transported and disassembled.

Law Recently Enacted in New Jersey Seeks to Reduce Food Waste by 50% by 2030
The Department of Environmental Protection will develop a plan to reach the goal.

Plastic Bag Ban Inches Forward in St. Petersburg, Florida
However, concern remains over a legal challenge to a similar ordinance in Coral Gables.

Honolulu City Council Bill Would Use Non-Profit Organizations to Identify Violations of the City's Littering Law
The non-profits would extend government activities currently undertaken by the Department of Parks and Recreation.

Maine Enacts Law Banning Sale of Upholstered Furniture Containing Flame-Retardant Chemicals
The new law takes effect on January 1, 2019.

United States Senate Approves Funding Reauthorization of Marine Debris Act
The measure will be sent to the House of Representatives for consideration.

Bill Introduced in United States House of Representatives Seeks to Reduce Food Waste
Provisions address food waste in the production chain, in households and schools, and by the federal government.

Bill Introduced in Boston City Council Would Require Take Back of Consumer Medical Sharps
Retailers selling the products would have to provide convenient and free collection.

Quebec Government Adds Household Appliances and Air Conditioners to Extended Producer Responsibility Regulations
Changes to Environmental Quality Act proposed; public consultation launched.

Berkeley, California Considers Possible Ordinance to Ban Disposable Plastic Straws
Alternately, the city might impose a broader ban on "all single-use disposables."

July 2017:

California DTSC Approves Revised Waste Mercury-Containing Thermostat Collection Plan
However, despite the approval, DTSC wants more changes to the stewardship plan.

Illinois General Assembly Approves Changes to Electronic Products Recycling and Reuse Act
The bill was sent to Governor Bruce Rauner for signing.

Extension of CalRecycle's Authorized Review Period for Local Solid Waste Plans Approved by State Legislature
The enrolled version was sent to Governor Brown to sign.

California Senate Approves Bill for Beverage Container Recycling Pilot Projects in Particular Areas
The measure seeks to relieve container redemption financial pressure on small grocery and convenience stores.

New York City Department of Sanitation Plans to Expand the Number of Food Establishments Covered by Organic Waste Recycling Rules
Many supermarkets, restaurants and food chains with 50 or more locations in the city could soon be added.

Honolulu City Council Approves Expansion of Plastic Bag Ban
The approved bill also places interim fees on reusable and compostable plastic bags starting next year.

Maryland Governor Issues Executive Order for State Waste Reduction and Recovery Plan
The new executive order rescinds one issued by the previous governor.

Pennsylvania Governor Vetoes Bill That Would Have Prohibited Local Plastic Bags Ordinances
The bill was approved by the Pennsylvania General Assembly in June.

Teaneck, New Jersey Approves Pass-Through Charge on Single-Use Plastic Bags
However, the ordinance will not take effect for a year.

Bill to Establish Product Stewardship for Carpeting Introduced in New York Assembly
Carpet manufacturers would need to register with the Department of Environmental Conservation and submit stewardship plans by April 1, 2019.

Oregon State Legislature Approves Designating Woody Biomass a Green Energy Technology
The new designation will authorize the material for use in heating new government buildings and renovations of existing ones.

Canadian Parliament Approves Law on Management of Waste Mercury-Containing Lamps
The Minister of Environment and Climate Change will develop a national strategy.

Los Angeles City Council Members Call for Study of Citywide Ban on Polystyrene Foam Food Containers
The City of Los Angeles already bans the containers at all its municipal facilities.

New York Senate Approves Solar Panel Extended Producer Responsibility Bill
The bill is now being considered in the Assembly.

Pennsylvania Senators Introduce State Bill to Authorize the Imposition of Municipal Recycling Fees
The bill follows an unsuccessful court challenge of funding for the Municipal Waste Planning, Recycling and Waste Reduction Law.

Single-Stream Recycling at Boston Municipal Facilities Cited As Part of Expanded Carbon Footprint Reduction Effort
City council members respond to President Trump's decision to leave the Paris Climate Accord.

June 2017:

Pennsylvania General Assembly Approves Bill Prohibiting Local Plastic Bag Ordinances
The bill was sent to Governor Wolf for signing.

New York Senate Approves Bill to Prevent Bag Taxes or Fees in Suffolk County
Earlier this year, the state legislature prevented a New York City tax on single-use plastic bags from taking effect.

New York Legislature Approves Bill Requiring Recycling in State Parks and Historic Areas
At a minimum, metal, plastic, glass and paper would be collected.

San Diego City Council Approves Resolution to Add Curbside Recycling of Polystyrene Foam Food and Drink Packaging
The addition of the containers takes effect on July 1.

Metro Vancouver Considers Disposal Ban on Polystyrene Foam
A public consultation on possible options for implementing the ban closes this week.

Boston City Council Adopts Resolution Supporting State Container Deposit on Liquor Miniatures
A five-cent deposit on the containers was proposed earlier this year in the Massachusetts General Court.

DEQ Report Shows Virginia Landfilled 71% of Its Solid Waste in 2016
Waste imported from other states increased by 13.78%.

Minnesota Enacts Law Prohibiting Local Single-Use Bag Ordinances
The measure was inserted in an omnibus spending bill.

Louisiana Approves Law Authorizing Local Waste Tire Storage Ordinances
Ordinance violators will face fines that will be placed in the state Waste Tire Management Fund.

Illinois General Assembly Approves Expansion of Government Facilities that Can Collect Pharmaceuticals for Disposal
The law will take immediate effect.

Bill Introduced in Delaware House Would Extend Store Recycling Program for Plastic Bags
Stores would also need to register with the DNREC.

California Assembly Approves Bill to Gather Fresh Data on Ocean Plastic Pollution
The measure is being considered in the Senate.

Bill Requiring Disclosure of Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals in Packaged Food Clears Maine House of Representatives
The bill still needs approval by the Senate and Governor LePage.

Columbus, Ohio Approves Ordinance to Make Property Owners Pay for Solid Waste Removal Costs
Emergency action was taken so that assessments could be placed on January 2017 tax duplicates as future liens.

Los Angeles Board of Public Works Approves In-Sink Residential Food Disposal Project
Project funding set at $2 million.

Regulation of Used Clothing Bins Proposed in Delaware General Assembly
Bin owners would have to obtain state permits and pay annual fees.

May 2017:

Illinois General Assembly Approves Use of 360-Lid Metal Beverage Containers
The approved bill will be sent to Governor Rauner for signing.

Maine Legislature Expands Container Deposit Scheme to Include Miniature Liquor and Wine Bottles
However, Governor Paul R. LePage threatened to veto the bill.

Miami Suburb Approves Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags
The ordinance took immediate effect.

California Assembly Approves Extension of Plastic Environmental Labeling Requirements
The bill is now being reviewed in the Senate.

Maine Governor Vetoes Bill to Establish State Mattress Recycling Fund
The bill would have required retailers to add a $5 advance recycling fee on each mattress sold in the state.

Task Force to Study Electronics Recycling and Reuse Proposed in New York Senate
The task force would submit a report of findings to the state legislature within one year.

Bill Authorizing Local Waste Tire Storage Restrictions Clears Louisiana House of Representatives
The restrictions would apply only to storage on residential property.

New York Senate Bill Would Promote C&D Waste Diversion in Government Construction Projects
Proposed rules would apply to general contractors and subcontractors bidding on state projects.

Texas Legislature Approves Pesticide Waste and Waste Containers Collection Program
The law takes effect on September 1.

Hawaii State Legislature Authorizes County Government to Receive Money from the State Electronic Device Recycling Fund
Previous distributions to county governments were ruled by the Attorney General to be a misinterpretation of the law.

Rhode Island House of Representatives Approves Resolution Promoting Recycling in Schools
The measure supports establishing and maintaining recycling programs in all classrooms, administrative offices, and other areas owned or leased by school districts.

New York City Council Prepares to Reinstitute Ban on Polystyrene Foam
A new bill would essentially reinstate an ordinance overturned by a judge in 2015.

Maine Legislature Approves Bill to Fund Biobased Product Development
The measure would allocate $1.5 million in funding to a particular institution.

Maine Legislator Says Paint Stewardship Container Fees Should be Exempt from the State Sales Tax
The lawmaker introduced a bill to specify the exemption.

Fifth Bill to Restrict Chemicals of High Concern to Children Was Introduced in the New York Senate
Manufacturers of affected products would need to provide information to several government departments and retailers selling those products.

Florida Legislature Approves Bill Authorizing Pyrolysis of Waste Plastics
Proponents claim the new law will create green jobs and help Florida meet future fuel needs.

Bill to Establish Product Stewardship of Solar Panels Introduced in New York Assembly
The proposed program would begin on July 1, 2018.

CalRecycle Set to Approve Draft Five-Year Waste Tire Recycling Management Program
The draft document includes requests for legislative changes.

Texas House Approves Study of Marine Debris
The bill was sent to the Senate for consideration.

Modification of New York Beverage Container "Rings" Law Proposed in Senate
A specific type of plastic ring would be allowed under a newly introduced bill.

Bill Providing Composting Facilities with Protection from Nuisance Lawsuits Clears Washington Senate
The measure is now in the House.

Boston Moves Forward to Develop a Zero Waste Plan
RFP issued for a consultant to help prepare the plan.

Los Angeles Board of Public Works Calls for Zero Food Waste Task Force
The task force will help divert food waste from landfills by helping to feed the hungry.

Hawaii State Legislature Approves Bill to Establish Recycling Pilot Program at State Buildings and Facilities
The bill includes funding for the pilot.

New York State Publishes Draft Guidance and Certification Forms for New Household Cleaning Product Chemicals Disclosure Regulation
A public consultation is open through June 14.

Second Oregon Marine Debris Action Plan Released
Expanding corporate responsibility for preventing debris is among the future actions included.

Bill to Support Biobased Product Development Approved by Maine Senate
The measure would provide $1.5 million for research and development and create green jobs.

North Carolina Review of Solid Waste Disposal Tax Clears the House of Representatives
However, the measure still needs Senate approval.

New York Senator Introduces Her Second Bill to Ban Polystyrene Foam Food Service Ware
The second bill is a more detailed and provisioned measure than the first.

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Propose Creating Plastic Bag Recycling Advisory Board
The board would make recommendations to the legislature for a bag recycling "regulatory scheme" in two years.

Suburban Boston Town Adopts Bans on Disposable Plastic Water Bottles and Plastic Bags
The ban on plastic water bottles applies to PET bottles of one liter or less in volume.

Maine Food Recovery Commission Proposed in State Legislature
A tax credit for food donations by food producers is included in the bill.

Solid Waste Transfer Stations Must Keep Records under New Tennessee Law
The bill was approved by Tennessee General Assembly last week.

New York Assembly Bill Would Require Reflective Material Affixed to Larger Curbside Recycling Containers
Carting companies violating the law could receive up to a $1,000 civil penalty.

Bill Calling for Study of E-Waste in North Carolina Approved by House of Representatives
The bill has been sent to the Senate for review.

CRT Waste Storage Bill Passes Illinois House of Representatives
The measure would provide time to address the growing volume of CRT waste.

Changes to Illinois Safe Pharmaceutical Disposal Act Approved in House of Representatives
The changes would promote collections and expand the location of collection receptacles.

Texas House of Representatives Approves Pesticide Waste and Container Collection Bill
The measure still needs Senate approval with one legislative month remaining.

New Baltimore City Council Resolution Calls for Municipal Zero Waste Plan
The city proposal follows adoption of a statewide zero waste plan in 2014.

April 2017:

Washington State Legislature Passes Changes to Mercury-Containing Lights Stewardship Law
Among the changes, the Department of Ecology must refund access administrative fees to producers.

Omnibus Extended Producer Responsibility Bill Introduced in New York State Assembly
Rather than focus on a product type, the bill would require EPR for all consumer products.

Amendments to Covered Device Recycling Act Proposed in Pennsylvania House of Representatives
The bill would increase manufacturer market share targets for the next few years.

Extension of Scrap Tire Fee Approved by Arizona State Legislature
The fee will be extended eight years.

West Virginia Governor Signs Law Increasing Penalties for Littering and Illegal Dumping
Fines and community service times are both increased substantially.

Three Recently Introduced Bills in Vermont General Assembly Would Impose Carbon Pollution Taxes
Fossil fuel purchases would be taxed, replacing or decreasing other tax revenue sources.

Bills to Fund the Purchase of At-Home Prescription Drug Deactivation and Disposal Products Introduced in Minnesota
One million dollars in funding would be allocated over the next two fiscal years.

Chicago Area Suburb Approves Ordinance Establishing Voluntary Single-Use Bag Fee Pilot Program
The new ordinance follows Chicago's seven-cent fee on single-use bags.

Iowa Governor Signs Law Prohibiting Local Plastic Bag Ordinances
The ordinance prohibition also applies to other types of "containers."

Amended Version of Single-Use Plastic Bag Bill Passes Maine House of Representatives
The latest version also phases out polystyrene foam food service containers.

Fee on Single-Use Plastic Bags Proposed in Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Half of the collected fees would be returned to retailers in the form of grants to support recycling.

Maryland General Assembly Approves Bill Concerning Environmental Labeling of Plastic Products
The new law includes specifications for compostable plastic carryout bags and food and beverage packaging.

State Financial Assistance for E-Waste Collection and Recycling Proposed in New York Senate
Funding could reimburse costs not covered by covered device manufacturers.

Amendments to Rhode Island Electronic Waste Prevention, Reuse and Recycling Act Proposed in General Assembly
Tablets and printers would be added as covered devices among many other changes.

Statewide Organic Waste Study Authorized by Maryland General Assembly
An interim report will be delivered to the legislature by July1, 2018.

Oregon Senator Calls for another Study of Solid Waste Management in the State
A report would be delivered to the Oregon Legislative Assembly no later than September 15 of this year.

Bill to Support Refrigerant Recovery Introduced in US House of Representatives
Reclaimed refrigerants would receive preferential federal procurement status if specified conditions are met.

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Want a Tax Credit for Manufacturers of Energy Star Products and Glass or Window Technologies
Two bills would each authorize $10 million in tax credits annually.

Bill to Support Refrigerant Recovery Introduced in US House of Representatives
Reclaimed refrigerants would receive preferential federal procurement status if specified conditions are met

Maryland Joins List of States Banning Lead in Automotive Wheel Weights
Except for state-owned vehicles, the ban begins on January 1, 2020.

North Carolina Toxic Free Kids Act Essentially Would Ban Nine Chemicals from Children's Products
The restrictions would take effect on July 1, 2019.

Reauthorization of Funding for US Marine Debris Act Proposed in United States Senate
A bipartisan bill requests $10 million in funding per year from 2018 through 2022 for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency.

Oregon Governor Signs Law Creating Transition for State Beverage Container Deposit Increase
Containers bearing the previous five-cent deposit will be allowed to be sold through September 30, 2018.

Montana Resolution Calls for Study of a Possible Aluminum Container Deposit Scheme
However, the deposit scheme would apply only to craft beer containers.

Oregon Legislator Wants More Beverage Container Deposit Information Published Online Each Year
The bill follows an increase in the container deposit amount prompted by lower than expected redemption levels.

Montana Legislator Introduces Bill to Ban on Polystyrene Foam Food Packaging
The ban would be phased in over several years.

Pennsylvania May Be Next State to Consider Prohibiting Local Plastic Bag Ordinances
House representative publishes legislative memo calling for a state law.

Management of Food Waste by Government Food Service Providers Proposed in another New York Senate Bill
The measure is nearly identical to another bill introduced in January.

Imposing Higher Fees on Out-of-State Solid Waste Imports Subject of US Senate Bill
Benefit fees would be authorized for communities where imported waste is processed or disposed.

Maryland General Assembly Approves Modifications to Recycling at Special Events Law
The changes will make the law easier for special event sponsors.

Louisiana Bill Would Authorize Adoption of Local Ordinances on Residential Waste Tire Storage
Ordinances could include fines for violations and government entry on private property to remove waste tires.

Bill to Boost Lubricating Oil Recycling Introduced in US House of Representatives
Federal agencies, recipients of Federal grant funds, entities contracting with the Federal Government, and the general public would be encouraged to use more recycled lubricating oil.

Bill to Ban 1,4-dioxane in Cleaning Products and Cosmetics Introduced in New York State Legislature
The proposed sales ban would take effect on December 31, 2018.

Fee on Plastic Bags Proposed in Nevada Legislature
The fee would apply only for five years then be replaced by a ban.

Connecticut Senate Environmental Committee Proposes Study on How to Increase Glass Container Recycling
The study would include determining the viability of minimum recycled content in glass containers.

Voluntary Organic Waste Donation and Recycling Program for Food Service Providers Proposed in New York City
Food service establishments that participate in the program could have "eligible violations" for which they are found guilty waived.

Colorado General Assembly Bill Seeks to Increase State Waste Diversion Rate
Voluntary waste diversion goals would be set for 20 years beginning in 2020.

Nevada Senate Bill Seeks to Increase the State Recycling Rate
The bill would create the Nevada Council on Recycling and Materials Management among other provisions.

Illinois House Approves Bill to Keep Specified Items Out of Recycling Containers
The bill is now being considered in the Senate.

End to Louisiana Recycling Equipment Tax Credit Contained in Pre-filed Senate Bill
The tax credit would end effective January 1, 2020.

Bill Introduced in Honolulu Council Would Require Demolition Debris Recovery Plans
However, the requirement would apply only to facilities owned by city agencies and departments.

Maryland General Assembly Approves Adding Cell Tower Batteries to Scrap Items for Which Sales Records Must Be Kept
The addition will take effect on October 1.

Washington Department of Ecology Begins Rule Making to Expand List of Chemicals of High Concern to Children
The chemicals officially would be added to the list this October.

March 2017:

Bill Restricting Biodegradable Plastics Marketing Claims Clears Maryland House of Delegates
A public hearing in the Senate is scheduled for April 4.

Latest Plastic Bag Bill in New York State Legislature Would Require Reusable Bag Certification
The same bill bans single-use plastic bags but allows compostable plastic bags under certain conditions.

Utah Governor Signs Extension of Mercury Switch Removal Act into Law
The Act will continue another 10 years.

Arizona State Legislature about to Approve Extension of Tire Recycling Fee
The Senate will vote on an eight-year extension this week.

Measure to Require Recycling in State Buildings and Facilities Approved by Hawaii House of Representatives
The measure is making progress in the Senate.

New Mexico Legislature Approves Creation of Advisory Committee to Address Litter
New advisory committee replaces a long-standing litter control council.

Bills Introduced in Rhode Island Would Prohibit Specified Chemicals in Children's Products
If approved, product sale bans would take effect on January 1, 2018.

Maine Lawmakers Call for Disclosure of Phthalates and EDCs in Food, Beverages and Packaging
Large food and drink manufacturers and distributors would need to provide written information to the state.

Some Chemicals Would Be Banned in Personal Care Products under New York City Council Bill
The proposed ban applies to product sales.

Oregon Lawmakers Want to Know If Enough Beverage Container Redemption Centers Exist in the State
Their bill would prohibit expanding the types of containers covered or raising the refund value if there are not enough.

Repeal of North Carolina Regional Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban Proposed in House Bill
The sponsors argue plastic bag reuse and recycling are in the best interest of citizens.

Texas Representative Introduces Bill to "Clarify" State Law Regarding Single-Use Plastic Bags
The measure follows efforts by the Texas Attorney General challenging existing local plastic bag ordinances.

Maine Marine Debris Proposal Targets a Different Type of Packaging
Ownership or discard of the packaging while on water would result in a fine.

Washington Senate Approves Changes to Mercury-Containing Lamps Stewardship Program
The bill is currently in review in the House.

Wisconsin Lawmaker Proposes Tax Credit to Encourage Mattress Recycling
The credit would apply in 2017 and go forward.

Oregon House Measure Would Help Delay End-of-Life for Large Household Appliances
Tax credits would be given for appliance repairs costs.

Recycling Facilities Financial Assurance Proposed in Texas House
The assurance requirement would take effect on September 1, 2017.

Hawaii Senate Resolution Calls for Use of Autonomous Vessels to Clean Up Marine Debris
The Department of Land and Natural Resources is requested to support a particular development project.

Bills in Pennsylvania and Florida Would Reclassify Various Waste Materials as Usable Commodities
Materials range from steel slag to organic waste.

Composting Facilities Protection Bill Approved by Washington Senate
The bill was approved unanimously then sent to the House of Representatives for consideration.

Florida Bills Call for Converting Waste Plastics to Fuels and Chemicals Using Pyrolysis
The waste plastics would be designated recoverable materials under current state law.

Minnesota Bills Would Allow Compost and Organic Waste Management at Solid Waste Industrial Landfills
Organic waste or digestate also could be stored in lined cells and later removed for composting.

Maryland Senate Approves Bill Requiring Environmental Labeling for Nonwoven Disposable Wipes
The bill was sent to the House for consideration.

Companion Bills in Minnesota State Legislature Place Restrictions on Nonwoven Personal Care Products
The bills are very similar to ones introduced in the Maryland General Assembly.

Bill to Study Current Electronics Recycling Program in North Carolina Introduced in House
A report would be delivered to the General Assembly at the start of next year's legislative session.

Product Stewardship of Tobacco Products Outlined in Bill in Maine House of Representatives
The bill is similar to those introduced in New York to establish a cigarette butt recycling program.

Study of Product Stewardship in Other States Proposed in Oregon State Legislature
The Department of Environmental Quality would complete the study next year.

Tax Incentives for Waste Diversion Proposed in Both Minnesota Legislative Chambers
The incentives would apply to waste processing and waste-to-energy facilities.

Moratorium on Solid Waste Facility Permits Proposed in Texas Legislature
The moratorium would start this September and last two years.

Texas Lawmaker Seeks Study of Marine Debris
A report on the study would be sent to the state government by January 1, 2020.

Increase in Pennsylvania Waste Tipping Fees Proposed to Fund Support for People with Autism
A similar bill was introduced two years ago but failed to be approved.

State Lawmaker Wants Philadelphia To Expand Its Scrap Tire Collection Program
A resolution urges city officials to make scrap tire collection a year-long program

Subdivided Closures of C&D Landfills Subject of Illinois General Assembly Bills
The Illinois EPA would draft rules for approval by the Illinois Pollution Control Board.

Study of Brownfields Programs in Other States Proposed in Oregon State Legislature
The Department of Environmental Quality would complete the study next year.

North Carolina Bill Calls for Study of State Solid Waste Disposal Tax
The bill concerns use of the tax funding by the Department of Environmental Quality.

Missouri Lawmakers Seek to Extend Lead-Acid Battery Recycling Fee
The fee is scheduled to expire at the end of next year.

Bills to Ban BPA and Formaldehyde in Certain Children's Products Introduced in Rhode Island
The proposed bans would take effect on January 1, 2018.

Oregon Lawmakers Propose Amending Reporting Requirements and Fees Associated with Hazardous Substances Manufacturing
Annual hazardous substances materials balance sheets would need to be submitted to the state.

New York City May Designate Polystyrene Foam a Recyclable Material
Proposed city council legislation also repeals an ordinance banning the material in food service packaging and some other applications.

California Lawmakers Seek to Restrict Disposable Food Service Packaging Statewide
Separate bills call for a ban and a study, and a third bill states additional legislation will be drafted.

Container Deposit Scheme Proposed in Rhode Island General Assembly
Beverage labels would be registerd with the Department of Health, which would administer the deposit scheme.

Tire Product Stewardship Bill Introduced in Connecticut General Assembly
Tire producers would need to join a stewardship organization by July 1, 2018.

Connecticut Lawmakers Consider Changes to Connecticut's Paint Stewardship Program
One change calls for the state to develop a recycled paint retail sales program.

Maryland General Assembly Close to Approving Organic Waste Study Legislation
Companion bills were unanimously approved by their originating chambers.

Food Scrap Collection and Composting Subject of Illinois House Bill
County solid waste management plans could begin to include such activities.

Renewable Chemical Production Income Tax Credit Proposed in Illinois General Assembly
A bill would make $25 million in tax credits available each calendar year.

Legislative Commission to Study Multi-Residential Recycling Proposed in Rhode Island General Assembly
A report of findings would be submitted to the General Assembly by February 6, 2018.

Some Pennsylvania Lawmakers Want to Increase Littering Fines
However, two bills would impose different fine increases.

Changes to Scrap Metal Theft Laws Proposed in Texas and New Mexico
The New Mexico bill tightens registration and other scrap metal dealer requirements.

Collection of Used Consumer Medical Sharps Is Part of Pennsylvania House Bill
Collection sites and mail-back containers are collection options.

Bills to Study PFAS Levels in Drinking Water Introduced in New York State and US Congress
The US EPA says the chemicals are persistent in the environment, bioaccumulative in wildlife and humans, and found to be toxic in laboratory animals.

Environmental Problems with Disposable Personal Care Wipes Subject of Companion Bills in Minnesota
The products would need to meet specified federal government or industry standards and be accurately labeled.

February 2017:

Removal of Larger Beverage Containers from Deposit Scheme Proposed in Maine Legislature
Instead, beverage producers and distributors would pay a recycling fee on the larger containers.

Ban on Removable Plastic Beverage Bottle Caps Proposed in California State Legislature
The proposed ban would take effect in 2020.

Carryout Bag Tax Sought by Connecticut Lawmakers
The tax would apply to single-use plastic and paper bags.

Requirements for Compostable Carryout Bags Introduced in Illinois General Assembly
Labeling prohibitions on carryout bags included in the measure.

South Carolina Is the Latest State to Try to Prohibit Local Single-Use Plastic Bag Ordinances
A similar bill introduced in the last legislature failed passage.

Paint Stewardship Bill Introduced in Texas Legislature
Stewardship plan submissions would commence no later than March 1, 2018.

National Funding for Local Zero Waste Grants Proposed in US Congress
Five-year program would be supported with $100 million in US EPA funding.

Illinois Bill Would Ban Specified Items from Recycling Bins
The bill would amend the Illinois Environmental Protection Act.

Legislative Proposal Would Install Recycling Bins along Pennsylvania Turnpike
Sales of collected recyclable materials would help fund turnpike operations.

Recycling Containers Would Be Mandated in Retail Food Establishments under Connecticut Bill
The bill seeks to increase the state beverage container recycling rate in particular.

Zero Waste Economy Study to Be Considered by Vermont Legislators
A special committee would be created to prepare and deliver a report of findings by January 2018.

Texas Bill Calls for Advisory Panel to Study How to Prevent Litter and Illegal Dumping
A best practices guide and report would be due on November 1, 2018.

Maine Senate Bill Proposes $1.5 Million in Funding for Bioplastics Development and Marketing
The funding would be earmarked for a particular technology development institute.

Extension or Elimination of Sunset of California Compostable Plastic Labeling Law Alternately Proposed in California Assembly
The sunset provision is currently scheduled for next January.

Warning Labels for Products Containing Toxic Substances Proposed in Canadian Parliament
Penalties for violations could include fines as high as $250,000 or imprisonment or both.

Restricting Certain Flame Retardant Chemicals Proposed in New Mexico Legislature
Companion bills were introduced in the House of Representatives and Senate.

Packaging EPR Program Proposed in Rhode Island General Assembly
The program would seek to achieve an overall 80% recycling rate for packaging by 2020.

Export of E-Waste Subject of Bill Introduced in US House of Representatives
The measure is a re-introduction of a bill from the 2015-2016 legislative session of Congress.

Tablet Computers Would Be Recycled by Manufacturers under an Illinois General Assembly Bill
The bill also defines "mobile telephone' under the Illinois Electronic Products Recycling and Reuse Act.

Changes to Illinois E-Waste Law Proposed Pertaining to Retailers
The bill also authorizes end-of-life covered electronic device collection fees.

Bill to End the US Environmental Protection Agency introduced in US Congress
The agency would close at the end of next year if the bill becomes law.

New York Lawmakers Again Push for Recycling at Parks and Recreational Areas
Recycling bins would be installed to collect metal, plastic, glass and paper and other material.

Bills in Tennessee General Assembly Address Landfill Disposal of Waste
The bills concern residential waste and industrial waste separately.

Canadian Government Publishes Code of Practice for Managing Waste Mercury-Containing Lamps
The code offers 83 best practices, but is not statutory.

Illinois May Move Up Sunset Date for Automotive Mercury Switch Removal Program
Auto makers stopped using the devices years ago, and switches removals in Illinois have fallen for five consecutive years.

States Consider Changes to Scrap Metal Theft Laws
Illinois bill specifies types of stolen metal products and sets offense categories based on the value of the stolen metal.

Virginia General Assembly Approves Bill Requiring Guidelines for Unused Drug Disposal
Virginia Board of Pharmacy made responsible for developing the guidelines.

More Bills Introduced in Minnesota to Establish Collection of Unwanted Pharmaceuticals
Some bills make country sheriffs responsible for drug collection, others make pharmacies responsible.

West Virginia Is the Latest State to Consider Restricting Flame Retardants in Residential Furniture and Children's Products
Manufacturing and wholesale restrictions would take effect on July 1, 2020.

Canadian Government Publishes Draft Federal Environmental Quality Guidelines for BPA and other Chemicals
The guidelines set safe environmental concentration limits for the chemicals in water, sediment and wildlife diets.

Launch of New York City's Carryout Bag Fee Prevented by State Legislature
New state law prevents retailers from charging a bag fee required by the city.

Fee on Single-Use Plastic Bags Proposed in Pennsylvania General Assembly
Half the collected fees would be returned as grants to retailers to improve their recycling practices.

Restrictions on Biodegradable, Compostable and Some other Plastics Proposed by Maryland Legislator
Affected products include food and beverage containers, carryout bags and agricultural film.

Bills to Revise New York Container Deposit Law Introduced in the State Legislature
Both bills pertain to container redemptions.

Oversight of the Washington Materials Management and Financing Authority Subject of Washington House Bill
The legislation concerns procurement of goods and services and performance relating to the E-Cycle Program.

Composting Pilot Project for Public Schools Proposed in Hawaii State Legislature
An interim report on the pilot would be presented to the legislature prior to its 2018 session.

Mattress Product Stewardship Bills Being Considered in Maryland and Rhode Island General Assemblies
Maryland bill authorizes a study for a possible program; Rhode Island bill amends existing mattress stewardship law.

Washington State Representatives Cosponsor Paint Stewardship Bill
Paint producers would be required to participate in a stewardship organization.

Product Stewardship of Architectural Paint Being Considered in Maryland General Assembly
Companion bills were introduced in the House of Representatives and Senate.

Several Changes to Mercury-Containing Lamp Stewardship Program Proposed in Washington Senate
The changes would benefit lamp producers.

Maryland Lawmakers Propose Much Larger Financial Penalties for Violating the State Special Events Recycling Law
Fines of as much as $500,000 per violation are proposed.

Construction and Demolition Waste Would Be Reused or Recycled under Illinois House Measure
Five percent of the materials in construction projects would need to be reused materials.

Texas Senator Wants to Keep Municipal Solid Waste Facilities away from Major Aquifers
A bill would prohibit permitting of the facilities under specified conditions.

Minnesota Pharmacies Would Be Required to Collect Waste Pharmaceuticals under Senate Bill
They would first register with the US DEA as a collection location.

West Virginia Bill Would Authorize County Trash Collection Surcharges on Residential Property
County commissions could place surcharges on single family homes and multi-family rental properties.

Changes to Litter Laws Considered in Several State Legislatures
Several bills propose increasing penalties as a deterrent.

New York State Companion Bills Would Require Environmentally Sound Packaging by 2020
The packaging also would need to be labelled to show compliance with the proposed law.

Plastic Waste Reduction Act Proposed by Five Rhode Island Senators
The bill targets single-use plastic bags, plastic water bottles and polystyrene foam disposable food containers.

Revisions to Container Deposit Schemes Proposed in Iowa and Vermont
The Vermont bill would repeal the state container deposits law and replace it with a glass container recycling fee.

Ban on Virgin Polystyrene Foam Loosefill Packaging Material Proposed in New York Assembly
Polystyrene foam containing recycled content would be allowed after the ban takes effect.

Tax on Single-Use Plastic Bags Proposed in Washington State Legislature
Single-use plastic bags are already banned in Seattle and some other Washington municipalities.

Amendment to Law Banning Pull-Top Metal Beverage Cans Proposed in Illinois General Assembly
Some types of metal containers with detachable parts would be permitted.

Public Schools Would Compost Waste under Washington State Companion Bills
Schools must also offer students the opportunity to recycle.

Biomass-to-Energy Industry Supported by Two Oregon Bills
Biomass is fighting to compete financially with lowered natural gas prices.

Bills Establishing Product Stewardship of Mattresses and Carpeting Introduced in Maine Legislature
Two senators cosponsor both bills.

Product Stewardship of Household Hazardous Waste Proposed in Oregon State Legislature
Producers that do not meet their annual return share of waste products would pay an extra fee to the state.

Several State Legislatures Take Up Bills Addressing Landfills
Measures range from increasing tipping fees to easing of some remediation liability.

Recyclable Metal Theft Penalties Specified in Pennsylvania Bill
Penalties range from misdemeanors to felonies.

Amendment to Hawaii Tire Recycling Law Introduced in House of Representatives
A tire deposit, similar to a container deposit, would be imposed on each new tire sold.

Rhode Island Lawmakers Consider Bill Concerning Home Medical Sharps Disposal
Hospitals and pharmacies would provide containers for collection.

More Mercury-Containing Products Would Be Banned Under Maryland House Proposal
The proposed ban would take effect in October 2017.

Hawaiian Lawmakers Seek to Ban Two Common Sunscreen Ingredients Due to Environmental Concerns
Proposed ban would take effect this coming October.

January 2017:

Companion Bills in Hawaii State Legislature Would Revise Glass Container Recycling Law
The measures call for the Department of Health to implement recommendations made by the Office of the Auditor.

Restrictions on Polystyrene Foam Containers Proposed in Hawaii State Legislature
The containers would be banned except in counties that can achieve a 60% polystyrene foam recycling rate.

Bills to Ban or Restrict Single-Use Plastic Bags Proposed in Vermont and Florida
In Vermont, single-use bags would be banned and reusable bags would need to meet a lengthy list of requirements.

Bill Introduced in South Carolina Statehouse Would Ban Local Ordinances Restricting Auxiliary Containers
Similar laws were enacted last year in nearly a half dozen states.

Proposals to Amend Electronic Products Recycling and Reuse Act Introduced in Illinois General Assembly
One bill would address CRT glass storage; another would allow for consumer recycling fees under certain conditions.

Washington State Lawmakers Want to Prevent Nuisance Lawsuits against Composting Facilities
Companion bills were introduced in House of Representatives and Senate.

Recycling in State Buildings Would Be Facilitated under Proposal in Hawaii House of Representatives
Funding would be made available to place recycling receptacles near trash containers.

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Want to Regulate Used Clothing Recycling Bins
Bins would need to be emptied at least every two weeks and areas around the bins monitored for illegal dumping.

Bill to Create New Advisory Committee on Litter and Beautification Introduced in New Mexico
The bill would abolish the current Litter Control Council and shift its responsibilities.

Safe Drug Disposal Bills Introduced in Illinois and Virginia
Both measures seek to reduce access to potentially addictive drugs and other prescription pharmaceuticals.

New York Bill Would Ban BPA in Food and Beverage Containers
Food and drink producers could seek a one-year waiver if BPA container substitutes are deemed not available.

Ban on PFAS in Food Packaging Proposed in Washington State
Packaging manufacturers would be required prepare compliance certificates.

Washington House Measure Would Require High Priority Chemicals Reporting by Makers of Consumer and Children's Electronic Products
The requirement would take effect on January 1, 2018.

Restrictions on Triclosan Proposed in Iowa House of Representatives
However, the chemical already is being restricted by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Labeling Requirements for Flushable Wipes Subject of Maryland Senate Bill
The same bill would restrict advertising claims for the products.

Indiana Senator Calls for Extended Producer Responsibility Program for Packaging and Printed Paper
The senate bill would set a 50% packaging and printed paper recycling target for 2023.

Ban on Polystyrene Foam Food Packaging and other Products Proposed in Maryland General Assembly
The proposed ban would follow one already in effect in the state's largest county.

Vermont Representatives Join Effort to Expand State Container Deposit Scheme
They also want to direct unredeemed deposits to a new state fund.

Bills Introduced in New Hampshire and New York Address Local Plastic Bag Ordinances
One bill would authorize local ordinances; the other would prohibit them.

Bill Introduced in New York Senate Would Reduce Food and Food Packaging Waste by State Government Agencies and Contractors
Directing unused edible food to community food assistance organizations would be the priority method for waste reduction.

Electronics Extended Producer Responsibility Program Proposed in New Hampshire General Court
Manufacturers could participate in either a standard plan developed by the state or implement their own.

Plan to Recycle Unwanted Government Electronics Introduced in Mississippi Legislature
The bill authorizes a possible ban on landfill disposal of electronics starting in 2019.

Companion Bills in Minnesota Legislature Could Increase Electronic Products Reuse
Manufacturers of digital electronic products would need to make repair/update information and tools available to product owners and independent repair services.

Maryland House Measure Would Update Law Addressing Recycling Facilities
Department of the Environment would adopt new regulations.

Recent Bills Would Revise Recycling and Waste Provisions in Two States
The Bills address beneficial use of waste and waste collection and recycling incentives.

Scrap Sales of Cell Tower Batteries Is the Subject of a Maryland House Proposal
The batteries would be added to a list of items requiring sales recordkeeping by scrap metal buyers.

Mississippi Senator Sponsors Bill Requiring Restrictions on Food Containers Having BPA or Phthalates
The bill would also require warning labels on packaging.

Legislators in Four States Consider Restricting Flame Retardants in Certain Products
The different bills vary in the specific flame retardants to be restricted and other provisions.

Vermont Senator Wants to Expand Beverage Container Deposits and Redirect Unclaimed Money
Unclaimed deposits would be directed to a newly created Clean Environment Jobs Fund.

Container Deposit Scheme Proposed in Virginia General Assembly
Five-cent deposits would be required on a range of beverages.

Changes to Existing Container Deposit Schemes in Two States Proposed by Lawmakers
One bill would repeal the state's entire container deposit law.

Single-Use Plastic Bag Bans Proposed in New York and Maine
In New York, recyclable paper bags would need to be provided at no cost to shoppers.

Maine State Legislature to Consider Ban on Disposable Food Service Containers
Substitute packaging would need to be recyclable or compostable.

Two Bills Introduced in Washington Legislature Would Revise the State Electronics Recycling Law
The measures focus on different issues - e-waste collection methods and program management practices.

Study of Yard and Food Waste Proposed in Maryland General Assembly
An interim report would be presented to the Maryland General Assembly and Governor by July 1, 2018.

Three States May Revise their Scrap Tire Laws
A bill in Washington would repeal the state's waste tire fee.

Virginia Lawmaker Proposes Changes to Illegal Dumping and Littering Law
Two bills would increase fines and expand the definition of litter.

Bill in Virginia General Assembly Would Permit Local Government to Enact CFL Recycling Ordinances
CFL bulb wholesalers would be required to takeback waste bulbs.

Indiana Legislator Wants to Require Only Green Cleaning Products Be Used in Schools
The state would prepare a list of approved products and develop guidelines for their use.

Bill in Alaska State Legislature Would Create Chemicals of High Concern to Children List
Tris flame retardants would be banned in the initial version of the list.

Agricultural Pesticide and Container Collection Program Proposed in Texas Legislature
State funding for the program would go through the Department of Agriculture.

New York Senator Wants Environmental Impact Statements Prepared for New Synthetic Turf Installations
However, a 2009 study by the Department of Environmental Conservation did not determine any significant health or environmental problems.

EPR Program for Solar Modules Proposed in Washington State Legislature
Manufacturers would need to submit stewardship plans beginning on January 1, 2020.

Michigan Approves Law Prohibiting Local Plastic Bag Bans
The law took immediate effect.

Restrictions on Single-Use Plastic Bags Proposed in Florida and New York
The proposals are a municipal bag reduction pilot program and a ban.

New York Bill Seeks to Reduce Commercial Food Waste Generation
However, many commercial food establishments would not be covered by the law while others could apply for waivers.

CalRecycle Sets Timeline for Rulemaking on Food Waste and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction
The state hopes to achieve a 50% reduction in food waste disposal by 2020.

Energy Department Unveils Institute to Promote Reuse, Recycling and Remanufacturing of Materials
However, the new institute might not be actively supported by incoming Secretary of Energy.

Landfill Gas Collection Requirement Proposed in Virginia General Assembly
If approved, requirement would take effect in 2019.

New York City Council Member Wants More Accessible Data on Some Sanitation Department Operations
One measure requires GPS tracking devices be installed on all sanitation department vehicles.

Pair of Bills Addressing Collection of Waste Pharmaceuticals Planned in Connecticut
Details of the legislation are yet to be presented.

Ban on Manufacture of Receipt Paper Containing Bisphenol A Proposed in New York Senate
The Department of Environment would find acceptable methods to dispose and recycle existing bisphenol A-containing paper supply.

Extended Producer Responsibility Program for Pharmaceuticals Proposed in Washington State Legislature
If the bill is approved, manufacturer take-back plans would be required by January 1, 2018.

Tax on Single-Use Plastic Bags Introduced in Virginia General Assembly
The tax would apply only to localities in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

Bill Pre-filed in Texas Legislature Would Further Protect Retailers that Want to Distribute Carryout Bags
The legislation would apply to bags made of plastic, paper or other material.

San Francisco Board of Supervisors Expands Ban on Disposable Bottled Water Containers
More types of containers will be covered by the 2014 ordinance.

Maui Tentatively Approves Ban on Polystyrene Foam Food Service Packaging
The ordinance has been six years in its making.

Washington Department of Ecology Proposes Adding 15 Substances to Chemicals of High Concern List
Among the additions are two bisphenol A substitutes, two phthalates, PFOA and several flame retardants

Maryland Delegate Proposes Restrictions on Lead and Mercury in Wheel Weights
A half dozen other states have approved similar restrictions.

December 2016:

California OEHHA Adopts New Provision for BPA in Food Packaging Warning Requirements
The new provision will create a OEHHA public database supporting "safe harbor point-of-sale warnings" for the packaging.

Michigan Legislature Approves Bill Prohibiting Local Plastic Bag and Packaging Restrictions
The law would take effect in 90 days if the bill is signed by Governor Snyder.

District of Columbia Council Approves Packaging and Labeling Requirements for Nonwoven Disposable Products
The products have caused problems for sewage systems and possibly the environment.

Boston City Council Members to Introduce Plastic Bag Ordinance
A minimum five-cent bag fee would be required for each recyclable paper, compostable plastic and reusable bag distributed.

Vermont DEC Legislative Report Says Recycling and Composting Up, Disposal Down in State
Agency says data demonstrates the state's universal recycling law is producing positive results.

Bill Introduced in Nova Scotia Legislature Seeks to Reduce Food Waste
The bill would require larger food-related businesses to adhere to a food waste reduction hierarchy.

New York City Council Bill Would Allow Community Service as a Penalty for Illegal Dumping
Seventy hours of community service could substitute for a fine of up to $3,000.

Canadian Government Takes Another Step toward Possibly Banning Triclosan
A risk management approach document was published for public comment, but some environmental groups say that is insufficient.

November 2016:

US EPA Report Sets 2014 US National Recycling Rate at 34.6%
Nearly 258 million tons of municipal solid waste was generated during the year.

City Council Agrees to Delete Some Retailer Provisions in Chicago Carryout Bag Ordinance
The seven-cent tax on permitted bags will be continued.

Iowa Department of Natural Resources Suspends Solid Waste Alternatives Program
Requests for financial assistance are exhausting available funding.

Notice of Violation Filed with California Attorney General over BPA Allegedly Found in Thermal Paper Receipts
Four major retail chains and one airline were cited for violating a California environmental law.

South Pasadena Is the Latest California Municipality to Ban Polystyrene Foam Food Service Ware
The ban will take effect in November 2017.

California Voters Uphold Statewide Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags
52% of voters approved keeping the law that was enacted last year.

Los Angeles City Council Motion Calls for More Diversity in City Recycling and Waste Management Efforts
The motion directs the Bureau of Sanitation to study the matter and make recommendations.

A Review of Current Waste and Recycling Bills in the US Congress
Few of the 15 top measures have made any progress.

New US NNI Strategic Plan Includes Addressing Environmental and Health Concerns of Nanomaterials
Development of a knowledge base and tools to identify and quantify risks are among the actions called for.

Government of Canada Publishes Draft Regulations Banning Microplastic Beads
A initial manufacturing ban will take effect on January 1, 2018.

October 2016:

US EPA Publishes New Rule on Hazardous Waste Imports and Exports
The rule is expected to harmonize US and OCED regulations, improve tracking and prevent illegal e-waste shipments.

Pennsylvania House of Representatives Rejects Bill to Prohibit Local Plastic Bag Ordinances
The bill's sponsor said he will re-introduce the measure in the next legislature.

Washington Department of Ecology Consults on Proposed Changes to Dangerous Waste Regulations
The changes address the recycling of hazardous secondary materials and management of pharmaceutical waste from healthcare facilities.

Public Consultations Underway for Several British Columbia Product Stewardship Plan Updates
Plans apply to pharmaceuticals, paint, lighting products and electric outdoor power equipment.

Boston City Council May Consider Establishing a Residential Curbside Composting Program
The proposed program would complement a ban on high volume commercial food waste generators.

Milwaukee City Council Approves 3% Waste Charge Increase for 2017
Rising recycling and e-waste costs cited as need for waste charge increase.

Maine DEP Proposes Adding Two Flame Retardants to State Priority Chemicals List
The additions would require manufactures of some children's products to report the use of the chemicals and pay a registration fee.

US EPA Identifies Five PBT Chemicals for "Expedited Action" under TSCA Replacement Law
Ten other chemicals will be identified by the EPA in December for regulatory action.

Texas Attorney General Sues Brownsville to Overturn Its Single-Use Plastic Bag Ordinance
The fee on single-use plastic bags went into effect more than five years ago.

Seattle City Council Approves Changes to Existing Carryout Bag Ordinance
Among changes, compostable bags must meet new requirements; no bags may be labeled as biodegradable.

Washington Ecology to Consider Additions to the Chemicals of High Concern to Children List
Changes to the reporting rules for manufacturers also will be considered.

Federation of Canadian Municipalities Calls for National Tax Incentives to Reduce Food Waste
The federation said it supports a proposal being advanced by the National Zero Waste Council.

South Carolina Coastal Town Tentatively Approves Ban on Polystyrene Foam
A proposed ordinance would also ban single-use plastic bags.

Virginia General Assembly to Revisit Landfill Gas Emissions Legislation in January
If the bill is approved, gas control systems would need to be in place by July 1, 2018.

September 2016:

Bill Introduced in US House of Representatives Calls for Study of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in Drinking Water
The study would identify, quantify and assess the effects of the water contaminants.

California Enacts Product Stewardship for Lead-Acid Batteries
New law also establishes a fund to help cleanup contamination from battery recycling sites.

CalRecycle to Prepare Guidance for Mandated Recycling in State Government Buildings and Facilities
Targeted recyclable materials include paper, plastic, metal and organic waste.

US Virgin Islands Senate Approves Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags
The bill is expected to be signed into law by Governor Kenneth Mapp.

California Re-adopts Emergency Regulations on CRT Glass Processing and Disposal Standards
Existing regulations would have expired last month.

Honolulu City Council Considers Limiting Volume of Recycling Residue Eligible for Disposal Fee Discount
Critics of the fee discount say it is cutting too deeply into the city's revenue.

Louisville Metro Council Moves Forward with Zoning for Biodigestion Facilities
Residents voice concerns about environmental and safety issues with the facilities.

US EPA Issues Final Rule on Landfill Gas Emissions Control Updates
Nonmethane organic compounds emissions threshold to require installation of a collection and control system is being lowered.

California State Legislature Approves Bill Requiring Reporting of Recycled Plastic Content in Beverage Containers
The requirement would take effect on March 1, 2018.

Rule to Impose Environmental Handling Charge on Mercury-Containing Lamps Finalized by Washington Department of Ecology
The charge was authorized by Washington State Legislature in 2014.

Arkansas DEQ Outlines Proposed Changes to Some Solid Waste Regulations
The proposed changes affect funding for e-waste and some scrap tire recycling and a landfill post-closure trust fund.

Montreal City Council Approves Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags
The ban takes effect on January 1, 2018.

San Francisco BOS Unanimously Supports California State Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban
Resolution calls on voters and state law makers to support the ban in a November referendum.

US FDA Bans Triclosn and 18 Other Sanitizing Chemicals in Consumer Products
The agency says the effectiveness of the chemicals has not been proven.

August 2016:

Colorado DPHE Releases Draft Solid Waste and Materials Management Plan
The plan divides the state into four geographical regions and recommends different strategies for each.

Texas State Court of Appeals Overturns a Local Plastic Bag Ordinance
The ruling may be used to challenge other local plastic bag ordinances in the state.

Toronto City Council Approves Long Term Waste Management Strategy
The strategy includes a goal to divert 70% of municipal waste by 2026.

Draft Electronics Stewardship Renewal Plan for British Columbia Released
The proposed plan essentially continues the current one launched in 2012.

Culver City California Officials Weigh Banning Vs. Recycling Polystyrene Foam Packaging
The city council and mayor have different opinions about managing polystyrene foam waste.

Scranton, Pennsylvania City Council Considers Boosting Fines for Disposal of Recyclable Material
Fines of up to $300 could be imposed on scofflaws.

Connecticut Environmental Commissioner Approves Comprehensive Materials Management Strategy
The strategy includes having producers and packaging manufacturers shouldering more recycling costs.

Low Oregon Beverage Container Returns Will Trigger Deposit Increase Next April
The deposit will increase from five cents to ten cents.

Massachusetts Legislature Approves Bill to Boost Illegal Dumping Fines in One Burdened City
Fines of $5,000 to $10,000 can now be imposed on fly-tippers

Boston City Council May Draft Single-Use Plastic Bag Ordinance
A working group will report on the possibly to the city council in November.

Portland, Maine City Council Mulls Possible Cart-Based Pay-As-You-Throw Waste Charging
RFID-enabled carts might replace or be added to the current prepaid bag system.

July 2016:

Bill Introduced in US House of Representatives Could Decrease Out-of-State Waste Imports
New fees on out-of-state waste would be imposed and distributed to communities where such imported waste is managed.

Rhode Island General Assembly Approves 50% State Waste Diversion Goal
Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation is responsible for developing supportive policies.

Government Advisory Panel Recommends Changes to Michigan Waste Laws
Proposed changes include county material management planning and recycling of yard waste, among others.

San Diego City Council Approves Single-Use Carryout Bag Reduction Ordinance
The ordinance bans single-use plastic carryout bags.

Florida Retail Federation Sues City of Coral Gables over Polystyrene Foam Ban
The federation says the city's local ordinance violates state law.

Minnesota City Council Member Initiates Study of Use of Waste Tires as Ground Cover in Play Areas
Government officials and advisory committee to investigate possible health concerns associated with the recycled rubber.

Bill to Reduce Food Waste Introduced in United States Senate
Among many other provisions, the bill would establish an Office of Food Recovery within the Department of Agriculture and set new food safety date labeling requirements.

Connecticut Governor Signs Bill for Study on Reducing Packaging
A new task force will submit a report with recommendations to the Connecticut General Assembly by January 1, 2017.

Bill to Regulate Scrap Tires Introduced in New Jersey State Legislature
Haulers would need to be licensed and disposal of scrap tires would be banned.

Pennsylvania Bill Would Authorize Pharmacies to Collect Waste Pharmaceuticals
The measure focuses on controlled substances but would apply to other drugs, too.

San Francisco BOS Approves Expansion of Polystyrene Foam Ban
EPS egg cartons and meats trays, shipping materials, coolers, and other items will be banned in 2017.

New York City Amends Recently Enacted Single-Use Carryout Bag Ordinance
Dates of some earlier ordinance provisions were revised to make upcoming bag fee enforcement more practical.

June 2016:

Minnesota Enacts Revisions to E-Waste Law
A number of the provisions apply to video display devices and take effect on July 1.

Ontario Legislative Assembly Approves Waste-Free Ontario Act
The legislation underpins a new provincial strategy to develop a circular economy.

Massachusetts Senate Approves Ban on Single-Use Carryout Bags
The proposed ban was worked into the 2017 state budget bill.

Recycling Study Bill Introduced in Rhode Island House of Representatives
Changes to current programs and identification of problematic waste streams are among the subjects to be studied.

Bill Introduced in Rhode Island Would Expand Food Waste Recycling Requirement at Educational Institutions
Smaller waste generators would be added to an existing recycling mandate.

Canadian Parliament to Consider Nanomaterials Registration and Safety Assessment Legislation
Nanomaterials found to be toxic could be banned from manufacture and importation.

Honolulu City Council Approves Funding for Glass Container Recycling Program
The subsidy will help divert non-deposit glass containers from landfill.

Pennsylvania Bill Would Exempt Some Communities from the State Electronics Recycling Law
The measure said to be in response to reported shrinking collection and recycling options for some residents.

New York Senate Approves Bill Amending Plastic Bag Recycling Law
The bill was moved to the Assembly for consideration

Delaware Measure Focuses on Security at Automated Kiosks for Unwanted Mobile Electronics
The kiosks have provided an economic incentive for mobile phone owners to recycle.

Fifty Percent Waste Diversion Rate Highlighted in Rhode Island Senate Bill
However, the same goal was set in an earlier state law.

Dade County, Florida Approves Partial Ban on Polystyrene Articles
The ban takes effect on July 1, 2017.

New and Expanded Recycling Initiatives Are Part of New York City's First Ever Sanitation Strategic Plan
Organics, electronics and textiles are among the waste streams to receive added attention.

San Francisco BOS Supports Statewide Minimum Recycled Content Levels in Single-Use Beverage Containers
The call for state level legislation supports San Francisco's zero waste aspirations.

US EPA Wants to Add Flame Retardant HBCD to the Toxics Release Inventory List
The chemical is already on the European Chemicals Agency candidate list of substances of very high concern.

May 2016:

Bill to Study Packaging Waste Reduction Approved by Connecticut General Assembly
The measure calls for developing strategies to reduce packaging waste in the state by at least 25%.

Iowa Governor Signs Legislation to Increase Illegal Dumping and Littering Fines
The law also redefines litter.

Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection Now Responsible for Issuing Tax Assessments on Solid Waste Facilities
Governor Bevin signs bill authorizing a switch from the Department of Revenue.

Massachusetts Senate Passes Bill Restricting 11 Flame Retardants
The proposed restrictions would take effect on January 1, 2017, if approved by the Massachusetts House.

California DTSC Launches Public Consultation on Revised Mercury-Containing Thermostats Recycling Plans
Manufacturer outreach and pilot project plans expected to boost the state's collection rate.

US House Bill Would Mandate Ingredients Labeling for Cleaning Products
The measure would create the Cleaning Product Right to Know Act of 2016.

New York City Council Approves Fee on Disposable Carryout Bags
A five-cent fee will apply to plastic and paper bags.

Honolulu City Council Approves New Fines for Illegal Dumping of Bulky Items
Fines of up to $2,500 may now be imposed.

Proposed Polystyrene Foam Carryout Food Packaging Ban Moves Forward in Pasadena, California
A city council committee says recycling polystyrene foam is not feasible locally.

National Pharmaceutical Stewardship Program Proposed in US Congress
The US Attorney General and Drug Enforcement Agency Administrator would have responsibility for the program.

National Strategy for Re-refining Used Oil Subject of US House Bill
The strategy would include used oil collection and promotion of re-fined oil use by the federal government and the public.

Rhode Island Senators Want to Ban Organohalogen Flame Retardants in Bedding and Upholstered Furniture
The Rhode Island General Assembly joins six other state legislatures with similar bills.

Louisiana Bill Would Facilitate Sales of Some Scrap Copper
The measure would eliminate a waiting period for making payments.

Colleges and Universities with Best Waste Diversion and Recycling Efforts Would Be Recognized under Michigan Bill
A program to do so would be overseen by the Department of Environmental Quality.

Minneapolis City Council Approves Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags
The ban takes effect on June 1, 2017.

San Francisco Board of Supervisors to Consider Expanding Polystyrene Foam Ban
Polystyrene foam egg cartons and meat trays are among the packaging and products to be banned.

April 2016:

Bill Introduced in Pennsylvania Would Double the Weight of E-Waste that Manufacturers Must Collect
The bill is the result of lighter covered electronic devices being produced.

Oregon DEQ Begins Rulemaking Process for Updated Recycling Regulations
Draft rules are expected to be completed this November.

Rhode Island Bill Would Give the State Resource Recovery Corporation New Authority
Some responsibilities would be transferred from the Department of Environmental Management.

Moratorium on New Local Waste Collections Proposed in Minnesota State Legislature
Companion bills were introduced in the House of Representatives and Senate.

Tennessee General Assembly Poised to Approve Bill Addressing Waste Automobile Fluids Collection
Senate approved bill soon may be approved by House of Representatives.

CalRecycle Proposes Changes to State Used Oil Recycling Regulations
Changes include new financial and collection center requirements and registration of out-of-state recycling facilities, among others.

Biomass Study Commission Proposed in Maine Legislature
The commission would report to the legislature about possible energy benefits before the end of this year.

Colorado General Assembly Extends Existence of Commodity Metal Theft Taskforce
The task force was scheduled to end this July.

Washington Department of Ecology May Add Flame Retardants DBDPE and BTBPE to its PBT List
The two chemicals are currently used as alternatives to PBDEs, which were largely been phased out of use.

March 2016:

Idaho Legislature Approves Bill Prohibiting Local Auxiliary Container Ordinances
Arizona State Legislature on the verge of approving a similar bill.

Sacramento County Board of Supervisors Moving Ahead with Plastic Bag Ordinance
A minimum charge of ten cents would be applied to each recyclable paper bag distributed.

New York State Lawmaker Calls for Fining Store Owners Who Fail to Recycle Plastic Bags
The proposed measure would also set requirements for plastic bag recycling bin locations and signage.

Tennessee Governor Signs Law Requiring More Detailed Annual Waste Reports from the Department of Environmental Conversation
Introduced last year, SB 689 was signed into law by Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam on March 22.

Maryland House Overwhelmingly Approves Two Bills Addressing Organic Waste Processing
The Senate holds hearings on both.

Utah State Legislature Approves Changes to Scrap Metal Theft Prevention Law
Minimum fines set for convictions relating to sales transactions of stolen metal.

The District of Columbia Enacts Ordinance Banning Two Tris Flame Retardants
The chemicals will be banned in children's products and upholstered residential furniture.

Minnesota State Legislature Considers Moratorium on Athletic Fields and Playgrounds Made with Recycled Rubber
Companion bills were introduced in the House of Representatives and Senate.

California OEHHA Issues Revised Proposed Clear and Reasonable Warning Regulations
OEHHA makes 56 changes to proposed regulatory revisions after an initial public comment period.

Rhode Island Bill Would Ban Organohalogen Flame Retardants in Upholstered Residential Furniture and Bedding
The Rhode Island Department of Health would be responsible for enforcing the ban.

California OEHHA Proposes Warning Labels on Food and Drink Containers Having Bisphenol A
As an emergency measure, manufacturers will need to have warning messages in place by May 11 of this year.

Companion Resolutions Would Reduce Hawaii Disposable Water Bottle Waste at State Capitol
The House resolutions call for a feasibility study.

Michigan Is the Latest State with a Bill to Prohibit Local Government Packaging Restriction Ordinances
Five other states have legislation pending or approved.

Canadian Lawmaker Proposes National Food Waste Awareness Day
A bill would create the Fight Against Food Waste Act.

Rhode Island House Resolution Calls for Study to Reduce Food Waste
A special legislative commission would investigate how to increase supermarket food donations.

Massachusetts Governor Signs Bill Establishing Drug Stewardship Program
However, the program covers only opioid drugs and benzodiapines.

Counties in California and Illinois Consider Local Ordinances to Collect Unwanted Medications
Stewardship programs are being proposed in both.

Hawaii Senate Resolution Would Require Receipts for Delivery of Government Solid Waste
The measure is hoped to reduce illegal dumping.

Louisiana House Bill Would Add Advanced Recovery Fees to Some Off-Road Tires
The same bill would add penalties to tire dealers that fail to submit collected fees on time.

Three More Bills Addressing Chemicals in Children's Products Introduced in Minnesota State Legislature
All three bills would make changes the Department of Health's Chemicals of High Concern List and provisions to the state's Toxic Free Kids Act.

Two Louisiana Bills Seek to Ban BPA in Children's Food Containers
While seeking the same result, the House and Senate bills have differences.

Connecticut Bill Would Add Sparkling Wine and Champagne to Container Deposit Scheme
If approved, the addition would take effect on October 1 of this year.

Minneapolis City Council to Hold Hearing on Proposed Plastic Bag Ordinance
If the ordinance is approved, Minneapolis would be the first Minnesota municipality to ban single-use plastic bags.

Labeling Requirements for Disposable Wipes Proposed in Minnesota House of Representatives
The bill's introduction follows recommendations made by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

West Virginia Legislation Softens Landfill Disposal Ban on E-Waste
The action was taken to reduce illegal e-waste dumping.

Cell Phone Recycling Program Called for by Connecticut Legislative Committee
The bill authorizes the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to adopt regulations.

Bill Approved to Conduct Study of Organic Waste Processing in Tennessee
The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation will conduct the review.

Canadian Parliament Considers Bill for Safe Disposal of Mercury-Containing Lamps
Environmental ministers, industry and the environmental community would jointly develop a national plan.

Illinois Lawmaker Calls for $7 Million in Funding for Recycling and Composting Grants Program
The appropriation would be for fiscal year 2017.

Adjustment to Connecticut Mattress Recycling Program Financing Proposed in House Bill
Municipalities that operate mattress recycling facilities would need to receive compensation.

New York City Bill Would Exempt Some Properties from Waste and Recycling Collection Fees
The exemption would take effect immediately upon passage.

San Jose Looks to Expand Efforts to Combat Illegal Dumping
Possible initiatives include financial incentives to report illegal dumps and a cell phone app to facilitate reporting.

Washington State Legislature Approves Ban on Five Flame Retardants in Children's Products and Upholstered Furniture
Six other flame retardants are to be considered for possible inclusion in the state's list of chemicals of high concern for children.

Minnesota Bill Would Ban Additional Flame Retardants in Additional Consumer Products
A flame retardant law enacted last year has not yet taken effect.

Packaging Waste Reduction of 50% Sought under Connecticut Senate Bill
The measure would also assess the viability of establishing a packaging stewardship program.

Bill to Create an EPR Program for Packaging and Printed Paper Introduced in the Rhode Island General Assembly
Producers would need to achieve a 75% recycling rate two years after the program launches.

Louisiana Becomes Latest State to Consider Prohibiting Local Packaging Restriction Ordinances
Five other state legislatures are considering or have approved similar measures.

Bills Prohibiting "Auxiliary Container" Ordinances Make Progress in Arizona and Wisconsin
Both measures have already been approved by one chamber.

Minnesota PCA Proposes New Labeling Requirements for Disposable Wipes
The agency proposal likely will lead to draft legislation.

Prescription Drug Take-Back Program for Military Members Proposed in US House of Representatives
The program would apply only to controlled substances.

Extended Producer Responsibility for Solar Power Backup Batteries Subject of Bill in Hawaii
Battery producers would need to have an approved collection and recycling plan by January 1, 2017.

Connecticut Bill Proposes to Add Household Batteries to the State Designated Recyclable Items List
The addition would take effect on October 1 of this year.

Lawmakers Call for New Household Hazardous Waste Program for Rhode Island
The Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation would have new responsibilities and authority.

California Legislator Wants Recycling Receptacles in State Buildings and Large Facilities
CalRecycle would develop requirements for acceptable recycling receptacles.

Ontario Launches Public Consultation on Proposed Automotive Materials Stewardship Plan
Plan covers antifreeze and containers, oil filters and larger lubricating oil containers.

Indiana on Verge of Approving Legitimate Use of Waste Legislation
Waste tires are included as a material to be covered by the law.

Another Bill Introduced in Connecticut Would Ban Five Flame Retardants in Children's Products and Upholstered Furniture
The second bill mirrors another introduced last week by another legislative committee.

US EPA Launches Public Consultation on Draft 1-Bromopropane Risk Assessment
The chemical is broadly used as a degreasing agent and in spray adhesives and dry cleaning.

February 2016:

Indiana Legislature Approves Statewide Ban on Local Plastic Bag and Packaging Ordinances
The legislation appears likely to be approved by Governor Mike Pence.

Connecticut Bill Would Overhaul Current State Plastic Bag Law
The legislation sets recycled content targets, promotion of reusable bags and includes other provisions.

Five Virginia Bills to Restrict Single-Use Plastic Bags Died in Committee
All the bills sought to give local government statutory authorization to enact local carryout bag ordinances.

Rhode Island Legislators Seek to Ban Distribution of Plastic Bags, PET Water Bottles and EPS Food Packaging
The proposed bans would take effect on January 1, 2017.

California Lawmaker Wants Percentage of Recycled Plastic Displayed on Beverage Containers
Producers would have several options in determining the recycled content level to display.

Study of Possible Connecticut Container Deposit Scheme Repeal Proposed in General Assembly
The container deposit might be replaced with a four-cent nonrefundable recycling fee.

Proposed Amendments to West Virginia Law Could Benefit Composting
Composting would become a consideration in the approval of commercial solid waste facilities siting plans.

Virginia General Assembly Approves Bill Supporting Unwanted Drug Collections by Pharmacies
Pharmacies participating in voluntary collection will be afforded specified legal protections.

Pharmacies Would Collect Unwanted Drugs for Disposal under Connecticut House Bill
However, pharmacy participation would be voluntary.

Repeal of Tax on Hard-to-Dispose Items Proposed in Rhode Island General Assembly
If approved, the repeal would take immediate effect.

Kentucky Bill Would Make the Department for Environmental Protection Responsible for Taxes on Solid Waste Facilities
Complaints and lawsuits have resulted from assessments made by the Department of Revenue.

Cash Payments for Scrap Metal Would Be Discouraged under Maryland Senate Bill
The bill limits the hours that scrap metal processors could make cash payments.

Environmental Concern about Zinc Leaching from Motor Vehicles Tires Focus of California Senate Bill
Federal Clean Water Act standards cited as reason to enact legislation.

Bill Introduced in West Virginia Would Ban Five Flame Retardants in Children's Products and Upholstered Furniture
The Commissioner of the Bureau for Public Health would adopt rules to implement the law.

Kansas House Bill Would Establish a Container Deposit Scheme
The bill proposes a five-cent beverage container deposit that could increase to 10 cents if a target redemption rate is not achieved.

Bill to Repeal Hawaii Container Deposit Scheme Deferred in Committee
Sponsors of the bill said the CDS should be replaced with "a sustainable alternative."

Iowa Bill Would Allow Beverage Container Redemption Centers to Retain a Portion of the Redemption Amount
The CDS measure follows another introduced last week to consider raising the deposit and handling fees.

Mississippi Bill Seeks to Advance the State's E-Waste Recycling Effort
Resale/donation of surplus government electronics and a landfill ban on e-waste are among the provisions.

California Lawmakers Consider Bill to Promote Organic Waste Diversion Projects
CalRecycle would be tasked with developing a program to support such projects.

Product Stewardship Program for Mattresses Proposed in Maryland General Assembly
The program would be funded by an assessment on all mattresses sold in the state.

Connecticut Bill Calls for Study of Waste-to-Energy Facilities
Public Utilities Regulatory Authority would conduct the study.

Kentucky Legislator Calls for New Regulations on Biogas Generation Facilities
The bill's sponsor is concerned about possible methane or biogas explosions.

Revisions to Household Hazardous Waste Law Proposed in Iowa Legislature
The changes would harmonize the law with the state's current collection program.

Bonded Scrap Dealers and Recyclers Would Be Exempt from Some Legal Requirements under California Assembly Bill
The surety bonds could be used to reimburse owners of stolen scrap metals and law enforcement for investigational costs.

Mandatory Fines Proposed for Metal Theft Law Violations in Utah
Fines would apply to unlawful buyers and sellers of regulated metals.

Canadian Government Opens Public Consultation on Proposed Plastic Microbeads Ban
The Canadian regulations would be very similar to ones approved in the United States in December.

Ban on Five Flame Retardants Proposed in Connecticut General Assembly
Three forms of tris, decaBDE and HBCDD would all be banned in children's products and upholstered furniture.

Maryland Lawmakers to Consider Proposed Ban on Wheel Weights Containing Lead and Mercury
Maryland Department of the Environment would adopt regulations.

Maryland Lawmakers Make Push to Establish Container Deposit Scheme
Companion bills introduced in the Senate and House have 51 cosponsors.

Ban on Bisphenol A in Some Food Containers Proposed in Rhode Island
Other food packaging containing BPA would be required to bear a warning label.

Iowa Bill Calls for Study of Possible Beverage Container Deposit Increase
The handling fee might also increase.

Two More State Bills Prohibiting Local Auxiliary Container Ordinances Make Progress
House Representatives in Arizona and Indiana approve bills and send them to their respective Senates.

Maryland County Would Be Authorized to Adopt a Disposable Bag Ordinance under State Bill
The authorization would allow the county to adopt an ordinance similar to those in neighboring jurisdictions.

Illinois Bill Would Exempt Cathode Ray Tube Storage Facilities from E-Waste Certification
The bill also seeks to prevent certification organizations from "penalizing or taking other negative actions" against CRT storage facilities.

State Agency Recommends Policy Changes for Minnesota Product Stewardship, E-Waste Management, Organics Recovery and More
The recommendations are listed in the recently published 2015 Solid Waste Policy Report.

Bill in Maryland Would Establish an Organic Waste Diversion Task Force
The task force would submit reports that include recommendations to the Maryland General Assembly and Governor.

Illinois House Bill Would Integrate Food Scrap Composting into County Waste Plans
Residents would have access to food scrap composting programs within five years.

State Government Use of Compost Would Be Promoted under Pennsylvania Bill
The measure would also promote the use of "mushroom substrate" as a type of compost.

Alaska House Resolution Calls for Reducing Food Waste
The resolution says one-in-seven Alaskans struggles with hunger.

Tax Exemption Proposed in Colorado for Materials Recovery Equipment
If approved, the exemption would take effect in July.

State Legislator Wants New York City Sanitation to Provide Photos of Alleged Waste Ordinance Violations
The state bill would require a change to New York City law.

Connecticut Bill Seeks to Identify Beneficial Uses for Scrap Tires
Alternatives to energy recovery sought.

US Federal Agencies Announce Planned Study of Environmental Health Issues Concerning Recycled Crumb Rubber
A draft report should be available before the end of this year.

New Playgrounds Containing Recycled Rubber Would Be Banned under Connecticut Bill
Connecticut joins three other states concerned about possible health issues.

District of Columbia Bill Would Ban the Use of Flame Retardants TDCPP and TCEP in Most Products
Automobiles, automotive replacement parts and some common consumer electronics would be exempt.

Idaho House Approves Bill to Prohibit Local Plastic Bag Restrictions
The bill is now being reviewed in the Senate.

Phase-Out of Non-compostable Plastic Bags Proposed in New Jersey
Phase-out would be completed by the end of 2018.

South Carolina Legislature Gets Bill to Prohibit Local Ordinances Restricting Auxiliary Containers Use
Two other states are considering nearly identical bills.

Group of West Virginia Senators Want to Repeal Landfill Disposal Ban on E-Waste
Earlier bills to repeal the ban have been unsuccessful.

New York Senate Bill Calls for State to Reimburse Some E-Waste Management Costs
Recycling facilities and counties would be paid for management costs not covered by covered device manufacturers.

West Virginia Bill Would Remove TVs as a Covered Device under State E-Waste Law
Only computers and video display devices would remain as covered devices.

Paint Stewardship Program Proposed in Maryland General Assembly
If approved, waste paint collection and processing would begin by October 1, 2017.

Bill to Establish Battery Stewardship and Commercial Food Waste Composting Introduced in Maine Legislature
The target date to recycle and compost 50% of Maine's municipal solid waste would be pushed forward to 2021.

Tennessee General Assembly Considers Measures to Begin Managing Organic Waste
Companion House and Senate bills would direct the Department of Environment and Conservation to develop "planning models."

Hawaii Is the Latest State to Consider Banning Commercial Organic Waste from Landfills and Incinerators
The proposed ban would apply to businesses that generate at least a ton of organic waste per week.

Several Biogas and Biomass Bills Being Considered in Missouri and Virginia General Assemblies
Two bills would provide economic subsidies while the other would designate efficient biomass as a renewable energy source.

Hawaii Lawmakers Seek to Fund Revision of Solid Waste Management Plan
The plan was last updated in July 2000.

Vermont Bill Would Require Pharmacies to Collect Unused Prescription Drugs
The Vermont Board of Pharmacy would adopt the rules necessary to run the program.

Bills to Update Scrap Metal Sales Laws Introduced in Two States
One bill would extend a metals theft task force; the other bill would impose a new registration fee.

Bill to Double or Triple Hawaii Glass Container Advance Disposal Fee Introduced
The fee has not increased since its introduction more than 20 years ago.

Iowa Senator Wants to Abolish the State's Container Deposit Scheme
The scheme has an 86% redemption rate, according to the Department of Natural Resources.

Idaho Bill Would Prevent Local "Auxiliary Container" Restrictions
Only the state legislature would be permitted to enact such legislation.

Fifth Bill to Reduce Single-Use Plastic Bag Distribution Introduced in Virginia
Environmental cleanup fees would be imposed on plastic bags distributed by small businesses.

Changes to Wisconsin Electronics Recycling Law Proposed in State Legislature
Among the changes is an expansion of the types of electronic devices covered.

New Jersey Governor Vetos Paint Stewardship Legislation
The recycling legislation was the second to die last month after being approved by the legislature.

Mercury-Containing Lamp EPR Bill Introduced in Rhode Island General Assembly
Manufacturers would begin waste lamp collection on January 1, 2018.

Mail Back of Unused Drugs from Terminal Patients Proposed in Vermont General Assembly
"Patient representatives" would have responsibility for the safe disposal of unused drugs of their deceased.

Vermont Bill Would Exempt Material from Litter Collections from Certain Waste Management Requirements
The requirements pertain to mandated separation of recyclables from solid waste.

Kansas Legislative Committee Moves to Close Solid Waste Grant Advisory Committee
Some Waste Tire Management Fund supported activities would be eliminated.

Gas Capture System at Some Landfills Would Become Mandatory under a Virginia House Proposal
Installation of the gas capture systems would need to be completed by July 1, 2018.

California Authorizes Creation of Public Website for Proposition 65 Listed Chemicals
The list includes over 800 chemicals many of which can be found in consumer products.

Two Bills in Washington State Focus on Possible Health Issues Associated with Synthetic Turf
Lawmakers are concerned about a range of harmful chemicals found in the material.

Thirty-nine Washington State Lawmakers Lay Legal Groundwork for Ban on Five Flame Retardants
The bill authorizes the Secretary of Health to ban the chemicals by rule.

Bill to ban on Microplastic Beads Introduced in Arizona State Legislature
Bill would take effect before recently enacted federal legislation.

January 2016:

Legislation Proposed in Hawaii Would Add Wine to Container Deposit Scheme
Wine would join beer and ale as covered alcoholic beverages.

Another Virginia General Assembly Bill Would Authorize Local Plastic and Paper Bag Taxes
The collected bag taxes would be distributed back to local governments that collect them.

Bill in Wisconsin State Legislature Would Prohibit Local Packaging Restriction Ordinances
Twenty-three legislators are cosponsoring the measure.

New Jersey Governor Uses Pocket Veto to Kill Overhaul of State Electronics EPR Law
Measure progressed quickly through both legislative chambers before failing to be signed into law.

Arizona Lawmakers Consider EPR Program for Electronics
The recycling program would operate for 10 years then be terminated automatically.

Electronics Recyclers Would Be Added to WMMFA under Washington Senate Bill
The measure has bipartisan support from five senators.

Data Security of Waste Electronics Is the Subject of New York City Bill
Bill would require double data wipes of digital memory devices.

Paint Stewardship Bill Introduced in Maryland General Assembly
The proposed stewardship program would begin operating on October 1, 2017.

Product Stewardship for Prescription Drugs Proposed in Vermont General Assembly
Initial stewardship plans would need to be submitted to the state by January 1, 2017.

Study of Possible Mandatory Recycling at Multifamily Residential Dwellings Proposed in Virginia
A summary of findings would be submitted to the General Assembly prior to its 2017 legislative session.

Kentucky Lawmaker Wants Plan to Control Odor at Landfills
Efforts would focus on minimizing hydrogen sulfide emissions.

Collection of Waste Automotive Fluids Proposed in Tennessee General Assembly
Fluids would be added to waste motor oil and filters managed under an existing law.

New York City Council Resolution Calls for Increased Restriction of Toxic Chemicals in Children's Products
US Consumer Product Safety Commission called on to take corrective steps.

Packaging and Paper EPR Program Proposed for Indiana
Senate bill calls for achieving a 50% recycling rate for packaging and printed paper by 2022.

Five Rhode Island Representatives Introduce Container Deposit Scheme Legislation
A minimum five-cent deposit is proposed for glass, metal and plastic beverage containers.

New Plastic Bag and Film EPR Bill Introduced in Illinois General Assembly
Bag manufacturers would register with the state government and finance the collection and recycling of bags.

Bill to Permit Adoption of Local Plastic Bag Bans Introduced in New Hampshire General Court
The measure has bipartisan support.

Kentucky House Bill Addresses Safe Consumer Medical Sharps Disposal
Proposed collection options include drop boxes, mail back programs and at-home needle destruction devices.

Pharmacies Authorized to Collect Expired and Unwanted Drugs under Virginia General Assembly Bill
Pharmacies participating in recognized drug disposal programs would be afforded certain legal protections.

Recycled Rubber Used in Synthetic Turf Is a Concern for Several Virginia Lawmakers
Three-year moratorium proposed on new synthetic turf installations at schools and recreational parks.

Florida Companion Bills Would Make Theft of Recyclable Material a Crime
The bills also place new requirements on local governments that provide trash and recycling collection outside their jurisdictions.

Restrictions on Flame Retardant Chemicals in Upholstered Furniture Proposed in Maine Senate
Nanoscale substances included in definition of flame retardant chemicals.

Extended Producer Responsibility Program for Solar Modules Proposed in Washington State Legislature
The bill calls for a collection and recycling program that is "self-directed" by manufacturers.

Two More Bills Addressing Single-Use Plastic Bags Were Introduced in Virginia General Assembly
One bill would authorize a regional plastic bag tax while the other would allow bag bans by local governments.

Wisconsin DNR Recommends Possible Changes to State Electronics Recycling Program
CRT management, declining recyclable commodities prices and declining manufacturer recycling targets remain challenges.

Emergency Temporary Waste Transfer Licenses Would Be Authorized by Bill in Rhode Island House
The provision would take immediate effect if approved.

Bills in Florida State Legislature Would Prevent Public Disclosure of Recycling "Trade Secrets"
The sponsors argue that without the protection, some businesses may not fully participate in recycling efforts.

Legitimate Use of Solid Waste and Waste Tires Proposed in Indiana General Assembly
The measure seeks to divert material from landfills.

Utah Bill Would Extend Current Lead Acid Battery Disposal Ban
A disposal ban is scheduled to expire this summer.

December 2015:

US Congress Bans Use of Microplastic Beads Nationally
The measure was sent to President Obama to sign into law.

Bill to Reduce Food Waste Introduced in US House of Representatives
The bill includes provisions affecting retailers, schools, food packagers and the composting and anaerobic digestion industries.

Virginia General Assembly Bill Seeks to Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags
The bill would authorize adoption of local ordinances.

Maryland House Bill Would Authorize Regulation of Anaerobic Digestion Facilities
Organic waste destined for digestion would no longer be classified as solid waste.

Missouri Senate to Consider Bill to Provide Financial Incentives for Biogas Production
Anaerobic digestion facilities could receive monthly grants to support their operations.

Washington Department of Ecology Proposes Amendments to State Environmental Laws
Among the proposed changes is making the beneficial reuse of some waste materials easier.

US House of Representatives Approves Bill Banning Microplastic Beads
The Senate is still considering a companion bill.

Bill Introduced in Ontario Legislative Assembly Would Replace the Current Waste Reduction Act
The bill paves the way for new requirements on producers and packagers.

Michigan Senate Approves Bill Requiring Recycling Reports by Recycling Firms
The measure is headed to the House of Representatives.

Florida Senate Bill Would Make Changes to Solid Waste Management Trust Fund
Bill addresses future funding for landfill closure projects and the state's waste tire abatement program.

Draft MPCA Report Recommends New State Product Stewardship, Organics Recovery and Materials Management Programs for Minnesota
Changes to the current e-waste EPR program are also proposed.

Austin, Texas Approves Ambitious Construction and Demolition Waste Diversion Ordinance
Some projects will need to divert 50% of waste starting October 1, 2016.

Philadelphia Considers Bill to Boost Recycling at Multi-residential Buildings
Operator Solid Waste and Recycling Plans would need to list the recyclables being separated and the waste haulers being used.

San Jose City Council Votes on Cost Increase to Keep Trash Out of Discharged Stormwater
The city moves to comply with a state storm water trash reduction mandate.

November 2015:

US Senate Bill Would Provide Tax Incentives for Renewable Chemicals Production
Some bioplastics such as PET and PLA are included in the bill as renewable chemicals.

Bill to Ban Microplastic Beads Makes Progress in US House of Representatives
Effective date and products covered are revised in the latest bill version.

Vermont Approves Rule Requiring Reporting of Children's Products Containing Chemicals of High Concern
The first reporting period will begin on January 1, 2016.

Two Bills Pre-Filed for 2016 Florida Legislature Address Disposable Plastic Bag Use
Both would establish a pilot program in a coastal municipality in 2017.

New York City Council Resolution Asks State Legislature to Amend E-Waste Law
Council members want to continue the city's curbside e-waste collections.

San Francisco BOS Resolution Redirects Paint EPR Funds to Pharmaceutical Recycling
The funds will be used on an interim basis to help the city prepare for a pharmaceutical EPR program.

Zero Waste is Part of San Diego's Proposed Climate Action Plan
Plan calls for diverting 90% of solid waste and capturing 90% of remaining landfill gas emissions by 2035.

Bill Introduced in US Congress Would Tax Single-Use Carryout Bags Nationally
Retailers would be encouraged financially to implement a plastic bag recycling program.

Packaging Is One of Three Priorities in US EPA's New Sustainable Materials Management Plan
Reducing food waste and conserving and recycling infrastructure materials are the others.

Baltimore City Council Bill Outlines Requirements for Recycling at Special Events
New requirements would bring Baltimore into compliance with a recently enacted Maryland law.

New York City Council Bill Would Require Air Quality Monitoring at Marine Waste Transfer Stations
Monitoring would be conducted daily and results sent monthly to elected officials and community groups.

New Brunswick Environmental Minister Says Electronics EPR Program Will Be Operational Next Fall
Announcement follows approval of changes to the province's Designated Materials Regulation.

New York City Files for Appeal of Overturned Polystyrene Foam Ban
City attorneys defend DSNY Commissioner's determination of no viable polystyrene foam recycling option.

New York State Assembly Bill Would Ban Polystyrene Foam Carryout Food Packaging Statewide
Proposed state law follows court decision overturning New York City ban.

Vermont DEC Approves Revised Battery Stewardship Plan
Stewardship program will launch on January 1, 2016, and battery producers must be registered.

Wisconsin Senate Seeks to Restore Local Recycling Grants Funding
Increase would help offset earlier cut in state budget.

US EPA Proposes Rule for Management of Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals
The rule is expected to standardize pharma management procedures at healthcare facilities.

Bill Introduced in Pennsylvania Would Authorize Municipal Government Fees to Support Recycling
Measure would clarify part of the Municipal Waste Planning, Recycling and Waste Reduction Act.

Series of Illinois Bills Address Monitoring Possible Landfill Contamination of Aquifers
The bills would require monitoring, well testing and making related information available to the public.

US Representatives Request EPA to Investigate Health Concerns over Synthetic Turf Made from Recycled Tires
The fields are produced using crumb rubber, a product made from recycled tires.

New York City Council Supports Banning the Use of Microplastic Beads
Two resolutions call for passage of pending state and federal legislation.

October 2015:

California State Legislature Bans Plastic Microbeads in Personal Care Products
The ban will take effect on January 1, 2020.

Albany County, New York Considers Ban on Microplastic Beads
If approved, Albany could be the second New York County to ban the material.

Bill Introduced in Michigan Would Authorize Local Regulation of Textile Recycling Bins
Bin permitting, affixing identification stickers, and liability insurance and maintenance requirements are some of the provisions in the bill.

DSNY Proposes Revising Commercial Recycling Rules
The department says the revisions will make the rules more uniform and easier to understand.

New York City Bill Would Toughen Penalties for Improper E-Waste Disposal
With curbside disposal of e-waste no longer an option, e-waste littering has become a growing problem.

California Lawmakers Authorize DTSC to Adopt New Waste Photovoltaic Module Regulations
Approved bill allows PV modules to be treated as universal waste.

South Portland, Maine City Council Bans Polystyrene Foam Carryout Food Packaging
The City Council also imposed a minimum five-cent fee on single-use bags.

New York City Publishes Draft Rules for Commercial Food Waste Source Separation
A public comment period is open through October 5.

California Legislature Approves Bill Requiring Organic Waste Data from County Governments
The state disposes about 15 million tons of compostable organics annually.

LA Mayor Orders Action on Backlog of Illegally Dumped Trash Cleanup Requests
Recent Los Angeles Times investigative story prompts mayor to take action.

California Assembly Approves Bill Providing Tax Breaks for Recycled Materials Use
The measure still needs Senate approval.

Michigan Bill Would Give Local Governments More Regulatory Authority over Composting Facilities
Now only the Department of Environmental Quality regulates composting facilities.

US EPA Proposes Additional Lowering of Landfill Gas Emissions Rate Threshold
The agency says the lower threshold is "achievable for new and modified landfills."

Honolulu City Council Considering Possible Action on Single-Use Carryout Food Service Containers
Environmental Committee may soon make recommendations to full City Council.

September 2015:

California Governor Signs Organic Waste Reporting Bill into Law
The new waste agency requirements take effect in 2017

Pennsylvania Bill Would Extend Landfill Fees to Cover Residual Waste
Sponsor of bill says it would add $2.6 million for recycling and other environmental programs.

Honolulu to Seek State Funding for Glass Container Recycling Program
Funding would cover containers not covered by the state container deposit scheme

Solana Beach, California Bans Polystyrene Foam Food Packaging
The sale of loose-fill polystyrene shipping materials is also banned.

San Antonio Rolls Out Pay-As-You-Throw Waste Scheme
Households must select from three trash cart size options.

New York Supreme Court Overturns NYC Ban on Polystyrene Foam Carryout Food Containers
Court suggested that a DSNY assessment that EPS packaging is not practical to recycle may have been short-sighted.

California DTSC Releases Draft Guidance on Safer Alternative Analysis
Two webinars are scheduled for October to explain the draft guidance and get feedback.

Pennsylvania Bill Would Require Public Schools to Use Green Cleaning Products
Sponsor says many traditional cleaning products contribute to poor indoor air quality.

Bill Introduced in Michigan Would Require Reporting by Recycling Establishments
Tonnages of six specific recyclable materials would be reported.

Scrap Material Theft Prevention Is Focus of Two Recent Bills in Pennsylvania
One bill places new requirements on scrap processors and recyclers, the other sets penalties for secondary metal theft.

Landfill Disposal Ban on Used Oil Filters Proposed in Illinois General Assembly
Disposal of used oil has been banned for years.

August 2015:

US Senate Bill Would Allow New State Fees to be Imposed on Out-of-State Trash Imports
The state fees could then be passed down to local communities adversely affected by the imports.

Zero Waste Bill Introduced in US House of Representatives
The measure would authorize the US EPA to award grants to local governments.

Canadian Government Moves to Ban Microplastic Beads
A sixty-day public comment period has opened.

Hawaii Announces Decrease in Beverage Container Fee
The fee decrease follows a decrease in the container recycling rate.

NYC Bill Would Require Approved Special Receptacles for Buildings with Major Rodent Problems
Repeat health or housing maintenance code violations would trigger the requirement.

Illinois General Assembly Authorizes Support for Compostable and Biodegradable Container Logos Development
New public act extends current law provisions.

Burlington Approves Switch to Self-Compacting Public Spaces Recycling Receptacles
Officials say the decision will help the city comply more effectively with Vermont's universal recycling law.

Draft Revised Waste Packaging and Paper Stewardship Plan for Saskatchewan Released
A public consultation is open through August 28.

Honolulu City Council Wants to Discount Fees for Disposal of Recycling Residue
Measure is presented as a financial incentive to increase recycling.

Portland, Maine Raises Pay-As-You-Throw Bag Fees
The first increase in five years will help cover raising waste collection costs.

Santa Barbara County Supervisors Moving Forward with Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban
A ten-cent fee would be placed on each recyclable paper bag distributed.

New York City Council Considers Increasing Fines for Littering
Fixed fine amounts would replace fine ranges.

Maine DEP Designates Four Phthalates as Priority Chemicals
Designation establishes reporting requirements for children's product manufacturers.

July 2015:

Delaware House Bill Proposes Revising Current Plastic Bag Recycling Law
New five-cent fee would be placed on each plastic and paper single-use carryout bag distributed.

Second Bill to Place a Fee on Plastic Bags Introduced in Pennsylvania General Assembly
The collected fees would support recycling efforts by retailers and the state.

New Brunswick Government Consults on Draft E-Waste Regulations
Product stewardship is being considered for 12 categories of electronic products.

Oregon DEQ Announces New Waste Fees Rulemaking
Tipping fees will increase for the first time in more than 20 years.

Oregon State Legislature Authorizes Establishment of New Priority Chemicals List
The list will apply only to substances in children's products.

Wisconsin Is the Latest State to Ban Microplastic Beads
The first ban begins December 31, 2017 with manufacture of personal care products containing the material.

California State Legislature Close to Approving Ban on Microplastic Beads
Approval is possible as early as next month.

Michigan Bill Would Increase Fines for Some Solid Waste Violations
Fine amounts would more than double.

June 2015:

Illinois General Assembly Approves Bill Banning Mixing of Medical Sharps with Recyclable Material
The ban takes effect on July 1.

Maine State Legislature Approves Adjustments to Paint Stewardship Law
Implementation of the new stewardship program is expected to begin on August 1.

Sustainable Chemistry Bill Introduced in US Senate
Bill would establish a path to a national sustainable chemistry strategy and program.

Delaware House Resolution Calls for Task Force to Fight Illegal Dumping and Littering
The resolution says the state's current efforts have produced "insufficient results."

Bill to Ban Microplastic Beads Introduced in Canadian Parliament
The measure is similar in concept to two bills in the US Congress.

New York City Council Bill Would Ban Some Chemicals in Children's Products
If approved, the ordinance would take effect in six months.

New York City Council Mulls Proposal to Incentivize Recycling among Public Housing Residents
The proposal calls for arranging "financial incentives" from supporting businesses.

Another California City Bans Polystyrene Foam Products
The ban applies to food and drink containers and "non-encased polystyrene products."

Oregon Legislature Bans Use of Polystyrene Foam Food Service Ware in Public Schools
School districts that participate in a polystyrene foam recycling program will be exempt from the ban.

Michigan Legislature Extends Some Waste and Recycling Fees Set to Expire
Extensions include landfill disposal fees and annual fees paid by covered electronic device producers and recyclers.

Illinois General Assembly Approves Bill on Compostable and Biodegradable Markings Development
New provision takes immediate effect.

Iowa Legislature Requires Permitting of Waste Conversion Technologies
Anaerobic digestion, plasma gasification, and pyrolysis facilities to be covered by new law.

Dallas City Council Rescinds Single-Use Carryout Bag Ordinance
The city council decision follows a lawsuit filed by plastic bag producers against the city.

Texas Legislature Approves Conducting Study of Economic Impacts of Recycling
The study will examine new recyclables markets, green job creation, rural infrastructure development and other issues.

Proposal in US House Would Provide $12.5 Million for Prescription Drug Disposal Programs
The US Attorney General would have primary responsibility for the proposed federal grants program.

Second Bill to Ban Plastic Microbeads Nationally Introduced in US Congress
A recently introduced Senate bill is similar to a House bill introduced in March.

Benefits of Carbon Fiber Recycling Subject of US Senate Bill
The bill includes calls for a study, a recycling demonstration project and $10 million in funding.

May 2015:

Minnesota Governor Signs Law Banning Some Flame Retardants in Furniture and Children's Products
A manufacturing ban takes effect on July 1, 2018 and a sales ban one year later.

US Supreme Court Decides Not to Hear Pharmaceutical Product Stewardship Law Challenge
Pharma industry asked SCOTUS to reverse a lower court decision.

Prescription Drug Disposal Bill Introduced in United States House of Representatives
The bill would provide grants to establish collection and disposal programs.

Michigan Legislature Extends Tire Advance Disposal Fees
Fees were set to expire later this year.

Maine Legislature Authorizes Extended Funding for Landfill Closure Costs
State funding will continue for ten more years.

Rhode Island Senate Passes Mattress Product Stewardship Bill
The bill is now in the House of Representatives.

California Assembly Approves Ban on Plastic Microbeads in Personal Care Products
The bill has advanced to the Senate.

Proposed Changes to George Scrap Tire Rules Are Close to Approval
Georgia Board of Natural Resources may approve amended rules adoption at meeting next month.

US Senate Bill Would Eliminate Renewable Energy Tax Credit for Incinerating Paper Waste
The measure was offered to help encourage paper recycling.

Illinois General Assembly Poised to Create Recyclable Metal Theft Task Force
Members would include legislators, law enforcement officials, and scrap and utilities industry representatives.

Bill Introduced in New York Senate Would Get Tougher on Solid Waste Contractors that Break the Law
Violators would be prohibited from procuring new solid waste public contracts for periods of time.

Colorado Tax Credit for Recycling Equipment Dies in Senate Committee
The bill was postponed in committee, then the General Assembly adjourned.

Second Bill to Require Commercial Food Waste Recycling Introduced in New Jersey Legislature
Latest bill contains many provisions absent in the first.

California OEHHA Classifies Bisphenol A as a Reproductive Toxicant
The listing requires products that contain BPA to display warning labels.

US EPA Announces Public Meeting to Discuss Proposed Nanomaterials Reporting Rules
Agency identifies six issues in particular for which it seeks public comment.

Bills Calling for a Consumer Database of Asbestos-Containing Products Introduced in US Congress
Companion bills were introduced in the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Minnesota Senate Approves Ban on Plastic Microbeads
Bill scheduled for second reading in the House of Representatives.

Hawaii House and Senate Conference Committee Fails to Agree on Bill Banning Microplastic Beads
Both chambers had approved different versions of the bill.

Bill to Ban TRIS Flame Retardants in Some Products Passes Washington House of Representatives
Bill now being reviewed in Senate during legislative special session.

Bill Introduced in U.S. Congress Could Lead to National Packaging Recycling Regulations
The measure is proposed to reduce municipal solid waste disposal and marine litter.

Hawaii State Legislature Approves Amendments to State E-Waste Law
The enrolled bill has been sent to the governor.

Sales Tax Refund on Purchased Recycling Equipment Proposed in Colorado General Assembly
The refund would be replaced next year with a sales tax exemption.

Bill Introduced in Michigan Would Amend E-Waste Law to Include Mobile Phones
Mobile phone makers would need to provide extended producer responsibility.

Extension of Tire Advance Disposal Fee Passes Michigan House of Representatives
Senate committee is now reviewing the measure.

Minnesota Senate and Oregon House Approve Bills Banning Microplastic Beads
The measures are currently being reviewed by the second chambers of their respective legislatures.

Prince George's County, Maryland Bans Polystyrene Foam Products
Ban will apply to food service products and loose fill packaging.

Dallas Single-Use Bag Ordinance Challenged in District Court
Plaintiffs in the case argue the ordinance violates state law.

Navajo National Council to Consider Plastic Bag Ban
Only paper bags and reusable bags would be permitted for distribution on Navajo land.

April 2015:

Tennessee Bill Promoting Recycling by State Agencies Sent to Governor for Signing
The law will take immediate effect once the governor signs the bill.

Oregon House Approves Restricting Polystyrene Foam Food Service Ware in School Districts
The measure is being considered in the Senate.

Mattress Stewardship Bill Clears Rhode Island House of Representatives
Stewardship plan would need to be submitted to the state by July 1, 2015.

Texas House of Representatives Approves Bill Supporting Recycling of County Government Materials
The bill does not mandate government recycling, only officially encourages it.

Connecticut Senate Approves Study for Beneficial Uses for Scrap Tires
The study could include recommending a product stewardship scheme for tires.

Bill to Regulate Toxic Chemicals in Children's Products Passes New York Assembly
The Senate is now studying the proposal.

Bill to Safely Dispose of Used Hypodermic Needles Introduced in North Carolina
The measure would establish a two-county pilot project.

Mayors Release Sustainability Plans for Los Angeles and New York City
New York City sets zero waste goal for 2030; Los Angeles sets 95% waste diversion goal for 2035.

First Municipality in Georgia Tentatively Approves Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags
A final vote on the bag ordinance is expected in May.

Honolulu City Council Resolution Supports Use of Automated Waste Collection Systems
Such underground systems eliminate the need for bins and collection vehicles.

Second Sustainable Packaging Bill Introduced in Rhode Island
The latest bill would establish producer responsibility but through an advisory council with producer membership and co-management.

Mandatory Plastic Bag and Film Recycling Proposed in Illinois General Assembly
Bag manufacturers would need to register with the state and prepare and implement recycling plans.

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Want More Energy Star Products Made in the State
Bill would allow manufacturers to apply for a share of $10 million in annual tax credits.

Washington State Legislature Approves Study on Managing Pharmaceutical Waste
Department of Ecology will convene a work group that will make recommendations.

Pennsylvania Representative Tries Again to Fund Autism Services with a Landfill Tax Increase
A similar bill failed last fall.

Bill Introduced in Michigan Would Extend Tire Advance Disposal Fee
The collected fees also would be directed to a different fund.

Bill to Recycle Concrete and Construction Aggregate Approved by Washington State Legislature
Recycled material will be used in state and local transportation infrastructure projects.

Ban on Microplastic Beads Proposed in North Carolina General Assembly
The bill is similar to ones introduced in more than a dozen state legislatures this year.

North Carolina Legislators Push for Ban on Toxic Flame Retardants in Bedding
The proposed ban would take effect on January 1, 2017.

Wisconsin State Legislature Approves Repeal of Newspaper Recycled Content Law
The enrolled bill was sent to the governor for signing.

Arizona Governor Signs Multifamily Residential Recycling Bill into Law
Private waste and recycling companies expected to benefit from the measure.

Cambridge, Massachusetts Bans Single-Use Plastic Bags
The new ordinance will take effect a year from now.

Arizona Legislature Approves Bill Prohibiting Local Plastic Bag Restrictions
Some other types of packaging would also be free from local government restrictions, taxes or fees.

Bill Introduced In US Congress Addresses Home Medical Sharps Waste
Funding for collection and disposal of the waste would be provided under Part D of Medicare.

Recycling of Critical Minerals Part of Proposed American Mineral Security Act of 2015
U.S. Senate bill would task the Department of Energy to develop and implement a critical minerals R&D program.

Wisconsin Opens Public Comment Period on Draft E-Cycle Guidance Document
The document clarifies registration suspensions and revocations of covered device collectors and recyclers.

Passage of Hawaii E-Waste Law Amendments Close
Changes address collection of end-of-life devices in manufacturers' recovery plans.

New Jersey Governor Signs Ban on Plastic Microbeads into Law
Amended bill includes reduced penalties for violations.

Maryland General Assembly Close to Approving Ban on Microplastic Beads
House and Senate versions of the same bill are trying to be reconciled in committee.

Hawaii House Resolution Calls for Sustainable Food Service Ware in Schools
The Department of Education would create a working group to make legislative recommendations.

Another State Bill Introduced to End an Established State Container Deposit Scheme
Latest bill follows several others introduced earlier this year in Massachusetts.

New Jersey Lawmakers Propose Amendments to State E-Waste Law
Most changes address covered device manufacturer reporting requirements

North Carolina Bill Proposes to Extend County Disposal Tax Use to Waste Electronics
The tax currently helps counties recycle white goods only.

Bill to Increase Waste Tire Fees Introduced in Louisiana
Fees paid to waste tire processors would also increase.

Colorado Becomes the Latest State to Ban Microplastic Beads in Products
Phased in series of bans begin with the manufacture of personal care products on January 1, 2018.

Safer Workplace Chemicals Subject of Maine Legislation
Employers would be required to test, evaluate and substitute alternatives for the highly toxic chemicals they use.

March 2015:

US Senate Bill Would Require Warning Labels on Food Packaging Containing Bisphenol A
Department of HHS would also issue a revised safety standard assessment for the chemical.

Sacramento Approves Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags
Ordinance will also require fees for recycled paper and reusable bags.

Prince George's County, Maryland May Ban Polystyrene Foam Carryout Food Packaging.
The proposed ban would also apply to polystyrene loose fill packaging.

Bill to Repeal Vermont Food Waste Separation Law Introduced in House of Representatives
The bill also addresses solid waste management financing and other issues.

Household Battery Product Stewardship Bill Introduced in Connecticut
Stewardship plans would need to be submitted to DEEP by February 1, 2016.

Connecticut Lawmakers to Consider Beneficial Uses of Scrap Tires
Departmental study could lead to a stewardship scheme.

North Carolina Bill Would Permit Open Air Burning of Some Agricultural Plastics
Bill would amend current law to allow burning without a permit.

Bills to Reform the Toxic Substances Control Act Published
Competing bills present pro-industry and pro-environmental groups points of view.

US EPA Proposes Collection of Manufacturer Information on Nanoscale Materials
Ninety-day public comment period to open on proposed rule.

Maine Approves Ban on Microplastic Beads
New law begins with a ban on the manufacture of personal care products beginning on January 1, 2018.

Province of Ontario May Ban Microplastic Beads in Some Products
A bill was introduced in legislative assembly this month.

Bill Introduced in Connecticut Legislature to Ban Microplastic Beads
Ban would take effect on the first day of next year.

Massachusetts Bill Would Create "The Safer Cleaning Products Act"
The Commissioner of Health would create a Safer Cleaning Products List.

Michigan Legislature to Consider Expanding State Deposit Container Scheme
Noncarbonated water would be added as a deposit beverage.

Connecticut Bill Would Add Beverages to State Container Deposit Scheme
The beverages would become subject to a five-cent per container deposit later this year.

Single-Use Carryout Bag Fee-to-Ban Proposed in Connecticut General Assembly
The fee would be effect two years only and eventually be replaced by a ban.

EPR Program for Electronic Devices Proposed in Arkansas General Assembly
Separate programs proposed for computers and televisions.

Michigan Legislators Want to Expand List of Covered Devices under State E-Waste Law
Mobile phones and tablets would be added.

Minnesota Bill Calls for $5 Million Appropriation for Large Scale Organic Waste Processing Plant
Plant would use pyrolysis for energy recovery.

Update to Paint Product Stewardship Law Proposed in Maine Legislature
New requirements would be placed on used paint collection sites.

Maine Bill Would Substantially Revise Mercury-Containing Thermostats Law
The current product stewardship program essentially would be closed in 2023.

Recycling Would Provide Some Funding for Highways under Pennsylvania Bill
Recycling containers would be placed at highway rest areas to recover materials.

Two Completing U.S. Senate Bills Seek to Amend Toxic Substances Control Act
Pro-industry bill introduced by Senator Udall; pro-environment bill introduced by Senator Boxer.

Indiana General Assembly Approves Ban on Microplastic Beads
A manufacturing ban on personal care products containing the beads takes effect on January 1, 2018.

Bans on Microplastic Beads Proposed in Michigan and Massachusetts
Bills contain roughly the same provisions as bills in more than 12 other states.

Restrictions on Ten Flame Retardants Proposed in Massachusetts House
Restrictions would apply to children's products and upholstered furniture only.

Massachusetts Lawmakers to Consider Bills Banning Single-Use Bags
One measure would transition to use of "marine degradable plastic bags."

New Fee on All Beverage Containers Proposed in Massachusetts
The proposed fee would replace the current container deposit scheme but be short-lived.

Household Batteries Product Stewardship Proposed for Texas
Acceptance of stewardship plans would begin by March 1, 2016.

Better Waste and Recycling Data Reporting Required by Minnesota Bills
The same bill increases the minimum recycled content percentage for state purchased paper.

Pennsylvania Bill Would Legalize Imposition of Municipal Recycling Fees
Measure follows successful court challenge of existing Pennsylvania law.

Companion Bills in Texas Legislature Would Update State Scrap Tire Law
Large fines and jail time proposed for the most egregious violations of the law.

Lawmakers in Maine Call for New Funding for Landfill Diversion Efforts
Bill may be drafted soon by the House the Committee on Environment and Natural Resources.

Waste-to-Energy Technologies Would Be Promoted under Iowa House Bill
The technologies would be given preferred waste management technique status.

Tougher Penalties for Illegal Dumping, Littering Proposed in Two More States
Fines would increase substantially.

State Legislatures Push to Make Lead a Regulated Recycled Metal
Law passed in Utah expected to help reduce lead-acid battery theft.

Vermont Legislators Want to Enforce Energy Efficient Lamp Standards
Some incandescent bulbs are still being sold despite federal regulations to eliminate them.

Minnesota Legislators Consider Warning Labels for Children's Products Containing Priority Chemicals
Companion bills were introduced in House and Senate.

Maine Bill Seeks to Harmonize Toxic Chemicals in Products Law with those in Some Other States
Measure would create a "priority products" list, among other changes.

U.S. Congress Bill Would Prohibit Use of Plastic Microbeads
Measure proposes to amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

Massachusetts and Iowa Are Latest States to Consider Banning Microplastic Beads
They join about a dozen other states with bills pending.

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Consider Ban on Bisphenol A in Food Containers
Restrictions would also be placed on replacement chemicals.

Third Bill Introduced in Maine Legislature to Place Fee on Disposable Bags
The latest bill would also place restrictions on the types of bags distributed.

Key West City Commission Endorses State Bills for Plastic Bag Ban Pilot Programs
Florida cities are currently not allowed to enact local plastic bag ordinances.

Changes to Minnesota E-Waste Law Proposed in Legislature
Among the changes is expansion of the list of covered devices.

Maine Legislators Call for Organic Waste Recycling
The first step would be conducting a pilot program in three cities.

US Environmental Protection Agency Rolls Out New Safer Choice Label
New label replaces earlier Design for Environment label.

Rhode Island Legislators Take Up Mattress Product Stewardship Bills
Companion bills were introduced in the House and Senate.

Mercury-Containing Lamp Product Stewardship Bill Introduced in Rhode Island General Assembly
Stewardship programs would commence on January 1, 2017.

San Francisco May Require Product Stewardship Programs for Pharmaceuticals
Proposed ordinance follows a similar one adopted in Alameda County, California.

Bills in Minnesota Legislature Would Permit Pharmacies to Collect Unwanted Prescription Drugs for Disposal
Companion measures introduced in Senate and House.

Minnesota Legislature May Allocate Funding to Develop Markets for Recyclable Materials
State would allocate $500,000 for an analysis and recommendations.

Texas Bill Encourages Recycling of Surplus County Property
However, recycling would not be mandated.

Resolution to Establish a Statewide Household Hazardous Waste Plan Introduced in Maine House
The Maine Department of Environmental Protection would develop the plan.

Vermont Bill Would Limit Household Hazardous Waste Collections in More Rural Areas
Larger districts hold hundreds of collection events; smaller districts usually a couple.

Illinois Bill would Ban Triclosan in Personal Cleaning Products
Exceptions would be made only for US FDA approved products.

Statewide Ban on Polystyrene Foam Food Service Containers Proposed in Maine Legislature
Alternative food service containers would need to be recyclable or compostable.

California Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban Delayed by Successful Petition Drive
State voters will have final say on the matter through the 2016 election ballot.

Plastic Bag Fee Bill Introduced in Pennsylvania Senate
Retailers would submit collected fees to the state and receive grants from the state.

Single-Use Plastic Bag Tax Proposed for Vermont
The tax would take effect on July 1, 2015.

EPR Program for Electronics Proposed for Missouri
Measure sets a 75% minimum recycling rate for 2020.

Iowa Legislature Takes Up Commercial Food Waste Diversion Bill
The measure would appropriate $200,000 to support demonstration projects.

Income Tax Credit for Composting Expenses Offered in Illinois General Assembly
A maximum annual deduction up to $2,000 would be allowed.

Carpet Product Stewardship Bill Introduced in Illinois Legislature
A stewardship assessment would be placed on each square foot of product offered for sale.

EPR for Mercury-Containing Lamps Proposed in Rhode Island General Assembly
The bill includes green government purchasing criteria for lamps.

Virginia Legislature Extends Tax Credit for Recyclable Materials
The new law will also double the size of the credit.

Statewide Resources Management Plan Proposed for Illinois
The sponsor says many metropolitan solid waste disposal practices are inadequate.

States Seek to Amend Laws Regarding Landfill Closure Costs
Two bills would extend or expand existing laws; one would establish a new state account.

California Bill Calls for 75% Waste Tire Recycling Rate
A tire recycling incentive program would be created to help achieve the rate.

Collection of Used Medical Sharps Proposed by Maine and Rhode Island Legislators
Pharmacies would be required to provide in-store collection containers.

Two States Get Bills Requiring Pharmacies to Take Back Drugs
Take back programs would need to comply with all federal laws.

New York Lawmakers Again Calling for Recycling System for Cigarette Butts
The system would include a deposit on cigarette butts.

Rhode Island Lawmakers Propose Restrictions on Formaldehyde, BPA and Flame Retardants in Children's and Other Products
Five legislators introduced a series of four consecutive bills.

California and Rhode Island Are Latest States to Consider Plastic Microbead Bans
Rhode Island bill would also limit phosphorus compounds in household cleaning products.

Bill to Ban Flame Retardants Introduced in Minnesota State Legislature
Ten chemicals to be restricted specified in the legislation.

Minnesota Senators Want to Add New Requirements to the Minnesota Toxic Free Kids Act
New fees also proposed.

February 2015:

Packaging EPR Scheme Proposed in Rhode Island Legislature
Producers would be required to recycle 80% of their packaging by 2020.

Hawaii Lawmakers Consider Raising Glass Container Advance Disposal Fee
Proposed tiered system would assess fees based on container volume.

Bills in Hawaii State Legislature Would Change How Container Redemptions Are Paid
Companion bills introduced in House and Senate.

Ban on BPA in Food Containers Proposed in New York State Assembly
The ban would take effect on January 1, 2016.

Competing Disposable Carryout Bag Reduction Bills Introduced in Maryland House of Delegates
Both measures apply only to Prince George's County.

Proposed Vermont Law Would Allow Sale of Single-Use Compostable Plastic Bags
The bill also sets numerous specifications for reusable bags.

Promotion of Compostable and Biodegradable Packaging Proposed in Illinois House Bill
Measure contrasts with efforts elsewhere to restrict the use of the term biodegradable.

Minnesota Lawmakers Consider Appropriating $15 Million for Waste and Recycling Infrastructure Projects
Companion bills introduced in House and Senate.

Bills Seek to Slow Exhaustion of Rhode Island Landfill Capacity
Measures would ban disposal of recyclable materials but lift ban on incineration.

Waste Fees May Be Extended or Changed in Several States
Two hazardous waste fees scheduled to soon expire would be extended.

Utah State Legislature May Increase Tire Recycling Fee
A portion of the collected fees would also fund a new clean air program.

New York City Considers Smart Public Waste Receptacles
Department of Sanitation may be directed to conduct study.

Baltimore City Council Calls for Administrative Hearing on Proposed Municipal Composting Program
The city council has been pushing for a program since 2009.

New York Attorney General Proposes Ban on Plastic Microbeads
NY AG calls the material "an emerging threat to New York waters."

More Microplastic Bead Bans Proposed in Colorado, Maryland and Minnesota
The Colorado bill has already been approved by the House of Representatives.

New York City Council Wants to Clean Up Flushable Wipes Problem
NYC Department of Environmental Protection would be authorized to promulgate regulations.

Container Deposit Scheme Proposed for Maryland
The scheme would be managed by a non-profit organization composed of bottlers and distributors.

Iowa Beverage Container Redemption Centers Would Get Handling Fee Increase under House Bill
The increase would be the first ever.

Virginia Senate Approves Bill to Allow Local Single-Use Plastic Bag Bans
The bill is now being reviewed in the House.

Maryland and Florida Bills Would Ban Disposable Plastic Bags
The Florida bill calls for establishing 30-month municipal "pilot programs."

Plastic Bag Surcharge Proposed in Maine Legislature
Two bills would amend the state's current plastic bag recycling law.

Hawaii Senate Bill Addresses Mail Back of E-Waste
Bill would give consumers of covered devices more return options.

Composting and Anaerobic Digestion of Organic Waste Required in Maryland House Bill
Residential yard waste and large food waste generators are targeted.

Iowa Bill Would Allow Yard Waste Disposal for Methane Generation
Currently all yard waste is banned from landfill disposal.

Biogas Production Promoted In Washington House Bill
Public utilities would be allowed to generate but not distribute biogas to retail customers.

Nevada Senate Bill Calls for Recycling of Construction and Demolition Waste
Waste would need to be transported to a nearby material recovery facility.

New Penalties for Littering and Illegal Dumping Proposed in Several State Legislatures
Two bills would establish jail time as penalties for violators.

Kentucky Legislature Considers Setting Sustainability Requirements for Shipping Services Procurement
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and using recyclable packaging are two factors agencies and departments would weigh.

Changes to Recyclable Metals Theft Prevention Laws Introduced in Florida and Maryland
The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services would take over responsibility for the Florida law.

Toxic-Free Kids Act Bill Introduced in North Carolina General Assembly
Specified chemicals would be banned in children's products.

Ban on Formaldehyde in Children's Products Proposed in South Carolina Legislature
Substitute chemicals would also need to be non-toxic.

Flushable Wipes Would Need to be Tested and Properly Labeled under Proposed Maine Law
Testing would need to be independently conducted by a state-approved laboratory.

Development of Microplastic Bead Alternatives Proposed in Vermont Legislature
Measure could provide loans to companies developing products containing alternatives.

Tough State Restrictions on BPA and Phthalates in Food Containers Proposed
Bans, concentration limits and product warning labels among the proposed requirements.

Vermont Representatives Push for Change to State Container Deposit Scheme
Unredeemed deposits would help pay for the implementation of universal recycling.

Ban on Plastic Bags Proposed in New York Assembly
The measure contrasts with a Senate bill calling for a bag tax.

Hawaii Senate Bill Would Bring Consistency to the State's Many Plastic Bag Laws
The measure would create a working group and establish uniform definitions and requirements.

Second Electronics Product Stewardship Bill Introduced in Arizona State Legislature
Differences between bills will need to be reconciled if a law is to be enacted.

Electronics Recycling Promotion Bill Introduced in Texas Legislature
Landfill and waste incinerator operators and waste transporters would have to take specified actions.

Indiana Bill Would Establish Standard Performance Criteria for Solid Waste Management Districts
Districts with unacceptable recycling performance could be "dissolved."

Pilot Program to Recycle PVC, LDPE, PP, PS and other Materials Proposed in Hawaii State Legislature
Program also includes portable batteries and other items.

Collection of Used Medical Sharps Subject of Illinois Senate Bill
The bill calls for banning disposal of household medical sharps with household waste.

Maryland and Texas Are Latest States with Bills to Deter Theft of Scrap Metals
Proposed penalties in Maryland bill include up to 30 years in prison.

Ban on Two Flame Retardants Proposed in Washington State Legislature
The chemicals have already been banned elsewhere.

Ban on BPA in Toys and Children's Food Containers Called for in New York Bill
Substitutes for BPA must not be toxic.

Maryland, Wisconsin and Minnesota Are Latest States to Try to Ban Microplastic Beads
All three state legislatures have introduced companion bills to help facilitate approval.

Hawaii Measure Would Prohibit Plastics Being Labeled Biodegradable
Plastics being labeled compostable would need to meet a specific standard.

Maryland Executive Order Sets 80% Statewide Recycling Rate by 2040
EO supports Zero Waste Plan released last month by Maryland Department of Environment.

Wisconsin Bills Would Repeal Newspaper Recycled Content Law
Measures would also eliminate fees paid by newspaper publishers.

Pharmaceutical Waste Training Bill Introduced in Washington State Legislature
Sponsors of the bill say health care workers are confused by the current state policy.

Paint Stewardship Program Proposed in Washington State Legislature
Producers would be required to join a stewardship organization that would submit a stewardship plan

Rhode Island Measure Would Mandate Collection of Waste Medical Sharps
Hospitals and pharmacies would serve as collection locations.

Bills in Maine and Washington Address Construction and Demolition Waste
Both bills seek to divert waste through reuse and recycling.

Bills Introduced in Several States to Combat Recyclable Metals Theft
Payment methods would be restricted in two states.

Restrictions on Purchases of Scrap Plastic Bulk Containers Proposed in New Mexico Legislature
The measure seeks to reduce shipping container theft.

Maryland Could Be the Second State to Ban BPA in Sales Receipts
A bill would extend the ban on BPA in baby bottles to cover thermal printer paper.

Four More States Have Bills to Ban Microplastic Beads
Twelve state legislatures now have measures under consideration.

January 2015:

Statewide Plastic Bag Bans Proposed for Rhode Island and Washington
The Washington bill would allow Seattle's bag ordinance to continue through 2020.

Hawaiian Bill Would Require County Government Agencies to Recycle Beverage Containers
The containers have redemption value under the state's container deposit scheme.

Mississippi Bill Would Require Electronics Recycling Plans by State Agencies
Surplus electronics could be sold to support a new recycling fund or donated to public schools.

Arizona Could Increase Multi-family Residential Recycling
Thirty-nine Arizona municipalities currently have local recycling programs focused mainly on single-family residences.

Rhode Island Central Landfill Subject of Several Legislative Proposals
Disposal ban on some waste and increases in tip fees are among the proposals.

Mercury-Containing Lamp Stewardship Bills Introduced in New York State Legislature
If the bills are approved, stewardship programs would need to be underway by December 1, 2017.

Tire Stewardship Scheme Proposed in Vermont General Assembly
Participants would need to register with the Department of Natural Resources by October 1.

Nebraska Legislature May Fund Statewide Prescription Drug Collection Project
The project would span two years, then be evaluated.

Washington State Bill Would Ban the Use of Some Priority Chemicals
Manufacturers would be required to conduct alternative assessments of targeted chemicals.

Florida Senate to Consider Chemicals of High Concern in Consumer Products
The Department of Health would compile and maintain a list.

More State Legislatures Jump on the Ban Microplastic Beads Bandwagon
With the addition of Washington and Arizona, eight states now have bills to ban the material.

Statewide Ban on Polystyrene Food Service Ware and Packaging Proposed for Oregon Schools
The proposed law would take effect on July 1 of this year.

Two More Bills Seeking to Restrict Single-Use Plastic Bags Introduced in Virginia
One bill calls for a regional bag tax, leaving some parts of the state untaxed.

Baltimore City Council Again Seeks to Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags
New bill follows mayoral veto last month of similar legislation.

Product Stewardship for Electronic Devices Proposed in Arizona State Legislature
Requirements on manufacturers would take effect on January 1, 2016.

CRT Disposal Problem Subject of Proposed Colorado Measure
Senator thinks hazardous waste disposal sites could be an answer.

Bill to Amend Illinois E-Waste Law Introduced
Measure would help manufacturers reduce collection expenses.

Virginia Bills Would Increase and Extend Tax Credit for Recycling Equipment Purchases
Companion measures were introduced in Assembly and Senate.

Mattress Product Stewardship Bill Introduced in Mississippi State Legislature
Program would be funded by a stewardship fee on the sale of new mattresses.

Tougher Scrap Metal Theft Regulations Proposed in Kansas Senate
Among the changes, scrap sellers would need to be photographed and sign statements attesting to ownership.

Bans on Microplastic Beads Proposed in Four More States
Bills have been introduced in six state legislatures so far this month.

Bill to Establish Chemicals of High Concern List Introduced in Oregon State Legislature
Manufacturers of some children's products would submit biennial notices for chemicals of high concern above a de minimis level.

Measure to Create Toxic Information Clearinghouse Re-Introduced in New York
Department of Environmental Conservation would make information available to the public.

New York Mayor Announces Ban on Polystyrene Foam Packaging
The ban will take effect on July 1 of this year.

Container Deposit Scheme Bill Introduced in Indiana General Assembly
The bill calls for a 10-cent deposit on covered beverage containers beginning in 2016.

Plastic Bag Restrictions Proposed in New York and Virginia
One measure would implement a state tax, the other would permit local governments to enact bag ordinances.

New York State Assembly Takes Up Bill for Recycling at All State-Owned Properties
Recycling programs would need to get underway in six months.

Indiana Senate Bill Would Streamline Awarding of Some Recycling Grants and Loans
Measure focuses on funding to companies to support recycling market development.

Missouri Senate Bill Would Update Solid Waste Management Law
Most changes would affect Solid Waste Management Districts and the Advisory Board.

Bans on Microplastic Beads Proposed in Vermont and Wyoming
The bans would apply to personal care products and over-the-counter drugs.

California Bill Would Ban Filter Cigarettes to Help Protect the Environment
Local governments, however, would be responsible for enforcing the state law.

Two Bills Introduced in Virginia General Assembly Address Toxic Chemicals
One bill would establish a state toxic waste site inventory and the other an advisory committee.

Bill in California Calls for Study on Health Impacts of Some Recycled Rubber Applications
The bill cites more than 25 chemicals that could present health risks.

December 2014:

Maryland Finalizes Zero Waste Plan
The plan calls for a container deposit scheme, packaging EPR, a disposal ban on electronics and more.

Illinois EPA Revises End-of-Life Thermostat Collection Targets
Other revisions to the Mercury Thermostat Collection Act approved.

Minnesota Agency Publishes Legislative Report on Plastic Microbeads
The report recommends taking legislative action to augment voluntary phaseouts by producers.

Texas May Ban Landfill Disposal of E-Waste
The ban would support currently mandated recycling programs financed by manufacturers.

New York City Drafts Rule to Authorize Fines for E-Waste Disposal
The proposed rule supports a statewide e-waste disposal ban that takes effect next year.

California Municipality Now Requires Recyclable or Returnable Carryout Food Packaging
Polystyrene foam packaging to be banned effective July 1, 2015.

US EPA Updates Regulations Concerning Hazardous Materials Recycling
New rule targets third party recyclers having risky operations.

US EPA Restricts Proposed New Uses of Phthalate DnPP
New use restrictions also placed on more than a dozen other chemicals.

California Legislature to Take Up Statewide Household Hazardous Waste Collection
The state would follow the lead of some municipalities and counties.

Bill Introduced in Texas Addresses Proposed Landfill Expansions
The TQEC would need to take specified steps in reviewing expansion proposals.

Oakland, California to Offer Residents Financial Incentive to Help Combat Illegal Dumping
Calls to remove illegally dumped mattresses climbed 55% last fiscal year.

California to Propose Adding "Rerefined Oil" Requirements to Used Oil Regulations
The state would follow the lead of some municipalities and counties.

Columbia, Missouri Considering Single-Use Plastic Bag Ordinance
The city's Environmental Commission may recommend banning the bags.

November 2014:

Environmental Bill of Rights Proposed in Canadian Parliament
Citizens would be guaranteed access to information, participation in government environmental decision-making and legal recourse.

Bill Pre-filed in Texas Legislature Would Place New E-Waste Responsibilities on Large Retailers
Among the requirements, large retailers must accept covered end-of-life devices at no charge.

Bill to Update Michigan Scrap Tires Regulations Passes State Senate
DEQ Could Draw from Scrap Tire Site Owner Bonds to Conduct Removal and Clean Up.

Baltimore City Council Passes Plastic Bag Ban
However, the mayor has said she will veto the bill.

New York City Council Begins Discussion of Carryout Bag Fee
Proposed ordinance calls for a 10-cent or greater fee per bag.

Massachusetts Voters Reject Expansion of State Container Deposit Scheme
Expansion would have added bottled water and some other non-carbonated beverages.

Yukon Government Launches Public Consultation on Changes to Recycling Laws
Container deposit fees and tire advance disposal fees to increase; first ever fees to be placed on electronics.

Quebec National Assembly Considers Bill to Prevent Recyclable Metals Theft
A proposed new law would take effect on January 1, 2016.

USDA Proposes Changes to BioPreferred Program
Sixty-day public comment period opened.

Proposed NYC Ordinance Would Amend Mattress Disposal Bag Ordinance
Some plastic bags/film being used deemed not rugged enough.

US EPA Denies Request to Initiate Rulemaking to Protect Against PVC and Phthalates as Plasticizers
A petition request brought by an environmental group lacked "specificity," said the EPA.

October 2014:

Bill Introduced in New Jersey Would Require Food Waste Composting by Large Generators
The proposed requirement would phase in starting on January 1, 2015.

US DOE Issues RFI on Photovoltaic Module Recycling
Department wants to prepare for a future flood of end-of-life devices.

MetroVancouver May Have to Revamp Waste and Recycling Plans
British Columbia's Minister of Environment rejects proposed regional bylaw on waste flow.

Alameda County, California Decides Against Raising Current Bag Fee
However, an expansion of the types of stores covered by the environmental ordinance may be approved.

Another Local Maryland Jurisdiction Considers Banning Polystyrene Foam Food Service Ware
The ban would take effect next July.

Several Stewardship Plan Renewals Under Consideration in British Columbia
Plans apply to mobiles phones, batteries, thermostats and some beverage containers.

New California Law Requires Businesses to Recycle Organic Waste
Largest generators would need to start recycling in 2016.

Reporting of Children's Products Containing Several Toxic Metals to Take Effect Next Month in Maine
Public comment period closes on similar proposed reporting for four phthalates.

Bill Introduced in NYC Would Limit Waste Capacity at Some City Transfer Stations
Capacities at targeted districts would be reduced over a two-year period beginning in January 2016.

Austin, Texas Begins Developing C&D Waste Diversion Ordinance
C&D project managers would have two options for compliance.

Proposed Northampton, MA Ordinance Would Ban Plastic Bags and Polystyrene Food Service Ware
The ban would take effect in November 2016.

September 2014:

Bill Introduced in Michigan Would Require Quarterly Reports from Recyclers
DEQ would compile recyclers' reports into an annual report for the state legislature.

Increase in Pennsylvania Landfill Disposal Fee Proposed to Fund Social Support Program
Residents with autism and intellectual disabilities would be the beneficiaries.

Bill in US Senate Would Place a Tax on 42 Hazardous Chemicals
The tax would support remediation of SuperFund sites.

Proposed Seattle Ordinance Would Require Recycling of Food Waste and Compostable Paper
Ordinance would apply to residences and commercial establishments.

Montgomery County, Maryland Considers Polystyrene Foam Packaging Ban
Polystyrene loose fill packaging would also be banned.

Recycling Council of Ontario Releases Technical Document on Battery Recycling Reporting
Recommendations are likely to be approved early next year.

A Summary of Recently Enacted California Legislation
Measures address single-use plastic bags, agricultural mulch film, metal shredder waste and other environmental issues.

Fort Collins, Colorado Approves Disposable Bag Ordinance
A five-cent fee will be charged for disposable bags.

San Luis Obispo Preparing Polystyrene Foam Food Packaging Ordinance
Draft ordinance expected to be ready by end of this year.

Amended Memphis Ordinance Addresses Waste Tire Problems
Ordinance increases some permit costs and sets some new waste tire management requirements.

Colorado DPHE Begins Rulemaking following 2014 Legislative Session
First draft rule reassigns responsibility for collecting the state's tire recycling fee.

August 2014:

Bill to Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags Statewide Rejected by California Assembly
The measure fell four votes short of approval

District of Columbia Bill Would Establish Paint Stewardship in Nation's Capital
Producers would need to submit stewardship plans by April 1, 2016.

New California Law Supports ISRI's Recyclable Metals Theft Alert System
California recyclers will need to request registration for receiving alerts.

Denver City Council Still Working on Disposable Bag Fee Ordinance
The current bill version limits the fee only to food stores.

Washington Department of Ecology Launches Consultation on PCBs Action Plan
Much of the five-year plan focuses on additional information gathering and monitoring.

California State Legislative Close to Enacting Ban on Microplastic Beads
The ban would take effect in January 2019.

New City Council Bill Calls for Stricter Regulation of Collection Bins
Department of Sanitation would be given authority to seize bins on public property.

Miami Beach Broadens Single-Stream Recycling at Multi-family Residential Buildings
Expanded ordinance will take effect on November 1, 2014.

Evanston, Illinois Approves Ban on Disposable Plastic Bags
New ordinance follows one recently adopted in Chicago.

US Biogas Roadmap Identifies Food Waste as Significant Fuel Source
Document envisions food waste being directed to aerobic digesters instead of landfills.

Austin, Texas Takes Next Step in Developing $30 Million Reuse/Recycling Hub
City council authorizes acceptance of $1 million in US development grant.

July 2014:

US Senate Bill Would Ban Bisphenol A in Food Packaging Nationwide
The proposed law would amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

Bill to Ban Plastic Microbeads in Cosmetics Introduced in US House of Representatives
Proposed national legislation follows law enacted in Illinois.

District of Columbia Bans Polystyrene Foam Food Packaging
The ban takes effect on January 1, 2016.

Honolulu City Council Amends Single-Use Bag Ordinance
Biodegradable plastic bags are added to upcoming ban.

US EPA Opens Consultation on Proposed New Design for Environment Label
The public is invited to comment on four successor label prototypes.

CalRecycle Decides to Keep Recycling Fees on Screened Electronic Products Unchanged
Recycling fee revenue projected at $54,379,000 for FY 2014/15.

June 2014:

Rhode Island General Assembly Passes Food Waste Diversion Bill
Large generators will need to send waste to composting or aerobic digestion facilities.

Illinois Bans Plastic Microbeads in Personal Care Products
The ban begins phasing in on January 1, 2018.

California DTSC Releases Draft Regulatory Concepts for First Three Priority Products
Regulations will be finalized later this year.

Rhode Island Resolution Extends State Surveillance of Pharmaceutical Waste in Water Supplies
The resolution calls for updating information contained in a 2013 report.

Toronto Launches Initial Public Consultation on a New Waste Management Strategy
The new strategy follows failed attempt to divert 70% of municipal solid waste by 2010.

Portland, Maine Places Fee on Single Use Bags, Bans Polystyrene Foam Food Packaging
The bag fee takes effect on April 1, 2015.

Colorado Governor Signs Paint Stewardship Bill into Law
Initial stewardship plans must be submitted by producers by January 1, 2015.

Michigan Legislature Approves Beneficial Uses of Waste Bill
The initial list of approved wastes may be expanded by the Department of Environmental Quality.

US EPA Report Identifies Safer Alternatives for Two Brominated Flame Retardants
Stakeholders invited to comment on draft findings.

Rhode Island Senate Resolution Calls for Intervention on Problematic Closed Landfill
Governor requested to authorize "environmental mitigation response" to legacy pollution.

NYC Bill Would Require Prompt Clean Up of Food Service Waste Liquids from Sidewalks
Fines of up to $900 could be levied against violators.

Sioux City, Iowa Evaluating Possible Plastic Bag Ordinance
Government officials launch community survey on bag use.

Illinois Legislature Amends State Waste and Recycling Law
Update focuses on awarding franchises for non-residential recyclable waste collection.

Bill to Fund Household Battery Recycling Pilot Projects Clears California Assembly
However, the bill's original purpose was to establish a mandatory stewardship program.

Connecticut Updates Scrap Metal Sales Law
New provisions concern sale of municipal property.

California Household Hazardous Waste Collection Advances at Two Government Levels
A county approves a new collection fee while a bill in the state legislature advances.

Honolulu City Council to Consider Restrictions on Disposable Food Containers
Bill would extend partial ban on polystyrene foam containers.

New York City Organic Waste Pilot Program Showing "Tangible Progress"
Preliminary report indicates that the pilot is achieving up to a 34.1% increase in organic waste diversion.

May 2014:

California Assembly Approves Bill Banning Products Containing Microplastic Beads
The bill is now being reviewed in the Senate.

Bill to Prevent Dedicated Waste Tire Landfills Approved by Louisiana House
Bill sent to Senate for consideration.

Bill Introduced in Michigan Would Update Scrap Tire Regulations
Transporters would face tougher new requirements.

Maine DEP Receives Citizen Petition to Require Identification of Phthalate-Containing Products
The agency has 60 days to decide whether to initiative rulemaking.

El Paso City Council Approves Composting Pilot Project
Project will examine cost benefits as alternative to landfill disposal of organic waste.

Chico Is Latest California City to Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags
New ordinance also requires a 10-cent fee be charged for each paper bag.

Vermont Legislature Passes Bill Establishing Product Stewardship for Primary Batteries
Vermont becomes first US state to do so.

Tennessee General Assembly Approves Creating New Solid Waste and Recycling Advisory Committee
Approved version of bill no longer includes a 50% recycling rate by 2020.

Illinois Legislature Close to Approval on Update to State E-Waste Regulations
Changes include manufacturer EPR reporting requirements.

Louisiana Senate Resolution Calls for Study of Plastic Bag Recycling Programs
The resolution follows lack of progress on a bag recycling bill.

Nova Scotia Launches Public Consultation on Proposed Solid Waste Policy Changes
Expansion of product stewardship programs and the list of products banned from landfills among the proposed changes.

New York City May Increase Fines for Commercial Waste Disposal Violations
A bill was introduced last week at a city council meeting.

Plastic Bag Bill Taking Shape in San Antonio
Legislation may be introduced in the next few months.

Vermont Legislature Approves Changes to State Waste Law
C&D waste pilot program created; new waste infrastructure funding and advisory committee established.

Connecticut General Assembly Passes Law to Overhaul State Waste and Recycling Practices
The changes are expected to double the state recycling rate.

Biogas Producers Should Benefit from New Colorado Law
Tax exemptions should encourage development of more anaerobic digestion facilities.

Minnesota Legislature Approves Chemical Restrictions in Several Types of Products
Affected products include automobile products, mercury-containing thermostats and thermometers and children's products.

Textile Recycling Bill in Minnesota State Legislature Making Progress
The measure would set textile landfill diversion goals.

North Carolina General Assembly to Take Up Solid Waste Law Reform Again
A bill that passed the Senate last year will be considered in the House starting next week.

Bill to Broaden Upcoming Honolulu Plastic Bag Ban Introduced
The bill would also delay the start date of the upcoming ban.

San Jose to Consider Cost Increase for Residential Pay-As-You-Throw Program
City officials say the increase is needed to "ensure the integrity" of the waste management program.

Vermont Legislature Passes Bill to Create Chemicals of High Concern List
An initial list is to be published by Commissioner of Health by July 1, 2016.

Louisiana Senate Approves Surplus State Electronics Donation Bill
Bill would allow the state to transfer surplus electronic devices to certified non-profit organizations.

Kansas Bill to Encourage Municipal Recycling Signed into Law by Governor Brownback
Law expedites the addition of recycling for municipalities already having waste collection.

Hawaii Will Re-Examine Advance Disposal Fee on Glass Containers
Report expected by the Hawaii State Legislature before the start of its 2015 session.

Michigan Updates Law Regulating Scrap Metal Dealers
New record keeping requirements and bans or restrictions on the sales of some items are among the changes.

Colorado General Assembly Is Near Approval of Paint Stewardship Bill
The House of Representatives and Senate have both approved the measure.

Rhode Island Bill Proposes Changes to C&D Waste Regulations
Among the changes, all operations would need to be performed in enclosed structures.

Battery Stewardship Bill Introduced in Minnesota State Legislature
Battery and battery-containing product makers would need to have approved stewardship plans in place by January 1, 2016.

April 2014:

Michigan Governor Unveils Plan to Boost State Recycling Rate
Appointments to first ever Michigan Recycling Council also announced by the governor.

Colorado General Assembly Approves Bill to Collect Waste Pharmaceuticals
A state agency, not producers, will have responsibility for collection and proper disposal.

Alaska Legislature Approves the State's First Scrap Metal Law
Dealers will need to keep sales records for a minimum of five years.

Chicago City Council Committee Approves Ordinance Banning Plastic Carryout Bags
The ordinance would require stores to provide reusable bags to customers or face fines.

Plastic Bag "Surcharge" Proposed for Baltimore Retailers
Retailers would send a portion of their aggregate bag surcharges to the city on a monthly basis or receive an estimated surcharge invoice.

New Hampshire Paint Stewardship Bill Close to Passage
The state legislature could approve the measure this week.

United States House Bill Would Require Identification of Chemical Ingredients in Cleaning Products
The Consumer Product Safety Commission would enforce the regulations.

Wisconsin Legislature Approves Deposit Increase on Lead-Acid Batteries
The deposit is intended to encourage proper battery recycling.

Georgia General Assembly Approves Tire Management Tire Extension
Fee is used to address waste tire stockpiles.

New Maryland Public Procurement Law Will Evaluate a Product's Life Cycle
Bill approved during last week of 2014 legislative session.

Bill Introduced in Louisiana Would Prohibit Landfills Created for Waste Tire Material
The sponsor of the bill introduced successful waste tire legislation in 2013.

Vermont Senate Approves Bill Creating State Chemicals of High Concern List
The bill is now being considered in the House.

Iowa Becomes the Latest State to Consider Banning Triclosan in Personal Care Products
Iowa bill follows one introduced earlier this year in Minnesota

US EPA Releases New Five-Year Strategic Plan
Endocrine disrupting chemicals will be getting more attention.

Utah Approves Restricting Locations of New Infectious Waste Incinerators
The restriction takes effect next month.

Bill to Establish Tennessee Solid Waste and Recycling Advisory Committee Close to Passage
However, a provision for new statewide recycling rates was removed in the latest version.

Vermont Battery Stewardship Bill Clears House of Representatives
The bill is now under review in the Senate.

Bill Introduced in Louisiana Would Support Electronics Recycling by Non-Profit Groups
However, the non-profit groups would need to be certified.

California to Begin Releasing Draft Product Efficiency Rules Starting this Month
New rules for products ranging from LEDs to computers and video game consoles are expected over the next 11 months.

ElectroRecycle Launches Consultation on British Columbia Small Appliance Recycling Targets
The targets will take effect this year.

Palm Springs Is Latest California Municipality to Ban Plastic Bags
Recyclable paper bags can be distributed for a minimum 10-cent fee.

South Carolina Is Latest State to Consider a Ban on Formaldehyde in Children's Products
The ban would phase-in beginning next year.

US EPA Stops Sale of Some Nano Silver-Containing Plastic Food Containers
Container maker informed it violated federal pesticide laws by selling untested and unregistered products.

Nebraska Extends Litter Reduction and Recycling Act
The Act has provided funding for community litter reduction and recycling grants.

Michigan Governor Signed Bill Authorizing Waste Diversion Centers
The diversion centers will manage mostly hazardous end-of-life and unwanted products and materials.

Indiana Governor Signs Bill into Law Setting Statewide 50% Recycling Goal
The new law also places new reporting requirements on recyclers.

Maine Legislature Approves Bill Supporting Waste Hierarchy
Waste hierarchy becomes an evaluation criterion when considering waste facility licenses.

Mandatory Carpet Recycling Ordinance Proposed for New York City
The proposed ordinance includes a ban on disposal.

Reducing Landfill Gas Emissions Part of New White House Methane Reduction Strategy
New standards to further limit emissions to be unveiled this summer.

Biodegradable Plastic Container Labeling Law Enacted in Alabama
Alabama law is similar to one enacted in North Carolina last year.

Dallas Approves Fee on Single-Use Carryout Bags
The fee will apply to plastic and paper bags starting January 1, 2015.

New York City Council to Consider Placing Fees on Carryout Bags
Recently introduced bill seeks to reduce bag consumption.

Colorado House of Representatives Approves Waste Medications Take-Back Bill
The Senate is now considering the measure.

Scrap Metals Law Updated in Idaho
Governor Otter signed amendments into law last week

US Ban on Three More Phthalates Proposed in Senate
The phthalates are already under regulatory scrutiny in California.

March 2014:

Utah Legislature Adds More Wastes to Alternative Energy List
The wastes become eligible for alternative energy tax credits.

Maine Legislature Approves Possible Earlier Launch for Paint Stewardship Program
The program was originally scheduled to launch on July 1, 2015.

Santa Fe, New Mexico Approves Single-Use Plastic Carryout Bag Ban
A provision to place a fee on recyclable paper bags was removed from the ordinance.

Maryland Senate Approves Stripped Down Version of Broader Recycling Bill
Current version contains only a requirement for public events recycling.

Bill Banning Tris Flame Retardants in Children's Products Passes Maryland House
The bill is scheduled for a Senate Committee hearing this week.

Bill Introduced in Minnesota Would Fund Demolition Waste Reduction Pilot
The pilot would demonstrate the benefits of "deconstruction" over demolition.

Idaho Resolution Encourages Substitution of Harmful Substances in Consumer Products
BPA, TBBPA and phthalates are among the chemicals cited in the resolution.

Iowa Senate Bill Would Recycling Through Tax Breaks to Keep Products Functional
Break would come from sales tax exemption on items used to repair and maintain some products.

Michigan Bill Would Establish Beneficial Use for Specified Waste Materials
The specified materials are essentially industrial wastes.

Texas Attorney General Asked to Consider Legality of Municipal Plastic Bag Bans
Review requested by a state lawmaker.

Bill Introduced In Chicago City Council Would Ban Single Use Plastic Carryout Bags
Compostable bags would be permitted, biodegradable bags would not.

Bill Introduced In US House of Representatives Would Restrict E-Waste Exports
The same bill calls for research on recycling critical minerals and rare earths from e-waste.

Hawaii Senate Resolution Calls for County Battery and CFL Recycling Programs
Senate measure follows a similar House measure.

Colorado Senate Passes Amended Paint Stewardship Bill
Possible inclusion of curbside collection in stewardship plans among the amendments approved.

Product Stewardship for Photovoltaic Modules Proposed In Minnesota
Stewardship plans would need to be submitted by March 15, 2015.

Medical Sharps Collection Subject of Minnesota House Bill
Free collection containers would need to be provided.

Restriction on Scrap Copper Wire Sales Recommended in Maryland Bill
Measure seeks to reduce copper wire theft.

Washington Legislature Passes Bill to Prevention PCB Contamination in Oil Recycling
Department of Ecology is required to develop best management practices for use by local governments.

California DTSC Identifies TDCCP-Containing Children's Foam-Padded Sleeping Products for Future Possible Ban
Two other types of "priority products" placed on possible ban list.

US EPA Report Estimates Municipal Waste Generation Increased Slightly in 2012
National recycling and composting rate dipped slightly to 34.5%.

Minnesota Bills Call for Recycling in Commercial Buildings and Sports Facilities
The same bill would set new county recycling goals.

Environmental Impacts of Plastic Bags and Water Bottles Cited in Georgia Senate Resolution
The resolution establishes Plastic Awareness Month.

San Francisco Board of Supervisors Approves Bottled Water Ban at Public Events
Ban would begin on October 1 of this year.

Hawaii Senate Approves Bill to Revise State E-Waste Law
Approved bill sent to House for consideration.

Washington State Legislature Approves Bill Creating Environmental Handling Fee for Mercury-Containing Lamps
The fee will be added to lamps sold beginning on January 1, 2015.

Georgia House Approves Extension of Tire Environmental Handling Fee
The extension would be for another five years.

More Legislatures Consider Changes to State Scrap Metal Dealer Regulations
Revisions proposed in Alaska, Connecticut, Idaho and Kansas.

US House of Representatives Offers Alternative Toxic Substances Control Act Reform Bill
Approval of Senate bill introduced last year appears unlikely.

California Agency Proposes Revisions to Chemical Warning Label Regulations
A public workshop on proposed changes scheduled for April 14.

BPA Food Packaging Labeling Requirement Proposed in Connecticut General Assembly
The proposed sales ban follows an order to state agencies to cease purchasing such products.

Minnesota Bill Would Ban Triclosan in Hand Soaps and Body Washes
The proposed sales ban follows an order to state agencies to cease purchasing such products.

Commission Proposed to Study Rhode Island's Future Waste Management Needs
The commission would report its findings to the General Assembly by 2016.

Textile Recycling Goals Proposed in Minnesota State Legislature
A bill calls for recycling 75% of textile waste by 2030.

Two California Bills Seek to Deter Unlawful Container Deposit Redemptions
Both measures focus on deterring out-of-state beverage containers.

Mandatory Plastic Bag Recycling Bill Prefiled in Louisiana State Legislature
The bill would also prevent plastic bags taxes or bans by local governments.

Third Food Waste Recycling Bill Introduced in Rhode Island General Assembly
Large volume generators would need to begin composting or aerobically digesting their waste by January 1, 2014.

Collection and Disposal of Unwanted Meds Proposed in Connecticut General Assembly
State Police would implement the program because it would include controlled substances.

Kentucky Bill Would Establish Waste Pharmaceuticals Drop Off Boxes
Collection and disposal would be integrated into solid waste management plans.

California Bill Would Set Compostability Standard for Agricultural Plastic Mulch Film
The bill would amend current law on biodegradable plastic labeling requirements.

Concrete Waste Could Have Beneficial Use Under Rhode Island Bill
The concrete would need to be processed at a construction and demolition waste facility.

Pennsylvania Bill Seeks to Deter Scrap Metal Theft with Stiffer Penalties
Thefts in value of $1000 or more would be considered felonies.

Alaska Bill Would Create Chemicals of High Concern List
The bill would also ban the use of "tris" flame retardants in consumer products.

Ban on Heavy Metals in Vehicle Wheel Weights Proposed in Minnesota
Same bill would update provisions of law on mercury-containing thermostats.

Second Bill Introduced in Minnesota House Addresses Microplastic Particle Pollution
The latest bill calls for a ban on products containing the material.

California OEHHA Submits Report on Children's Environmental Health Program to State Legislature
Continuing to reduce waste and increase reuse and recycling will contribute to improving children's health in the state.

February 2014:

Michigan Legislature Approves Bill to Establish Waste Diversion Centers
The centers would collect and temporarily hold a range of hazardous end-of-life products and materials.

Florida Bill Could Promote Reuse and Recycling of Recovered Materials
Promotion would result from protection against liabilities associated with hazardous materials.

Municipal Recycling Services Subject of Bill in Kansas Legislature
The bill establishes requirements for adding recycling alongside waste collection.

Companion Bills in Hawaii Would Revise the State Electronics EPR Law
Proposed changes include state-established recycling targets for manufacturers and "convenience fees" for manufacturers that miss their targets.

Feasibility Study on Holiday Lights Recycling Proposed in Hawaii
The 2015 legislature would review the results of the study.

Paint Stewardship Scheme Proposed in Illinois Senate Bill
Scheme would be funded largely by assessments on paint sold by retailers.

California Bill Would Authorize Product Stewardship for Photovoltaic Modules
A bill offers an alternative to stalled regulations proposed by the California Department of Toxic Substances Control.

Pharmaceutical Stewardship Scheme Proposed in California
Pharmacies would be authorized to accept home-generated pharmaceutical waste.

Bills Introduced in Florida and Utah Would Amend Scrap Metal Recycling Laws
Companion bills introduced in Florida would reassign agency responsibility.

Bill to Ban Products Containing Microplastics Introduced in California Assembly
Violations could result in civil penalties of up to $2,500 per day.

Florida Legislature Considers Creating State Chemicals of High Concern List
Companion bills were introduced in Senate and House.

Ban on Formaldehyde-Containing Children's Products Proposed in Iowa
Retailers that sell prohibited products would face fines.

New Mexico House Approves Measure to Increase State Recycling Capacity
The measure had unanimous approval.

Illinois General Assembly to Consider New Recycling Requirements for Waste Haulers
Providing commercial recycling services and diverting recyclables from landfill among the provisions in the bill.

Used Tire Collection Requirement Proposed in Iowa Legislature
Collection is currently voluntary.

Connecticut General Assembly to Consider Bottle Bill Expansion
Additional beverages may be covered by container deposit.

Measure to Create Container Deposit Scheme in New Hampshire in Trouble
The proposed law is unlikely to pass based on an initial committee recommendation.

Bill to Ban Single-Use Plastic Carryout Bags at the Local Level Introduced in Florida Senate
Only reusable bags and recyclable paper bags would be permitted.

Iowa Measure Would Mandate Collection of Used Home Appliances
Counties would be required to establish collection programs.

Hawaii May Study Feasibility of Photovoltaic Devices Recycling
A task force would investigate possibilities and report to the legislature before 2016.

Commercial Food Waste Recycling to Be Required Under Rhode Island Bill
The requirement would take effect next year.

Funding for Food Waste Demonstration Projects Being Considered in Iowa Legislature
Department of Natural Resources would provide matching grants to solid waste agencies.

Bill to Create Paint Product Stewardship Scheme Introduced in New Hampshire
Initial stewardship plans would need to be submitted to the Department of Environmental Services by April 1, 2015.

Repeal of Long-Standing Waste Incineration Ban Proposed by Rhode Island Legislators
Representatives near the site of the state's Central Landfill are pushing the measure.

Maryland Bill Seeks to Restrict Locations for Waste Incinerators
Schools, hospitals, parks and other places to be shielded.

New York Legislators Call for Ban on Microplastic Beads in Personal Care Products
Regulations would be promulgated and enforced by the Department of Environmental Conservation.

Ban on BPA and Phthalates in Food Packaging Proposed by Washington State Legislators
Warning labels on food packaging also proposed for BPA, phthalates and other chemicals.

List of Priority Chemicals Proposed in Connecticut General Assembly
Products with chemicals on the list could eventually be phased out or banned.

Illinois Bill Would Ban Formaldehyde in Children's Products
The ban would extend to other chemicals that release formaldehyde when they break down.

Connecticut Legislators Propose Overhauling the State Recycling Strategy
Same measure would create two new government entities to assist in implementing the revised strategy.

Diversion of Construction and Demolition Waste Proposed in Kentucky
Voluntary certification program for builders outlined in bill.

US EPA Asks Retailers for Information on Hazardous Waste Management Practices
Agency says it wants to make regulations more effective, less burdensome on retailers.

Changes Proposed to Hawaiian Glass Container Advance Disposal Fee
The fee would vary depending on the container volume.

Fees on Disposable Carryout Bags Proposed Again in Maryland
Companion bills were introduced in the Senate and House of Representatives.

Hawaiian House Resolution Calls for Creating Battery and CFL Recycling Programs
The bill, however, is not a binding directive.

Maryland Bill Calls for Source Separation of Commercial Food Waste
Requirement would apply to organizations that generate at least two tons of food waste per week

California Bill Could Increase Composting of Green Material
Use as landfill cover would no longer qualify as landfill diversion.

Greater Use of Compost in State Highway Projects Subject of Two Maryland Bills
Compost product specifications would be developed by the State Highway Administration.

Several States May Tweak Existing Scrap Metal Sales Laws
Bills introduced in Idaho, New Mexico, Arizona and Tennessee.

Bill to Regulate Toxic Substances Introduced In Vermont
The measure would apply to substances in children's products.

Two Connecticut Bills Seek to Restrict Hazardous Chemicals in Children's Products
One bill would restrict tris flame retardants and the other would create a list of chemicals of high concern.

Chemicals of High Concern List Proposed in Alaska State Legislature
Same bill would ban use of TRIS flame retardants in all consumer products.

US EPA Releases Alternatives Assessment on BPA in Thermal Receipt Paper
A list of 19 potential BPA replacements is made available to manufacturers.

Bill to Ban Landfill Disposal of Recyclables Introduced in Rhode Island
Rhode Island Resource and Recovery Corporation would prepare the needed regulations.

Tennessee Bills Would Set New State Waste Diversion Targets
Fifty percent target would begin in 2018.

Vermont Bill Seeks to Reduce Landfill Disposal of Construction and Demolition Waste
Larger generators would need to transport their waste to nearby C&D waste facilities.

Delaware Measure Would Limit Height of Industrial Landfills
The measure is cosponsored by 32 state legislators.

Iowa Measure Seeks to Redefine Certain Types of Waste
Fabrication, manufacturing, or production byproducts would no longer be considered solid waste.

Bill to Create a Container Deposit Scheme Introduced in Washington Legislature
Proposals include promoting reusable container and prohibiting some container attachments.

Biodegradable Plastic Labeling Requirement Proposed in Alabama Legislature
The proposed requirement containers would take effect in July 2015.

Hawaiian Bill Calls for Authorizing State Biodegradable Plastic Bag Standards
The Department of Health would be responsible for ensuring bags meet the standards.

Kansas Legislature Considers Repealing State Rigid Plastic Container Labeling Law
A bill would eliminate the 20-year old requirement.

Bill to Establish Electronics Recycling Program Introduced in Mississippi
Program would apply only to state agencies.

Take Back Program for Household Drugs Proposed in Colorado
The Department of Public Health and Environment would be responsible for managing the program.

Companion Bills Would Amend Washington's Used Oil Recycling Regulations
Legislators concerned about PCB contamination.

Green Public Procurement Specifications Proposed in Maryland
Preference would be given to products that are biobased, made with recycled content, nontoxic or have other environmental attributes.

New York State May Ban Bisphenol A in Paper Receipts
Companion to earlier Senate bill was introduced in the Assembly.

Oregon Bill Would Establish a List of Priority Chemicals of Concern in Children's Products
Some manufacturers would have five years to remove or replace the chemicals of concern or obtain a wavier.

January 2014:

Hawaii State Legislature Considers Pilot Program for Hard to Recycle Materials
A number of common plastics would be included.

Three Indiana Senate Bills Would Change Waste Management in the State
The proposals include new reporting requirements, an increase in disposal fees and a pay-as-you-throw system.

Proposed Maryland Legislation Seeks to Take Drivers Convicted of Illegal Dumping Off the Road
The bill would provide for suspending driving licenses.

Bottle Bill Introduced in Maryland General Assembly
Proposed five-cent deposit would begin next year.

Changes Proposed to Container Deposit Scheme in Iowa
Two bills would adjust container redemption center fees.

Mandatory Recycling of Food and Beverage Cartons Proposed in Vermont
The bill would amendment to the state's universal recycling law.

Plastic Bag Ban Proposed In Rhode Island General Assembly
If approved, the law would affect large retailers immediately.

Changes To Illinois E-Waste Reporting Requirements Proposed
Changes would apply to covered electronic devices and eligible electronic devices.

Washington Considers Building Code Change to Increase Organic Waste Composting
Providing storage space for later off-site composting would become mandatory

Medical Sharps Disposal Subject of Rhode Island Bill
Pharmacies and hospitals would be required to provide collection containers.

Bill in Washington Would Create Pilot Recycling Program for Plastic Fishing Lines
The program might be made permanent if the pilot is successful.

Bills Introduced in Hawaii Would Add a Recycling Surcharge on Replacement Tires
The surcharge would apply to stores and online sellers.

Restrictions on BPA, Phthalates, Heavy Metals and PVC Sought in Hawaii Legislature
Covered products include packaging, child care articles and IV solution bags.

Washington Measure Seeks To Limit PCB-Containing Products in Public Procurement
State purchasing department authorized to request testing data from accredited laboratories.

Indiana General Assembly to Consider Disposal Ban on Recyclable Materials
The Solid Waste Management Board would prepare the necessary rules.

Bill Introduced in Vermont Legislature Would Revise Waste Management Law
Changes address beverage container deposits, landfill taxes, recycling infrastructure and related matters.

Mandatory Public School Paper Recycling Programs Proposed in Florida
Revenue from recycled paper and paper products sales would be deposited in school general funds.

Measure Seeks to Extend the Nebraska Litter Reduction and Recycling Act
The Act provides funding for litter clean up and recycling and source separation programs.

West Virginia Legislature to Consider Used Pharmaceuticals Disposal Pilot Program
Pilot program would run two years but could be extended later.

Pennsylvania House Bill Urges Congress to Act on Unused Controlled Pharmaceuticals
The resolution recommends that pharmacies be used as collection locations.

Paint Stewardship Scheme Proposed in Colorado
Paint stewardship assessment fees placed on containers of sold paint would help finance the scheme.

Advance Disposal Fees Proposed for Washington's Mercury-Containing Lamp Stewardship Program
Companion bills introduced in Washington House and Senate.

Bills Introduced in Washington and Colorado Support Waste-To-Energy
One bill applies to solid waste combustion and the other to biogas generation.

West Virginia Bills Would Authorize DEP to Regulate Air Pollutants from Solid Waste Incinerators
The rules would apply to municipal, commercial and industrial, and hospital and infectious waste incinerators.

Two Arizona Bills Would Modify State Scrap Metal Dealers Law
Changes loosen two payment restrictions but in increase scrap seller's minimum age.

Bans On Some Flame Retardants Proposed in Washington and Maryland
The bans target TDCPP and other chemicals.

BPA Restrictions Proposed in West Virginia Legislature
Restrictions would apply to reusable food and beverage containers and packaging for infant formula and baby food.

Mississippi Ban on Phthalates, Cadmium and Lead in Children's Products Proposed
However, the bill sets no penalties for violations.

Minnesota Legislators Call for Study of Environmental Effects of Plastic Microbeads
State agency and university would collaborate and report findings to the legislature by January 15, 2016.

US EPA Announces Final Rule for New e-Manifest System for Hazardous Waste
Hazardous waste generators, transporters and treatment, storage and disposal facilities will be required to use the system.

US House Bill Would Allow For Penalties Against Countries That Do Environmental Harm
The US Trade Representative would regularly report to Congress offending countries.

Wisconsin DNR Recommends Making Changes To The State E-Waste Program
Changing producer and recycler reporting requirements and eliminating or reducing EPR fees on "very small electronics manufacturers" among the proposed changes.

Producers To Be Made More Environmentally Accountable In New California DTSC Strategic Plan
Implementing the Safer Consumer Products regulations and reducing hazardous waste generation in the state discussed in the plan.

New York City Passes Broad Commercial Food Recycling Ordinance
Food makers, wholesalers, retailers and other food businesses covered by new law.

Recent Michigan Bill Would Encourage Using Solid Waste For Energy Recovery
The bill promote pyrolysis, specifically.

Virginia Legislature To Take Up Proposed Statewide Tax On Single-Use Carryout Bags
The bag tax would be comparable to those in the District of Columbia and suburban Maryland.

Ventura Is Latest California Municipality To Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags
A ten-cent fee would be charged for each recyclable paper bag.

Bottle Bill Proposed for Another Northeast State
Five-cent deposit would be placed on covered beverage containers as early as July 1.

Agency Cost Analysis Recommends Bottle Bill to Minnesota State Legislature
Proposed scheme would have a 10-cent deposit and a 80% container redemption rate target.

Carryout Bag Fee and Recyclability Requirements Proposed in Vermont
Ninety percent of the collected fees would be directed to the state's Waste Management Assistance Fund.

Local Plastic Bag Tax Authorization Proposed in Virginia Senate Bill
However, the tax would apply to only one state planning district.

West Virginia Measure Would Require Retailer Collection of E-Waste
Covered devices range from computers and peripherals to setup boxes and video game consoles.

Vermont Bill Would Establish EPR Program for Batteries
The same bill would create a legal framework for other EPR programs.

Source Separation of Commercial Food Waste Proposed in Rhode Island
The scheme would be phased in starting with the largest producers in 2015.

Measure Proposed in Virginia Would Eliminate Cash Payments for Scrap Metal
Senate bill seeks to reduce sales of stolen scrap metal.

Maryland Bill Would Help Set Minimum Recycling Rates and Create Task Force
The task force would conduct studies and make recommendations to the Maryland General Assembly.

Vermont Legislature Takes Up Restricting Toxic Substances in Consumer Products
Manufacturers would need to replace chemicals of high concern.

Restrictions and Labeling of BPA-Containing Food Containers Proposed in Nebraska
BPA-containing food packaging would need to display warning labels starting in 2015.

BPA Warning Labels for Retail Food Containers Proposed in Wisconsin
A bill would amend the state's existing law that bans BPA in baby food containers.

Ban On BPA in Some Products Proposed in Kentucky
Fines of up to $10,000 possible for violators.

IC2 Releases Alternatives Assessment Guide for Chemical Substitutions
The guide is designed to assist government agencies, manufacturers and other organizations.

December 2013:

Ordinance Proposed In Chicago Would Ban Polystyrene Foam Packaging
The ban would apply to loose fill packaging material, egg and meat packaging and food service ware.

First Ever Milwaukee Sustainability Plan Sets 40% Waste Diversion Target For 2020
The plan also calls for establishing a program to use production by-products by manufacturers.

Baltimore City Council Resolution Calls For Maryland Container Deposit Law
Resolution says that a deposit scheme would double the state's bottle recycling rate.

California Adds Diisononyl Phthalate To Its Proposition 65 List
Warning labels will be required on products containing the chemical.

New York City May Increase Minimum Fines And Penalties For Illegal Dumping
Bill to do so was introduced in the City Council.

US DOE Announces $10 Million Available For R&D Projects In Green Lighting Technology
"Concept papers" from interested parties must be submitted by January 8.

Financial Analysis Of Ontario Curbside Recycling Program Shows Costs Continue To Rise
At the same time, revenue from the sale of recyclable materials has fallen.

Michigan To Consider Establishing A Scrap Metal Transactions Database
A bipartisan bill will be introduced soon in Michigan House of Representatives to create the database.

New Hampshire Prepares To Finalize Incineration Bans On Range Of Waste Items
The items range from electronic devices to organics.

DEP Proposes Adding Several Metals And Formaldehyde To Maine's Chemicals Of High Concern List
Children's products containing the substances could later be banned or require the substitution of safer alternative substances.

Albany County Bans Polystyrene Foam Takeout Food Packaging
Food service providers must use compostable or biodegradable alternatives.

South Carolina Bill Calls For Using Inmates To Clean Up Litter
Litter prevention and jail have a history in the state.

November 2013:

Quebec Proposes Placing Financial Requirements On All New Organic Waste Facilities
The government said the requirements are needed to prevent tax payers from having to pay for remediating closed or abandoned facilities.

US EPA Releases Draft Guidelines For Greener Federal Purchasing
Guidelines will be used to evaluate the array of private sector environmental standards and ecolabels in the marketplace.

Minnesota Finds Potential For Diverting More Food, Paper And Plastic From Landfills
Conclusion comes from newly released MPCA waste characterization study.

New York City Council Committee To Discuss Polystyrene Foam Packaging Bills
A trio of bills would authorize an EPS pilot recycling program, require recyclable carryout food containers, and ban EPS carryout food containers outright.

Nebraska DEQ Plans Update Of Waste And Recycling Regulations
The scrap tire grants program would be extended and the maximum size of grants increased.

Encinitas Deputy Mayor Proposes Banning Bottled Water At City Events
The ban would be limited to government-sponsored events.

US Federal Trade Commission Cracks Down On False And Misleading Environmental Claims
One manufacturer fined $450,000 for biodegradable plastic claims.

Bill Introduced In Wisconsin Would Allow Waiver Of Waste Tipping Fees In Some Situations
Department of Natural Resources would be authorized to grant such waivers.

Polystyrene Foam Food Packaging Ban Proposed In District Of Columbia
Ban would include supermarket egg cartons and meat and vegetable trays.

Bill Introduced In US House Would Provide Tax Credits For Methane Conversion From Biomass
The methane would need to be converted into transportation fuels or chemicals.

Montgomery County May Scale Back Current Disposable Bag Ordinance
A bill under council consideration would narrow application of fees to food stores only

Toronto Reports Significant Drop In Street Litter In Latest Biennial Survey
Paper found to be more littered material than plastic.

October 2013:

Arkansas DEQ Finalizing Update To Solid Waste Management Plan
The plan includes a list of targeted products and material for recycling, landfill bans, and required programs for districts.

Alberta Government Consults On Proposed Changes To Recycling Regulations
Authorizing EPR programs and expanding the current e-waste program are among the changes proposed.

2014 New Hampshire General Court May Take Up Container Deposit Scheme And Paint Stewardship Bills
Medical sharps disposal, fluorescent lamps and hazardous waste are other issues under legislative review.

New York City Council Members Want To Capacity At "Overburdened" Solid Waste Transfer Stations
Noise, traffic, safety, odors and other factors are among the reasons for proposed ordinance.

Quebec Publishes 2013-2015 Organic Waste Action Plan
The plan calls for eliminating all landfill disposal of organic waste by 2020.

Wisconsin Bills Would Authorize Collection And Disposal Of Waste Controlled Substances
Companion bills introduced in Assembly and Senate.

Environment Canada Launches Public Consultation On Products Containing Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers
Products containing the seven PBDEs could eventually be restricted.

California DTSC Moves To Update Automobile Shredder Residue Regulations
Public consultations planned for next month.

Kansas Department of Health and Environment Survey Finds Support For Increasing Recycling Services
Fifty-six percent of respondents said they support developing local or regional recycling goals.

Denver City Council Delays Decision On Proposed Disposable Bag Ordinance
The City Council will take up the measure again in December.

Philadephia City Council Addresses Toxic Substances At Demolition Sites
A resolution establishes a Hazardous Material Policy Group to research and make possible regulatory recommendations.

Bill Introduced In Michigan Legislature Would Authorize Operation Of Waste Diversion Centers
The centers would serve as temporary storage places for various types of hazardous and medical waste.

New York City Council Bill Would Require Diversion Of Commercial Food Waste
The requirements would apply to larger food manufacturing facilities, supermarkets, restaurants and food service providers as well as arenas and stadiums.

Santa Barbara, California Approves Plastic Carryout Bag Ban
Fees will be charged for recyclable paper bags.

Ontario Curbside Packaging And Paper Recycling Volume Fell 1.3 Percent Last Year
Paper collections were down but plastic packaging was up, according to new Waste Diversion Ontario data.

California DTSC Publishes Informational Candidate Chemicals List
The list is 251 pages in length and contains more than a thousand substances.

California Proposes Adding Two Phthalates To Its Proposition 65 List
Agency reports discuss the carcinogenicity of the two chemicals.

US EPA Issue Rule To Restrict Use Of LCPFAC Chemicals In Carpeting
The rule is the EPA’s latest effort to reduce the use of perfluorinated compounds in the United States.

September 2013:

Waste Diversion Ontario Releases Five Draft Industry Stewardship Plans
The plans apply to printing and copying devices, batteries, beverage containers, paints, and some products considered household hazard waste.

Bill Introduced In Michigan Would Ban Micro Plastics In Personal Care Products
The ban would take effect on January 1, 2015.

California Legislature Approves Extension Of Tire Recycling Fee
The fee is imposed on each new vehicle tire sold in the state.

Another California City Bans Polystyrene Foam Carryout Food Packaging
Reusable, recyclable or compostable food containers will be permitted.

US EPA Publishes Alternatives Assessment Report On The Flame Retardant HBCD
Only two viable alternatives were identified.

Bill To Create National Mercury Monitoring Network Introduced In US Senate
Bill is similar to one in 2007 that failed passage.

Organic Waste Processing Part Of Montreal Plan To Reduce GHG Emissions
Four planned processing centers will divert 220,000 tons of waste from landfill.

California Legislature Passes Used Mattress Recovery and Recycling Act
Mattress manufacturers, renovators and retailers will need to join a mattress recycling organization by January 1, 2015.

USDA Announces Referendum Vote On Proposed Paper And Paper Packaging Fee
Fee would be used to maintain and expand markets for paper and paper-based packaging in the US.

Pennsylvania State Government Could Become Test Bed For New Energy-Efficient Technology
Bill introduced in the House would authorize the Department of General Services to conduct trials at state agencies.

Michigan Senate Gets Bill To Tighten Scrap Metal Purchase Regulations
Among the provisions of the bill is a ban on the purchase of specified scrap items.

San Diego May Be Next Major California City To Ban Plastic Bags
A key city council committee approved drafting an ordinance.

August 2013:

California Legislature Passes Recyclable Metals Theft Prevention Bill
Bill sent to Governor Brown for signing.

New York State Assembly Bill Would Create Charge For Single-Use Bags
The charge would apply to paper and plastic bags and some plastic film.

Santa Fe, New Mexico Bans Single-Use Plastic Bags
New ordinance also places a fee on paper bags.

Colorado Municipality Approves Fees On Disposable Bags
Grocers must collect the fees but other retailers may voluntarily "opt in" to the fee collection program.

San Jose City Council Approves Ban On Polystyrene Foam Carryout Food Packaging
The ban will go into effect for some food vendors on January 1.

Bill In Baltimore City Council Would Allow Granting Of Short-Term Waste Hauling Licenses
The licenses would be valid for only 90 days.

US EPA Would Develop Medical Waste Regulations Under Recently Introduced US House Bill
The bill would also support household syringe disposal programs.

US House Bill Would Ban Some Flame Retardants In Some Children's Products
Flame retardants used in "resilient filling" are targeted.

Washington State To Add TDCPP To Its Children's Chemicals Of High Concern List
Department of Ecology to publish a proposed rule for the flame retardant this week.

Metro Vancouver Proposes Waste Flow Control Measure
Public meeting on proposed bylaw is scheduled for September 5.

ISRI Weighs In Against Bag Bans And Fees
The US trade association calls on policy makers to support bag recycling instead.

Plastic Carryout Bag Ordinance Being Prepared For Monterrey County, California
Ordinance probably will ban single-use plastic bag and place fees on paper bags.

July 2013:

Bill Introduced In US House Would Prohibit Some E-Waste Exports
However, a similar bill introduced in the last Congressional session failed passage.

US EPA Expands Safer Chemical Ingredients List
The list now includes 119 "fragrance chemicals" in a new category.

Rhode Island Enacts Law To Deter Copper Theft
The law places new requirements on scrap metal dealers.

San Jose, California Prepares To Ban Polystyrene Foam Food Containers
Ban to be phased in beginning on January 1, 2014.

Santa Barbara County, California Plans To Draft Single Use Carryout Bags Ordinance
The ordinance is expected to be introduced next month.

San Francisco Bill Will Repeal Ordinance Banning Unsolicited Yellow Pages Delivery
The bill was introduced at Board of Supervisors meeting last Tuesday.

New York County To Consider Plastic Bag Ban
If enacted, the law would begin to take effect on January 1, 2014.

New Hampshire Governor Signs Recycling Funding Bill Intro Law
Law expands the application of existing Town Reclamation Trust Funds.

New Jersey Assembly Resolves To Encourage Plastics Recycling
Legislators want more packaging recycled and the increased use of recycled PET and HDPE.

Bill To Support Renewable Chemicals Production Introduced In US Senate
Measure would provide tax credits for some US biochemical producers. .

California Sets Butyl Benzyl Phthalate Maximum Dose Level
The new MADL will take effect on October 1.

US Senate Adds Energy-Efficient Information Technologies Bill
Government-centric measure is similar to one introduced in the House earlier this year.

North Carolina Governor Signs Law Supporting Government Purchase Of Refurbished Computer Equipment
Measure should help slow generation of e-waste.

Bill Introduced In Rhode Island Would Create A Solid Waste Management Planning Commission
The commission would investigate how to maximize source reduction, reuse, and recycling of solid waste among other issues.

California DTSC Further Revises Draft Regulations On Managing Waste Solar Modules
New 15-day public comment period was launched.

US FDA Opens Comment Period On Food Contact Materials Regulation Exemptions
The regulation allows exemptions based on level thresholds for substances.

Delaware House Passes Resolution Supporting Wilmington's Plastic Bag Reduction Efforts
The state has four-year old law requiring in-store bag recycling at some retailers.

June 2013:

Maine Legislature Approves Stewardship Program For Architectural Paint
Paint producers must submit stewardship plans to the Department of Environmental Protection by April 1, 2015.

Vermont Governor Signs Bill Effectively Banning Tris Flame Retardants In Some Products
The ban will take effect on January 1, 2014.

Los Angeles City Council Approves Single Use Bag Ban
The ban will begin to phase in with larger stores starting on January 1 of next year.

Bill Introduced In Delaware House Would Open Door To Local Plastic Bag Laws
Measure would also remove sunset date for current statewide bag recycling law.

Household Hazardous Products Disclosure Bill Introduced In New York
Initial covered products range from motor oil and batteries to oven and toilet bowl cleaners.

Montgomery County, Maryland Considers Scaling Back Single Use Carryout Bag Ordinance
Non-food stores could become exempt from an existing single-use bag tax.

US EPA Seeks Participants For Upcoming Landfill Gas Emissions Review
Selected organizations will serve on a Small Business Advocacy Review Panel that could recommend new rule making.

North Carolina Enacts Bioplastic Container Labeling Law
Law seeks to prevent bioplastic contamination of tradition plastic recycling stream.

Bill Introduced In Michigan Senate Would Expand Container Deposit Scheme
Proposal would add carbonated and non-carbonated water and carbonated and non-carbonated drinks.

Paint Stewardship Scheme Proposed In New York State Legislature
Take back programs would begin by July 1, 2015.

Polystyrene Foam Products To Be Restricted Under Proposed New York City Ordinance
Restrictions would apply to polystyrene loose fill packaging and carryout food packaging.

Baltimore Plans To Ban Polystyrene Foam Carryout Food Service Products
Violators could receive a $1,000 fine.

Bill Introduced In US Senate Calls For Safety Study of BPA In Food Containers
The measure would also require BPA disclosure labels.

Nevada Becomes Latest State To Ban BPA In Children's Food Containers
The law takes effect on July 1, 2014.

National Ban On BPA In Food Containers Proposed In US House of Representatives
Proposed law would also re-examine potential health risks of other food contact substances.

Bill Introduced In Ontario Legislative Assembly Would Replace Province's Waste Law
Proposed legislation would place more financial responsibility on producers for recycling and make the ecofees attached to some products more obvious.

Connecticut General Assembly Approves Changes To Current Waste Law
A new recycling incentive program, more regional waste management options, and the acceleration of commercial food waste composting are among the new provisions.

Louisiana State Legislature Approves Changes To Waste Tires Regulations
Among the changes, the environmental fee placed on medium truck tires is increased.

Connecticut Will Develop An Asphalt Shingle Recycling Plan
The plan will focus on using waste shingles as paving material for state highways.

US Senate Bill Would Create A Drug Take Back Program For The Military
Program would be limited to accepting controlled substances prescribed to military service members and veterans.

Maine To Move Forward With Statewide Unused Pharmaceutical Disposal Program
Maine Drug Enforcement Agency directed to establish the program.

Minnesota Governor Signs Paint Stewardship Bill Into Law
Measure incorporated into larger omnibus bill.

Illinois Approves Landfill Disposal Ban On Asphalt Roofing Shingles
However, the ban applies only if specified conditions are met.

Texas Legislature Approves Tougher Penalties For Illegal Scrap Metal Purchases
Existing penalties were not deterring some scrap metal dealers from repeat violations.

Maine Legislature Extends Moratorium On Existing Landfills Expansion
However, recycling provisions in original bill were stripped from approved version.

Four Bills Introduced In Michigan Legislature Address Chemicals In Children's Products
Two bills would create a state Chemicals of Concern list; the two others would place requirements on manufacturers of children's products.

Sacramento City Council To Consider Single Use Plastic Bag Ban
Draft ordinance would also require a charge for recyclable paper bags and reusable bags.

Massachusetts Municipality Bans Polystyrene Foam Carryout Food Packaging
A list of "biodegradable/compostable or recyclable alternatives" is being prepared.

May 2013:

Texas Legislature Passes Law To Deter Theft Of Recyclable Plastic Shipping Containers
Plastics recyclers will need to keep records of larger purchases and not provide cash payments.

Nebraska Governor Signs Law Extending Duration Of Scrap Tire Grants Program
The law also increases the maximum size of grants.

Colorado Senate Passes Resolution To Evaluate Ways To Increase Recycling In The State
Increased use of pyrolysis of waste also to be evaluated.

Maine Secretary of State To Study Licensing of Scrap Metal Dealers
Secretary will report findings to state legislature next January.

Chemicals Of High Concern Subject Of New Delaware House Bill
An initial list of identified chemicals would be published no later than January 1, 2014.

US Congress To Consider Toxic Substances Control Act Update
Senator Frank Lautenberg reintroduces bill in Senate but this time with some Republican cosponsors.

San Jose, California Looks To Restrict Unattended Recycling Drop-Off Boxes
Littering and graffiti cited as reasons to impose new ordinance.

Connecticut Legislature Approves Extended Producer Responsibility Law For Mattresses
The Commissioner of Energy and Environmental Protection becomes responsible for implementing the new law.

Maryland Governor Signs Law To Regulate Composting Facilities
Maryland Department of the Environment is required to promulgate needed rules.

Alabama Legislature Approves Waste Pharmaceuticals Collection Bill
Pharmacies will now be permitted to collect unused and expired drugs for disposal.

Santa Fe, New Mexico To Consider Single-Use Bag Ordinance
Proposed ordinance based on law adopted in Seattle.

Minnesota Ban on Formaldehyde In Children's Products Signed Into Law
Manufacturers must comply with the law beginning on August 1, 2014.

California Updates Priority Chemicals List For Biomonitoring Program
Program results will be available in a third data summary report, probably available in 2014.

Minnesota Governor Signs Bill On Local Solid Waste Collection Decision Making
The new law requires "collection options committees" to assist in the decision making process.

North Carolina General Assembly Approves Landfill Permitting Exemption For Some C&D Waste
The measure was designed to help preserve landfill capacity in the state.

Bill Introduced In New York State Would Require Recycling Containers At Shopping Centers
Only the smallest shopping centers would be exempt.

California Governor Proposes Revising "Proposition 65" Hazardous Chemicals Law
Governor Brown cites the large number "shake down lawsuits" as reason for the proposed reform.

Waste Diversion Ontario Plans Redesign Of Province's Curbside Recycling Database
New data system will launch next year.

Dallas City Council Will Soon Consider Single-Use Bag Ban
Draft ordinance would apply to all business establishments in the city, although exemptions would be allowed.

Arizona Governor Signs Scrap Metal Theft Prevention Bill Into Law
Scrap metal dealers must now register with the state and notify law enforcement of any offers to purchase "suspicious materials."

Colorado General Assembly Approves Future Increases In Landfill Fees
Adjustments also made to use of the Colorado Recycling Resources Economic Opportunity Fund.

Minnesota State Legislature Passes Ban On BPA In Children's Food Containers
The ban goes into effect on August 1, 2014.

Extension Of Landfill Fee Proposed In Michigan Legislature
New House bill would extend fee through 2015.

Bill To Require Energy-Efficient Appliances Being Reintroduced In Pennsylvania
Some products not meeting energy efficiency standards could not be sold in Pennsylvania.

Los Angeles City Council Member Calls For Support Of State Plastic Pollution Bill
City Council resolution introduced to support the bill's passage in Sacramento.

April 2013:

Bill To Impose A National Tax On Disposable Carryout Bags Introduced In US House of Representatives
The tax would apply to single-use plastic and paper bags.

Washington State Legislature Approves Changes To E-Waste Reporting Requirements
The bill was sent to Governor Inslee for signing.

Packaging and Printed Paper Stewardship Plan Approved In British Columbia
Collection and recycling to begin in May 2014.

New York City Announces Curbside Collection Of Rigid Plastics
Addition is expected to divert 50,000 tons of plastic annually from landfills.

Pennsylvania Bill Would Require Radiation Warning Labels On Cell Phones
The sponsor claims cell phone radiation presents "an unprecedented public health threat."

California AG Concludes Settlement Of Plastic Biodegradable Packaging Claim Complaint
Environmental group reports final party settled before court case was about to begin.

California OEHHA "Delists" BPA As A Reproductive Toxicant
Court action by US chemical industry forces state agency to reverse course on restricting the chemical's use.

Packaging And Paper EPR Bill Introduced In North Carolina General Assembly
EPR plans(s) would need to be implemented by June 1, 2016.

Pennsylvania Bill Would Require Pharmacies To Collect Unused Drugs
The details of the collection system would be developed by the Department of Environmental Protection.

Michigan Bills Would Allow Landfill Disposal Of Yard Waste For Energy Recovery
The proposal would amend the ban enacted in 1995.

Colorado Senate Approves Methane From Municipal Solid Waste Bill
The measure is now being considered in the Colorado House.

Updated Beverage Container Stewardship Plan Proposed For British Columbia
New plan would take effect next year.

Quebec Government To Provide $8 Million In Funding For Public Spaces Recycling
Increase in provincial printed paper and packaging recycling expected.

Pasadena City Council Takes Action Against Problematic Recycling Centers
Action follows complaints from residents about conditions at some "recycle for cash facilities."

California Lists BPA As A Reproductive Toxicant
The chemical has been officially added to the state's "Proposition 65" list.

Mississippi Governor Signs E-Waste Recycling Certification Requirements Into Law
The law will take effect on July 1.

Bill Introduced In US Senate Addresses Home Medical Sharps Disposal
The measure would provide funding for collection and disposal of the waste.

Minnesota Legislature Considers Medical Sharps Disposal Bill
Retailers would be required to provide free disposal containers.

Plastic Bag Tax Proposed In Louisiana Legislature
The tax would be five cents per bag, but the measure faces significant legislative hurdles.

North Carolina Is Latest State To Consider Restricting Chemicals In Children's Products
House bill targets use of bisphenol A, phthalates, tris and other chemicals of high conern.

Waste Disposal Fee On Retread Tires Re-proposed In Michigan House
The bill is essentially the same one that failed passage two years ago.

San Mateo County To Vote On Polystyrene Foam Carryout Food Packaging Ban
The county would join San Francisco and many other local California jurisdictions in prohibiting use of the packaging.

Container Deposit Scheme Proposed In Louisiana
Five-cent deposit would be applied to containers of soft drinks, alcoholic drinks and carbonated and noncarbonated water.

West Virginia Bill Would Require Retailers To Accept Waste Electronics
Covered devices could be accepted in-store or shipped to a recycling program.

Maine Bill Would Require A Surcharge On Single-Use Plastic Bags
Collected surcharges would fund plastic recycling efforts.

EPA Issues Interpretation On Using Recycled Plastics From Automobile Shredder Residue
Interpretation supports voluntary procedures recommended by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries.

Two Recently Introduced Pennsylvania Bills Address Landfill Permits
A third bill addresses municipal waste hauling vehicles.

Lead-Acid Battery Deposit Would Increase Under Bill Introduced In Wisconsin
Measure has joint senate and house sponsorship.

US EPA Begins Risk Assessments Of Seven Flame Retardant Chemicals
TCEP, HBCD and brominated phthalates among the chemicals to be assessed.

California Energy Commission Considers Efficiency Standards For More Products
Computers, displays, game consoles, and lighting technology are among those products identified.

March 2013:

New York City To Consider Requiring Recycling Containers At Food Service Establishments
Proposal is the latest measure to expand landfill diversion efforts.

Hawaiian Legislators Call For Phasing Out Beverage Container Deposit Scheme
Beverage containers would be collected instead through proposed universal recycling.

Second US Town To Decide Whether To Ban Bottled Water Sales
Student activists are responsible for the proposed measure.

Pennsylvania Bill Would Require Recycling Containers Along The State Turnpike
Revenue from recovered material sales would be retained by the Turnpike Commission.

Proposed Nevada Law Would Require C&D Waste Be Processed At Recovery Facilities
Contractors would be responsible for ensuring their waste gets to the facilities.

Bill In California Would Expand Range Of Waste Requiring Recycling By Businesses And Multi-Residential Complexes
However, current statewide commercial recycling program has yet to be completed.

Quebec Government Proposes Extension Of Landfill Fee
A public consultation on the draft regulation is open through April 27.

New Companion Bill In Alabama Would Regulate Biodegradable Rigid Plastic Containers
The containers would need to display special labels and meet specified marketing guidelines.

Connecticut Bill Seeks To Recycle Roofing Shingles Into Road Pavement
The recycled material would be used in state highway projects.

Recent Bills In Maine And Pennsylvania Target BPA In Packaging And Products
One bill would require special labels on packaging, the other would impose restrictions on the chemical's use.

Restrictions On BPA And Flame Retardants Proposed In Nevada
Food packaging, children's products and residential upholstered furniture are the targeted products.

Changes Proposed To Vermont's Container Deposit Scheme
Beverages would be added to the scheme and unredeemed deposits would be handled differently under House bill.

New York Legislators Want To See In-Home Reverse Vending Machines For Beverage Containers
Bill introduced last week would direct Department of Environmental Conservation to make it happen.

Alabama and North Carolina Bills Would Regulate Biodegradable Rigid Plastic Containers
Both measures would require special labeling on the containers.

BPA Restrictions In Food Packaging Is The Subject Of Two Bills In Maine
One bill addresses BPA in all food packaging, the other restricts it in children's food packaging.

Disposable Carryout Bag Fee Proposed In Vermont Legislature
Five-cent would apply to plastic and paper bags.

Bills Introduced In Connecticut, Iowa, Illinois Address Food Waste
The bills would modify existing regulations, reduce institutional food waste and offer a tax credit for food waste composting services, respectively.

Flood Of Bills In The Rhode Island General Assembly Address The State's Dwindling Landfill Capacity
Proposed measures include a ban on recyclable materials, increased tip fees and removal of a ban on waste incineration.

Bill Concept In Maine Would Impose Landfill Tip Fees
Collected fees would be distributed as municipal recycling grants.

Proposals To Change Texas E-Waste Law Introduced
Revisions would address collection options, certification of recyclers and international shipments.

Bill In North Carolina Would Allow Government Agencies To Buy Refurbished Computers
Agencies would need to document their savings over new equipment purchases.

Companion Bills In Minnesota Would Ban Triclosan In Consumer Products
Proposed law follows an executive order banning government purchase of such products.

US Congress Seeks To Reduce Scrap Metal Theft
Companion bills were introduced in the Senate and House of Representatives.

Electronics EPR Bill Introduced In Missouri Senate
Computers, computer monitors, TVs and printers would be covered by the proposed law.

Nevada Legislature To Take Up Electronics EPR Bill
While the proposed law would take effect on January 1, 2014, initial registration fees for mandated EPR programs would not be required until four years later.

Two E-Waste Law Amendments Introduced In Texas Legislature
Both bills would likely increase e-waste recycling rates.

West Virginia Senators Want To Repeal State's E-Waste Landfill Ban
The ban has been in effect since 2011.

Bottle Bill Expansion Proposed In Vermont
More beverages would be covered, new deposit collection requirements placed on retailers.

Bottle Bill Introduced In Texas Legislature
The deposit scheme would collect unused containers through redemption centers and curbside recycling programs.

Rhode Island Legislators Want More Time To Study EPR Models For Packaging
Special commission's latest public hearings were held in January, proceedings available.

Texas Bill Calls For Study On Waste Reduction And Recycling
TCEQ would conduct research and present findings and recommendations before end of next year.

More Bills Targeting Plastic Bags Introduced In California and Rhode Island
Both bills would impose five-cent charges on single-use bags.

West Virginia and Texas House Bills Address Scrap Tires
Both measures would expand existing laws.

Minnesota State Agencies Banned From Purchasing Triclosan-Containing Products
The biocide is being banned through an executive order.

Recently Introduced Bills Would Restrict Chemicals In Children's And Other Products
The measures in three states address use of tris and bisphenol A.

February 2013:

Container Deposit Scheme Proposed In West Virginia Legislature
Five-cent deposit would apply to a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in metal, glass or plastic containers.

West Virginia Legislature Considers Advanced Disposal Fee For Video Displays
A house bill would impose fees on purchased devices beginning in September

Washington Senate Bill Would Revise Mercury-Containing Lamp Recycling Program
The current product stewardship scheme would be replaced with a simpler manufacturer-supported, state-run program.

Bills To Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags Introduced In Florida Senate And House
Both bills would place a 10-cent charge on each recyclable paper bag distributed.

Rhode Island General Assembly Takes Up Plastic Bag Bill
The measure would ban single-use plastic bags and require a charge for paper bags.

Paint Stewardship Scheme Under Discussion In Illinois General Assembly
Companion bills introduced in the Senate and House.

Paint Stewardship Scheme Proposed For Vermont
Collection of waste paint would begin July 1, 2014.

Waste Pharmaceuticals Collection Bills Introduced In Connecticut and West Virginia
Both bills would make state agencies, not manufactures, responsible for collection.

Chemicals Of High Concern Focus Of Florida House Bill
Measure calls for preparing chemicals list that would be updated at least every three years.

Six Bills In Minnesota State Legislature Address Chemicals In Children’s Products
Recent bills would ban use of formaldehyde and bisphenol; set new requirements and restrictions on "priority chemicals."

More Chemical Restriction Bills Introduced In Connecticut, Vermont, West Virginia
Bills targets BPA in food and drink packaging, Tris in plastic shipping pallets and any recycled products made for the pallets.

Oklahoma Bill Would Require Large Retailers To Recycle Electronics
The measure is essentially the same as one introduced in the Wyoming Legislature days earlier.

Container Deposit Scheme Proposed For Arizona
The proposed deposit would be five cents or ten cents depending on the container size.

Bills In Maine Legislature Would Ban Bottled Water Purchases And Reassign Authority For The Container Deposit Scheme
The proposed bottled water ban would apply only to state government agencies.

Bills Restricting Plastic Bags Introduced In Two More States
Washington bill would establish a model for all municipal and county ordinances.

Iowa House Bill Would Establish A Foundation For Future Product Stewardship Programs
The Department of Natural Resources would submit recommendations for programs to the General Assembly.

Waste Pharmaceutical Bill Introduced In Illinois
Measure would expand the Safe Pharmaceutical Disposal Act.

Washington Government Agency Proposes Toxic Chemicals Reduction Strategy
Reducing toxic chemicals in consumer products is a major element in the strategy.

Alaska House Bill Would Establish A State List Of Chemicals Of High Concern
Listed chemicals could be restricted for use in children's products.

Adjustments To Waste Tires Law Proposed In Georgia Legislature
Changes would ease some burdens on tire reprocessors.

Bill Prohibiting BPA In Baby Food Containers Introduced In Arizona Senate
Alternative chemicals would need to meet specified criteria.

Rhode Island General Assembly To Consider Packaging Stewardship Scheme
The measure includes an 80 percent packaging recycling rate target for 2020.

Container Deposit Program Expansion Proposed In Vermont
New provisions for collecting abandoned container deposits also proposed.

Electronics EPR Program Proposed In Arizona Legislature
Computer and TV manufacturers would need to collect, transport and recycle their end-of-life devices.

Wyoming Bill Would Require Large Retailers To Recycle Electronics
Covered devices range from computers and TVs to small portable electronics.

Landfill Disposal Ban On E-Waste Proposed In Texas Legislature
Televisions and computers are targeted waste devices.

Arkansas Bill Seeks To Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags
Ban would apply to supermarkets only.

Plastic Bag Tax Proposed For New York State
The bill would also limit the size of bags that could be distributed.

Paint Stewardship Scheme Proposed In Washington State Legislature
Implementation of stewardship plans would need to begin by July 1, 2015.

Pharmaceuticals Stewardship Scheme Proposed For Pennsylvania
Drug makers could operate individual or group programs to participate in a stewardship "association."

January 2013 articles:

Mississippi Bill Would Establish A Government Electronics Recycling Program
Second bill would encourage certification of e-waste recyclers.

Changes To Washington E-Waste Law Proposed
House bills would amend annual reporting requirements for manufacturers and exempt "licensors" from take back plan requirements.

Product Stewardship For Rechargeable Batteries Proposed In Washington
Battery makers and importers would need to join a stewardship program by January 1, 2014.

Latest Proposal To Ban Single-Use Bags Across California Introduced In State Assembly
The measure requires reusable plastic bag makers to meet recycled content and other requirements and certify to CalRecycle that their bags meet required specifications.

Bill In Washington State Legislature Would Standardize Local Carryout Bag Regulations
However, competing bag reduction bills were introduced in the Senate.

Adjustments To Container Deposit Schemes Proposed In Iowa And Connecticut
All three bills would make exemptions to current regulations.

Study Of Pharmaceutical Take Back Issues Proposed In Indiana
A special commission would study issue and report back to legislature.

Kansas Bill Seeks To Deter Theft And Recycling Of Plastic Transport Containers
Recyclers could be fined $10,000 for violating proposed requirements.

California Agency Moves To Officially List Bisphenol A As A Reproductive Toxicant
A Maximum Allowable Dose Level has been proposed.

Companion Bills In Hawaii State Legislature Address Toxics In Products And Packaging
Some vinyl medical products would be prohibited under one measure.

Bill Introduced In Arizona House Would Establish An EPR Program For Electronics
Covered devices include computers, monitors and TVs.

Proposed Nebraska Electronics EPR Program Would Cover Wide Range Of Devices
Manufacturers would also need to indicate whether their devices comply with the EU RoHS Directive's permissible levels for six restricted substances.

Container Deposit Scheme Proposed In South Carolina House
Bill would impose a five-cent deposit on a range of beverages and container types.

Maryland Bill Would Require Retailers To Recycle Waste Motor Vehicle Batteries
Law would take effect on October 1 if enacted.

Two State Legislatures Introduce Measures on Waste Tires
Measures range from a surcharge on tire sales to new uses for waste tire materials.

Waste-To-Energy Production Subject Of Two State Bills
Both bills would deem pyrolysis as a form of recycling.

Hawaii Senate Bill Targets Phone Directory And Print Advertising Waste
Distributors would be required to collect their unwanted materials if so requested.

Heftier Fines Proposed For Illegal Waste Dumping In Pennsylvania
Illegal dumping in the state remains a continuing problem.

Restrictions On Chemicals In Children's Products Sought In Washington And Colorad
The chemicals includes heavy metals and flame retardants.

Bills Introduced In Three State Legislatures Address Collection Of Waste Drugs
Two measures would create new programs, another would amend an existing law.

Recyclable Metals Theft Bills Introduced In North Dakota And Oregon
Scrap metal transaction records would be required and cash payments restricted.

Oregon And Connecticut May Revise Their Container Deposit Programs
The Oregon bill would expand a redemption center pilot program and set requirements for the minimum number of reverse vending machines.

Maryland General Assembly Considers Ban On Flame Retardant TRIS
House bill would apply only to child care products.

Restrictions On Flame Retardants On Plastic Foam Insulation Proposed In California
The bill labels some flame retardants possible carcinogens.

Statewide Single Use Plastic Bag Ban Proposed In Oregon
A newly introduced senate bill would take effect immediately if enacted.

Medical Sharps Collection Subject Of Rhode Island Bill
Bill would redirect used home sharps from trash cans to health care facilities.

Revisions To Paint Stewardship Program Proposed In Oregon
Stewardship fees would increase; program would become permanent.

US Energy Department Providing $120 Million To Tackle Critical Materials Shortage
New Critical Materials Institute will be seek to improve materials reuse and recycling.

Connecticut State Legislator Wants BPA-Containing Food And Drink Packaging So Labeled
Bill proposal submitted to committee that will prepare draft language.

Two Bills Restricting Plastic Bag Use Introduced In Virginia General Assembly
Senate bill would place a fee on bags; Housebill would allow only reusable bags to distributed by retailers.

New State Bills Aim To Deter Sales Of Stolen Recyclable Metals
Automobile catalytic converters and copper materials among items targeted.

Atlantic Canada Electronics Stewardship Hits New E-Waste Collection High
More than 17,000 tons collected since scheme's launch.

December 2012 articles:

Walgreens Company Settles With California District Attorneys Over Illegal Waste Dumping Charges
The drug store chain will pay $16.57 million in civil penalties and costs.

Seattle City Council Calls For Statewide Phone Directory Opt Out System
Combatting phone directory waste was one of several priorities identified in resolution being sent to state law makers.

New Jersey Disposable Bags Bill Finally Approved By Senate Committee
The measure would initially impose a five-cent fee on all disposable bags, then ban their distribution a year later.

Oregon DEQ Proposes New Rule To Regulate Waste Conversion Technologies
Producers of biogas, compost and other products derived from organic waste would be affected.

Washington State 2011 Recycling Rate Tops 50 Percent For First Time
More than 74,000 tons of plastic recycled.

Two Federal Agencies Make $32 Million Available To Design "Safer Chemicals"
Proposals being accepted until March 18.

Nevada Legislature To Take Up Statewide Single Stream Recycling In February
Some legislators want to increase the state recycling rate target to 40 percent.

Wisconsin E-Waste Program Collects 39.1 Million Tons In Latest Fiscal Year
Adjustments to producer registration fees and reporting requirements recommended.

Ordinance Proposed In San Francisco To Deter Recyclable Metals Theft
The city is experiencing "a rash of metal theft," according to the measure's introduction.

Sacramento Moves Forward With Mandatory Containerized Yard Waste Collection
The city council may also soon enact a landfill disposal ban on yard waste and other recyclables.

US FDA Warns Drug Makers About Using Two Phthalates
New guidance document says the chemicals present "a potential risk of developmental and reproductive toxicity."

Update On Seattle Yellow Page Ordinance Court Challenge
The city filed a rehearing petition.

November 2012 articles:

San Francisco BOS Suspends Pilot Program To Reduce Yellow Pages Recycling Costs
The Board's decision was forced by overturn of a related directory "opt out" ordinance in Seattle.

MassDEP Proposes Streamlining Waste Facilities Management Regulations
Among the proposed changes are using third-party inspectors to supplement the reduced agency staff.

Fourth Massachusetts Town Bans Polystyrene Foam Carryout Food Packaging
A government survey finds 60 percent of food establishments have already stopped using it.

Canada Bans TCEP In Some Children's Products
Most children's products containing the flame retardant are imports.

California Moves Forward With Addition Of BBP To Proposition 65 List
A 60-day data call-in period was launched to gather stakeholder information on the chemical.

Washington Adopts Final Mercury-Containing Lamp Stewardship Regulations
The initial compliance deadline for producers, retailers and "service providers" is January 1, 2013.

Bill Introduced In Canada Would Require Safe Handling Of Toxics In E-Waste
The measure would amend the Canadian Environmental Protection Act,1999.

Government of Newfoundland and Labrador Approves New Electronics EPR Law
The province's Multi-Materials Stewardship Board will administer the program.

Scrap Metal Theft Prevention Bill Introduced In Michigan House
Bill calls for establishing a public Scrap Metal Offenders Registry, among other provisions.

Portland, Oregon Expands Its Single Use Plastic Bag Ban
All city retailers will be covered by the ordinance beginning on March 1, 2013.

Oregon Legislature To Consider Updating Paint Stewardship Law
Legislative concept calls for increasing stewardship fees, adding paint in aerosol cans, establishing new fines for violators, and other revisions.

Scrap Metals Theft Bill Passes Second Reading In Alberta Legislative Assembly
Scrap metal dealers that violate the law could receive stiff fines, jail time or both.

Boulder, Colorado Approves Shopping Bag Ordinance
A ten cent fee will be charged for each disposable plastic and recycled paper bag distributed.

Brookline, Massachusetts To Vote On Proposed Polystyrene Foam Food Packaging Ban
If approved, the details of the ban would be determined later by town officials.

Ontario Revises Process For Creating New Industry Stewardship Plans
Waste Diversion Ontario says details to be released soon its on web site.

USDA Begins Data Collection On Biobased Product Purchases
Federal government contractors must submit required purchasing data by end of year.

October 2012 articles:

Ontario Electronic Stewardship Releases New EPR Fee Schedule
Fees will increase in all but two product categories on January 1, 2013.

Oregon DEQ Reports Record High Recovery Rate For State In 2011
More than 2.3 million tons of materials recovered.

Beverage Secondary Packaging Stewardship Plan Proposed For British Columbia
Beer distribution company proposes recovery of cardboard from bottle and can boxes, plastic multipacks, bottle caps and other items.

Minneapolis To Study Possible Citywide Source Separated Organic Waste Program
Findings will be presented to the city council for consideration next April.

US EPA Finalizing Candidate Nanomaterials For Pilot Study With Canada
Pilot is part of a recently announced US-Canada Regulatory Cooperation Council initiative on sharing nanomaterials information.

Seattle Yellow Pages Recovery Ordinance Ruled Unconstitutional
Appeals Court finds that the law violates free speech.

Bill Introduced In Pennsylvania Would Mandate Recycling Containers At Turnpike Public Rest Stops
Revenue from recycled materials would help fund turnpike operations.

2011 Virginia Recycling Rate Up Three Percent From A Year Earlier
All regional waste “planning units” met or exceeded the 25 percent recycling target.

Multi-Material British Columbia Gears Up For New Stewardship Program
Web site for packaging and printed paper producers launched; regulatory workshop announced.

Baltimore City Council Considers Ordinance To Prevent Misuse Of Public Litter Receptacles
People depositing trash in litter containers could receive fines and jail time.

Health Canada Recalls More Lead-Containing Children’s Jewelry
Separate recalls issued for tainted products made in China, the Philippines and Quebec.

Ontario Pharmaceuticals And Medical Sharps Product Stewardship Regulation Finalized
Collection programs to begin operating by January 1, 2013.

US Federal Trade Commission Updates Green Marketing Guides
Six sections were added that cover certifications and seals of approval, made with renewable materials claims and other subjects.

California Proposes Voluntary Performance Specifications For LED Lamps
The specifications would be used by California investor-owned utilities preparing LED purchasing incentive programs.

Canada Moves Forward With Ban On Flame Retardant HBCD
A time limited extension may be given to automobile and supporting parts manufacturers.

Michigan Bill Would Regulate Recycling Of Restaurant Cooking Oils
Grease recyclers would need to be licensed by the Department of Environmental Protection.

British Columbia Seeking To Maximize Synergy Between Waste Diversion And Green Jobs Creation
RFP issued for report to be delivered to Environment of Ministry next March.

California Finalizes Mercury-Containing Thermostats Recycling Regulation
The new regulation will take effect on January 1, 2013.

Ontario Curbside Recycling Collections Increased Two Percent In 2011
Stewardship obligation (fees) for 2013 announced by Waste Diversion Ontario.

US EPA Provides $214,000 To Fight California Marine Debris
Funding covers study on how to reduce plastic water bottle and polystyrene foam packaging waste.

First Minnesota "Environmental Report Card" Due Out Next Month
Environmental Quality Board to hold public consultation on report card’s findings.

Sante Fe City Council Considers A Single Use Plastic Bag Ordinance…Again
A first draft ordinance presented at an October 1 public hearing will be revised.

September 2012 articles:

Washington State Launches Public Database Of Children’s Products Containing Priority Chemicals
The new database can be searched by manufacturer, product category, chemical name and other variables.

Bill Allowing Beneficial Use Of Waste Residue Introduced In Michigan House
Waste tires, scrap wood, biomass and “fossil fuels” would be permitted specified new applications.

US EPA Launches Certified Electronics Recycling Challenge To Businesses
Challenge to businesses is designed to boost participation in the e-Stewards and R2 Solutions third-party certification programs.

San Raphael, California Bans Polystyrene Foam Food Packaging
More local California bans likely after ban proposed in state legislature failed..

Wisconsin DNR Survey Finds 39 Percent of Residents Say Electronics Recycling Too Expensive
Another 30 percent say they do not know where or how to recycle e-waste.

Nebraska Likely To Maintain 2012 Recycling Grants Funding Level In 2013
Environmental Quality Commission to vote on recommended funding on Thursday.

Maine DEP And Industry Partner On Safe Home Medical Sharps Disposal Campaign
Maine contrasts with Massachusetts where a ban on home medical sharps disposal took effect on July 1.

Court Upholds San Francisco’s Expanded Disposable Plastic Bag Ban
Ban affecting all San Francisco retailers will proceed on October 1.

Plastic Bag Ordinance To Be Introduced In San Mateo County, California
Single use plastic bag ban similar to one in San Francisco proposed.

British Columbia Plans To Quantify Benefits Of Its EPR Programs
RFP launched to find consultant to do the research.

Indiana Finalizes New Rule On Storage Of Waste Lead-Acid Batteries
Rule will apply to battery manufacturers, retailers, reclamation facilities and other businesses.

Boston To Consider Citywide Waste Pharmaceutical Drug Collection System
The measure is intended in part to protect the environment.

Texas Agencies About To Broaden Statewide Program To Identify Litterers
A public consultation period on a proposed rule closes today.

Illinois Tire Recycler Could Face More Than $300,000 In Fines From Waste Tire Storage Violations
State Attorney General says that “illegally stored tires pose West Nile Virus threat.”

Waste Diversion Ontario Planning New Review Of Blue Box Recycling Program
RFP issued for audit of latest data from 20 municipal programs.

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