State Recycling Laws Update

15 December 2017:

Overhaul of Covered Device Recycling Act Proposed in Pennsylvania Senate
The bill would make each electronics manufacturer responsible for recycling virtually all of its covered devices and a share of orphan devices.

Bill to Establish Container Deposit Scheme Pre-filed in South Carolina Senate
A deposit would be placed on beer, malt beverages, mixed wine drinks, liquor, mineral waters, soda water and carbonated soft drinks in specified types of containers.

Repair and Reuse of Digital Electronic Products Would Be Facilitated by Bill Pre-filed in Washington State Legislature
The proposed law could help delay end-of-life for some electronic products.

Ontario Ministry of Environment Consults on Draft Tire EPR Regulation
The new regulation is expected to take effect on January 1, 2019.

Proposed Kentucky Law Would Distribute Chemicals for Deactivating and Disposing of Unwanted Controlled Substances
The chemicals would be distributed by pharmacists and medical practitioners.

Iowa DNR Waste Study Recommends More Focus on Diverting Compostable Materials from Landfill
The study said the value of the recyclable paper and containers being landfilled in Iowa is worth more than $60 million annually.

Another District of Columbia Suburb Acts to Ban Polystyrene Foam Carryout Food Packaging
The ban will take effect on January 1, 2019.

Milwaukee Department of Public Works May Study Possible Pay-As-You-Throw Waste Charging Scheme
A Common Council resolution calls for a study to be completed by March 2018.

Recycling Laws International

11 December 2017:

Countries Announce Support for UNEA Resolution on Reducing Marine Litter and Microplastics
Member States agree to voluntarily undertake about a dozen actions.

New Zealand Finalizes Ban on Plastic Microbeads
Initially proposed ban is extended to include household and industrial cleaning products.

Australian Government Launches National Food Waste Strategy
The goal of the strategy is to cut food waste in half nationally by 2030.

Bill Introduced in Brazilian Camara Seeks to Reduce Food Waste through Increased Donation
Proposed legislation is modeled after a law enacted in France in 2015.

Philippine Senator Calls for Tighter Regulation of Waste Imports
The resolution would authorize an inquiry into a 2014 waste import incident and the introduction of possible legislation.

Brazilian Senate Committee Approves Bill Requiring Extended Producer Responsibility for Cooking Oils and Fats
The bill would amend the National Policy on Solid Waste to add the edible fats to the list of EPR mandated products and packaging.

Hong Kong Environmental Secretary Announces Upcoming Ban on Plastic Bottled Water in Government Vending Machines
The government ban is hoped to "set an example" for businesses to follow.

French Government Agencies Launch Public Education Campaign on Mobile Phone Electromagnetic Radiation Exposure
The government campaign centers on six actions mobile phone users can take to reduce their exposure.

The Bulletin

13 December 2017:

Regulatory Developments:
Hong Kong Government Begins Trial of E-Waste Collection Service in Preparation for EPR Law

Statistics and Trends:
Two Million Beverage Containers Redeemed during First Week of New South Wales CDS
Amount of E-Waste Recycled in Alberta, Canada Falls for Second Consecutive Year
Recovery of Packaging and Electronic Waste Up in Wisconsin in 2016
Norwegian Government Study Reports 77% of Coastal Mussels Contaminated with Plastic Microbeads
Tennessee DEC Awards $3.7 Million in Grants to Reduce Food and Organic Waste Disposal
Mexican Government Seeks Input in Developing National Food Waste Prevention Strategy
New Report Discusses How to Make Textile Production and Consumption More Circular

Business Initiatives:
UK Industry Association Predicts Six Million Ton Shortfall in Waste Processing Capacity by 2030
Twenty-Four More UK Businesses and Organizations Recently Signed Courtauld Commitment 2025

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