State Recycling Laws Update

February 7, 2024:

Companion Bills Introduced in Maryland General Assembly Would Establish a Beverage Container Deposit Scheme
The proposed law would place a 10-to-15-cent deposit on a wide range of beverage containers.

Bills in Illinois General Assembly Would Prohibit Hotels from Providing Personal Care Products in Small Single-Use Plastic Bottles
California approved the first such state measure in 2019.

Repeal of Missouri Auxiliary Containers Law Proposed in Missouri House of Representatives
The bill concerns whether local governments can adopt ordinances to ban single-use packaging and related products.

Proposed Ban on Disposable Plastic Foodware and Containers in Hawaii Would Include Bio-Plastics
Some lawmakers are concerned that bio-plastics are not necessarily universally bio-degradable.

Rhode Island Lawmakers Sponsor Bill to Prohibit "High Heat Waste Facilities" for Plastics
The bill essentially would prevent government licensing of so-called "advanced recycling of post-consumer polymers" facilities.

Rechargeable Battery Recycling Grants Program Proposed in Wisconsin State Legislature
Prevention of battery-related fires at waste and recycling facilities is a key reason for the legislation.

Ban on Landfill Disposal of Photovoltaic Modules Proposed in Illinois General Assembly
The bill calls for prohbiting the direct disposal of or mixing with municipal solid waste of end-of-life photovoltaic equipment.

Tax Credit for Equipment to Collect or Process Reclaimable Material, or to Make Products from the Material, Proposed by Illinois State Senator
Eligible organizations could apply for up to $1 million in income tax credit.

Circular Economy Institute Proposed by Michigan State Senator
The institute would be established at Michigan State University.

Recycling Laws International

January 30, 2024:

United Arab Emirates Announces Rolling Ban on Single-Use Plastics
The bans will begin with one on single-use plastic bags on January 1.

New Regulations in Ireland Require Separated Residential Organic Waste Collection
Residents will receive a dedicated third bin for organic waste.

European Parliament and Council Reached Agreement on New Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation
The European Commission now must prepare the details for needed regulations.

Bill Introduced in Chilean Camara Would Prohibit the Import of Pre-Production Plastic to Make Single-Use Packaging
The bill seeks to reduce plastic pollution.

To Remove Litter and Plastic Pollution, Brazilian Deputado Wants to Establish a National Beach and Ocean Cleaning Week
The deputado seeks to draw attention to marine plastic pollution.

Danish Ministry of Environment Launches Website Dedicated to Reduce Consumer Exposure to PFAS
Cosmetics and personal care products, outdoor clothing and gear, and waterproofing sprays for clothing are prority product categories.

The Bulletin

January 2024:

Regulatory Developments:

  • Brazilian Government Launches Consultation on Legal Requirements for Packaging Reverse Logistics Organizations
  • European Chemicals Agency Report Recommends Taking Regulatory Action on PVC
  • British Columbia Government "Adjusts" Start of Ban on Some Single-Use Plastic Items

Statistics and Trends:

  • Packaging Waste Generation Up, Recycling Down in Ireland in 2021
  • European Industry Association Claims the 2025 EU Steel Packaging Recycling Target Has Already Been Met
  • United Kingdom Government Announces Appointment of Administraor for New Packaging EPR Scheme
  • Deposit Refunds on California Wine and Liquor Containers Take Effect
  • Lithuanians Now Have an Option to Call for Free Home E-waste Collection
  • Plastics Recyclers Europe Publishes "Manifesto" for Achieving Plastics Circularity

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