State Recycling Laws Update

7 July 2016:

Bill to Reduce Food Waste Introduced in United States Senate
Among many other provisions, the bill would establish an Office of Food Recovery within the Department of Agriculture and set new food safety date labeling requirements.

Connecticut Governor Signs Bill for Study on Reducing Packaging
A new task force will submit a report with recommendations to the Connecticut General Assembly by January 1, 2017.

Bill to Regulate Scrap Tires Introduced in New Jersey State Legislature
Haulers would need to be licensed and disposal of scrap tires would be banned.

Pennsylvania Bill Would Authorize Pharmacies to Collect Waste Pharmaceuticals
The measure focuses on controlled substances but would apply to other drugs, too.

San Francisco BOS Approves Expansion of Polystyrene Foam Ban
EPS egg cartons and meats trays, shipping materials, coolers, and other items will be banned in 2017.

New York City Amends Recently Enacted Single-Use Carryout Bag Ordinance
Dates of some earlier ordinance provisions were revised to make upcoming bag fee enforcement more practical.

Recycling Laws International

18 July 2016:

UK Parliament Committee Launches Call for Evidence on Food Waste
The government consultation follows the unveiling of a national Food Waste Action Plan by industry.

Singapore Government Plans to Mandate Sustainable Packaging
The requirements are expected to be in place in three to five years.

Western Australia Proposes Mandatory Waste and Recycling Recordkeeping
The Department of Environmental Regulation says voluntary recordkeeping has produced "an incomplete dataset."

Brazilian Deputado Wants to Add Commercial Waste Generator Amendment to National Policy on Solid Waste
Businesses and institutions generating waste in excess of set threshold would be subject to new requirements.

Brazilian Camara Bill Recommends Tax Incentives to Produce More Energy from Organic Waste
Imported equipment to recover biomass and solid waste would be made tax exempt.

European Commission Launches Stakeholder Consultation on End-of-Life Vehicle Directive Amendments
An online survey will gather input on six subjects.

The Bulletin

20 July 2016:

Regulatory Issues:
Hong Kong Officials Seize Large Illegal Waste Battery Shipment
Tacoma, Washington Bans Single-Use Plastic Bags

Statistics and Trends:
North American Consumer Battery Recycling Up 20% during First Half of 2016
Northern Territory Container Deposit Redemptions Increased in Latest Quarterly Data
Used Furniture Recycling Rate in France Last Year Rose to 55%
Landill Disposal of Waste Increased in California in 2015
Virginia Waste Imports Up 100,000 Tons in 2015
Mandatory Separation of Food Waste by Some Commercial Generators Begins in New York City
WRAP Investigate Using Fluorescent Ink to Boost Recycling of Food-Grade Plastics

Business Initiatives:
WEEE Collections Continue to Rise for Irish EEE Compliance Organization
Walmart Hopes New Food Safety Labeling Policy Will Reduce Food Waste

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