State Recycling Laws Update

13 September 2019:

Federal Restrictions on E-Waste Exports Proposed in United States Senate Bill
The Secretary of Commerce would amend existing Export Administration Rules to implement the restrictions.

Bill Introduced in US House of Representatives Requires Evaluating Disposable Plastic Water Bottle Use in National Parks
The bill would allow banning the sale of water in disposable plastic bottles on a park by park basis if conditions warrant it.

California Governor Signs Law Supporting Dual Stream Recycling
Use of dual stream recycling by local jurisdictions will be given weight in evaluating the jurisdiction’s efforts to meet state weight diversion goals.

Michigan Senate Approves Bill Extending Producer Registration Requirements in E-Waste Law
The bill was sent to the House where it is scheduled for a second reading.

Bill Introduced in New Jersey Assembly Would Require Compostable Waste Be Included in County Waste Plans
Counties would need to comply with the requirement within 24 months of the law’s effective date.

California Municipality Approves Expansive Ban on Single-Use Plastic Items
The same ordinance bans the sale and distribution of bottled water on city property.

Recycling Laws International

9 September 2019:

Indian Government Launches Public Consultation on Draft National Resource Efficiency Policy
The policy seeks to reduce natural resource consumption, minimize waste, increase recycling, and support a circular economy.

Government of Singapore Releases Zero Waste Masterplan
Priority waste streams include food, packaging and electrical and electronic equipment.

Broad Range of Single-Use Plastic Prohibitions Proposed in Argentinian Camara Bill
A mandatory registry for plastic manufacturers, importers and distributors also is included in the proposal.

Proposed Philippine Fee on Disposable Plastic Straws Would Include Pre-Packaged Beverages
The bill also would require Central Straw Disposal Units be established in all Philippine provinces.

Another Bill to Ban Plastic Straws Introduced in Brazilian Camara
The ban would apply to plastic straw manufacture and retail distribution.

Three Dutch Caribbean Islands Agree to Ban Disposable Plastics by 2021
An action plan will be finalized within a year.

The Bulletin

11 September 2019:

Regulatory Issues:

  • Brewers in British Columbia Launch Consultation on New Container Stewardship Plan
  • Portsmith, New Hampshire Tentatively Approves Ban on Some Single-Use Plastic Items
  • New ECHA Online Database Will Require Companies to Identify Products Containing Substances of Very High Concern


  • Post-Consumer Plastic Collections Decreased 5% in Canada in 2017
  • Spanish Plastic Container Recycling Increased by 9.6% in 2018
  • Brazilian Government Makes R$30 Million Available for Municipal Solid Waste Management Projects
  • Danish EPA Announces 3.6 Million DKK in Funding for Beach Litter Cleanup Activities
  • Western Australia Allocates Nearly $1.2 Million for Recycling and Waste Reduction Grants

Business Initiatives:

  • German Waste Management Industry and Government Agree on Landfill Gas Reduction Goals
  • New US Industry-Sponsored Report Highlights Recyclability Lead of Aluminum Containers over PET and Glass Containers

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