State Recycling Laws Update

17 February 2021:

Iowa Lawmakers Propose a Fee on Plastic Single-Use Carryout Bags and Single-Use Containers
The fee would be paid by manufacturers, not consumers.

Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban Proposed in Rhode Island General Assembly
The ban would take effect no later than January 1, 2023.

Michigan House Bill Would Repeal State Auxiliary Containers Law
The law was enacted five years ago.

California Lawmaker Proposes Next Step in Reducing Microfiber Plastic Pollution
The bill would require adoption of technologies that capture microfibers normally shed during textile washing.

Companion Bills Introduced in Rhode Island General Assembly Would Facilitate Pyrolysis and Gasification of Plastic Waste
Such technologies are advocated as a more effective alternative to traditional recycling of plastics.

Beverage Deposit Scheme Proposed for West Virginia
A 10-cent deposit would apply to containerized alcoholic and non-alcoholic carbonated and non-carbonated drinks and water.

California Senator Proposes Extending and Expanding Current Beverage Container Recycling Pilot Projects Program
The pilot projects targets underserved areas in the state.

Environmental Standards for Packaging Proposed in New York Assembly Bill
However, the Commissioner of Environmental Conservation would develop the actual standards if the bill becomes law.

Labeling of Products Claimed to Be Compostable Is the Subject of a Minnesota Senate Bill
The products include food or beverage products, packaging, and plastic bags.

California Senate Bill Could Tighten Use of Chasing Arrows Recycling Symbol on Plastic Products
Lawmaker calls for truthfulness in recyclability claims by product makers.

Washington Lawmakers Want to Amend Environmental Standard for Government Paper Purchases
The current standard addresses only recycled content percentage.

Pharmacies Would Provide Collection Boxes for Unwanted Drugs under Minnesota Senate Bill
"Noncontrolled substances, pharmaceutical controlled substances, and other legend drugs" would be collected.

Recycling Laws International

15 February 2021:

Government of Hong Kong Unveils Waste Blueprint for 2035
The main goals are to reduce municipal solid waste disposal by up to 45% and increase the recovery rate to 55%.

Welsh Government Publishes Draft Plan to Reduce Litter from Packaging Waste and Single-Use Plastics
A public consultation on the plan was launched.

Tasmanian Government Plans to Increase Resource Recovery through New Landfill Tax
The tax would commence this year and triple in 2025.

French Environmental Ministry Proposes New Decree on Plastic Pellets to Fight Plastic Pollution
New requirements would be placed on pellet producers, handlers and transporters.

Two Bills Addressing Plastic Waste Introduced in the Brazilian Camara dos Deputados
One bill would require six types of plastics be recyclable or biodegradable, and the other bill would ban government purchases of some single-use plastic items.

German Government Approves New Warning Label Requirements for Some Disposable Plastic Items
The labels should appear on specified products beginning on July 3.

The Bulletin

17 February 2021: Regulatory Developments:
  • US Senators Send Letters to Leading Online Retailers about Taking Plastic Waste Measures
  • After Two-Year Delay Enforcement of Pakistan Plastic Bag Law Will Begin on March 1

Statistics and Trends:

  • California Recycling Rate Dropped 3% in 2019 Says Government Report
  • EU Production of Paper for Packaging Not Slowed by Covid-19 Pandemic
  • Government of South Australia Announces Availability of Recycling Market Develop Grants
  • UK Waste Action Programme Publishes Guide for Retailers on Post-Consumer Clothing Take-Back
  • Chilean Ministry of Environment Launches Campaign for Responsible Disposal of Covid-19 Masks

Business Initiatives:

  • European Packaging Materials Organizations Announce Support for New EU Circular Economy Action Plan
  • US Industry Groups Offer Grants to MRFs to Boost Aluminum Can Recycling
  • Norwegian Retailers' Environment Fund Awards Grants for 123 Plastic Waste-Related Projects

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