State Recycling Laws Update

18 March 2019:

Bill Requiring Responsible Management of Plastic Packaging Approved by Washington Senate
The bill was sent to the House of Representatives for consideration.

Bill to Ban Plastic Straws Approved by Hawaii House of Representatives
A Senate public hearing on the bill will take place next week.

Connecticut General Assembly Considering Ban on Polystyrene Foam Containers Distribution
The proposed law would take effect in October.

Washington Senate Approves Bill to Reduce Food Waste and Increase Diversion
The bill is now being considered in the Senate.

Another Bill to Reduce Food Waste Introduced in New York State Legislature
Larger volume generators of food scraps would be required to separate food scraps for donation or recycling.

Recycled Content Required for Glass Beverage Containers Proposed in Connecticut General Assembly
Beginning in July 2022, glass beverage containers would need to have a minimum of 20% post-consumer glass content.

Government of Ontario Launches Public Consultation on Reducing Waste and Litter
A government discussion paper indicates more producer responsibility may be on the horizon.

Philadelphia City Council Resolution Calls for Hearings on City's Recycling Program
Council members are concerned about media reports that materials collected for recycling are being incinerated instead.

Repeal of Tax on Hard to Dispose Material Proposed in Rhode Island General Assembly
The hard to dispose items are automotive products.

New York Assembly Bills Would Place New Requirements on Handling Used Oil Filters
Affected businesses would need to deposit them in "source-separated, used oil filter retention facilities."

Recycling Laws International

12 March 2019:

United Kingdom Launches Public Consultation on Proposed Plastic Packaging Tax
Generally, the tax would apply to most plastic packaging with less than 30% recycled content.

Indian Environmental Ministry Announces Ban on Solid Plastic Waste Imports
The Ministry said it is "upholding the principles of sustainable development and ensuring minimal impact on the environment."

Mexican Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Publishes Strategy for Achieving Zero Waste
The objective of the strategy is to transform Mexico's traditional waste management model into a circular economy model.

Singapore Government Launches Public Consultation to Prepare a Zero Waste Master Plan
At this early stage in the process, the government is seeking stakeholder ideas and input to prepare a draft plan.

West Australia Releases Action Plan to Reduce Waste and Increase Recovery
The government wants to reduce waste generation by 20% and increase recovery to 75% by 2030.

Ban on Plastic Straws Proposed in Brazilian Camara dos Deputados
A 24-month transition period would commence once the law takes effect.

The Bulletin

13 March 2019:

Regulatory Developments:
New Zealand Government Announces Circular Economy Plan Is Under Development
Nova Scotia to Ban More E-Waste and Waste Automotive Products from Landfills

Statistics and Trends:
Australian Capital Territory CDS Surpasses 14 Million Returned Containers within First Year
Chilean Retailers Distribute 1 Million Fewer Disposable Plastic Bags in First 6 Months of New Law
Norwegian Environment Agency Awards NOK 70 million for Marine Litter Cleanup Projects
German Environmental Minister and Industry Begin Collaboration to Reduce Disposable Supermarket Packaging
Danish EPA Seeks to Standardize Household Waste Sorting among Municipalities
Four Stream Household Waste Separation Campaign Launched in Peru

Business Initiatives:
Australian Packaging Convenent Organization Publishes Packaging Materials Flow Analysis
OPRL Announces Strategic Partnership with WRAP to Increase UK Packaging Recycling

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