State Recycling Laws Update

2 August 2021:

Delaware General Assembly Approves Expansion of Plastic Carryout Bag Law
Some currently exempted reusable plastic bags will be banned starting next year, and more retailers will be subject to the law.

Bipartisan Bill Introduced in US House of Representatives Seeks to Reduce Incineration of Recyclable Paper
The measure focuses on a federal tax credit provided to waste-to-energy facilities.

Battery Recycling the Subject of Bill Introduced in United States Senate
The bill would provide $150 million to implement a national grants program, create a producer responsibility task force, develop new labeling guidelines and take other actions.

National Food Waste Reduction Act Proposed in US House of Representatives
The bill directs the US Department of Agriculture to partner with five regional institutions to research and recommends waste reduction measures including public education.

Second Bill to Ban Some Chemicals in Food Packaging Introduced in Michigan Senate
The Senate bill follows one introduced in the House of Representatives in early July.

City of Los Angeles Examines Possible Circular Textiles Program
The program would help divert organic textile waste generated by the city’s garment industry.

Recycling Laws International

19 July 2021:

New Zealand Government Approves Plan for Phasing Out Problematic and Single-Use Plastics
The plan begins with a phaseout of six types of products by the end of next year.

Australian Parliament Approves Bill Adding Plastic Waste to Basel Convention Requirements
The legal framework was agreed to by Basel Convention parties more than two years ago.

Hong Kong Government Launches Public Consultation to Regulate Disposable Plastic Tableware
A ban on targeted items would occur in two phases.

First Annual Report on French National Pact on Plastic Packaging Published
Pact signatories reported using 2.5% less plastic packaging and increasing recyclable plastic packaging by 19% in 2020, among other findings.

Brazilian Deputado Introduces Bill to Establish a National E-Waste Awareness Week
The national government, states and municipalities would share responsibility for promoting the week.

Motion Introduced in Chilean Camara Calls for Requiring Supermarkets to Serve as Recycling Collection Points
Supermarkets that fail to obey the law would face financial penalties.

The Bulletin

4 August 2021:

Regulatory Developments:

  • More Than 20 Cities in British Columbia Are Developing Single-Use Plastic Bylaws
  • California Retailer Fined for Not Forwarding Mattress Recycling Fees As Required by Law

Statistics and Trends:

  • Use of Refillable Beverage Bottles Edges Up in Germany for First Time Since 2003
  • State of Victoria Awards $6.3 Million in Circular Economy Grants
  • MassDEP Awards More Than $500,000 in Recycling Development Grants
  • Pilot Program Launched in Catalonia Places Deposits on Reusable Drinking Glasses
  • Peruvian Environmental Ministry Approves Resolution for Implementation of Municipal Source-Separated Recycling Programs

Business Initiatives:

  • Australian Industry-Government Organization Publishes Guide for Increasing Recycled Content in Packaging
  • British Industry Association Quantities Effect of Covid-19 Self-Isolations on Plastics Industry

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