State Recycling Laws Update

23 September 2020:

Recycling and Reuse of Energy Critical Minerals the Subject of Bill Introduced in US Congress
The bill allocates $110 million over five years to support specified activities.

Bill Introduced in Michigan Legislature Would Ban Some Chemicals in Food Packaging
Packaging manufacturers would need to prepare and keep certificates of compliance on file and available for state inspection.

Government of British Columbia Launches Public Consultation on Expanding Products That Require EPR
Changes to the province’s Recycling Regulation are proposed.

Localized Approach Taken by British Columbia Government in Banning Single-Use Plastics
The bans will take effect at the local level through approval of new bylaws.

Pair of City Council Resolutions Approved in Philadelphia Call for Hearings on Waste and Recycling Practices
Both resolutions say city waste and recycling services have been affected by the COVID pandemic.

Tampa City Council Approves Resolution to Restrict Single-Use Plastics on Municipal Property
The resolution focuses on polystyrene products.

Recycling Laws International

14 September 2020:

Landmark Recycling and Waste Reduction Bill Introduced in Australian Parliament
The bill seeks to ban the export of unprocessed waste and boost recycling and reuse through new product stewardship schemes.

Brazilian Ministry of Environment Publishes Draft Product Stewardship Agreement for Aluminum Cans
The Ministry wants to increase the aluminum can recycling rate to 95%.

Norwegian Environment Agency Recommends Banning Ten Types of Disposable Plastic Items
The ban would align Norwegian regulations with an EU directive approved last year.

Bill Introduced in Argentinian Senate Would Require Warnings on Disposable Plastic Bottles
The sponsor of the bill is concerned about health and sanitation issues related to reusing such bottles.

Department of Environment, Food and Environment Launches Public Consultation on English Waste Management Plan
However, the draft "revised plan" proposes no new policies.

Philippine House Resolution Would Ban Disposable Plastic Water Bottles Institutionally
The sponsor says the resolution gives the chamber the chance to lead by example on reducing plastic waste.

The Bulletin

22 September 2020:

Regulatory Developments:

  • CalRecycle Recommends Particular Businesses Begin Using Organic Waste Recycling Services

Statistics and Trends:

  • Sweden Recycled 68% of Waste Packaging in 2019
  • Irish Waste Generation Rate Increased, Recycling Rate Decreased in Ireland in 2018
  • Mattress Recycling Council Claims 83% Diversion Rate for California
  • Danish EPA Publishes Best Practices Guide for Reducing Plastic Waste at Local Events and Festivals
  • Commission for Environmental Cooperation Launches North America Food Waste Awareness Campaign
  • Members of UK Parliament Call for Government to Support Textile Recycling
  • Zero Waste Scotland Concerned about Litter from Widespread Disposable Face Mask Use

Business and Industry Initiatives:

  • Coca-Cola European Partners Announces More Countries Switched to Recycled PET Beverage Bottles
  • UK Industry Association Public Awareness Campaign Seeks to Reduce Fires from Waste Batteries

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