State Recycling Laws Update

28 May 2015:

Minnesota Governor Signs Law Banning Some Flame Retardants in Furniture and Children's Products
A manufacturing ban takes effect on July 1, 2018 and a sales ban one year later.

US Supreme Court Decides Not to Hear Pharmaceutical Product Stewardship Law Challenge
Pharma industry asked SCOTUS to reverse a lower court decision.

Prescription Drug Disposal Bill Introduced in United States House of Representatives
The bill would provide grants to establish collection and disposal programs.

Michigan Legislature Extends Tire Advance Disposal Fees
Fees were set to expire later this year.

Maine Legislature Authorizes Extended Funding for Landfill Closure Costs
State funding will continue for ten more years.

Rhode Island Senate Passes Mattress Product Stewardship Bill
The bill is now in the House of Representatives.

California Assembly Approves Ban on Plastic Microbeads in Personal Care Products
The bill has advanced to the Senate.

Proposed Changes to George Scrap Tire Rules Are Close to Approval
Georgia Board of Natural Resources may approve amended rules adoption at meeting next month.

US Senate Bill Would Eliminate Renewable Energy Tax Credit for Incinerating Paper Waste
The measure was offered to help encourage paper recycling.

Recycling Laws International

11 May 2015:

Icelandic Environment Ministry Releases Recommendations for Reducing Food Waste
Many of the 13 recommendations focus on education and improved communication.

Argentina Launches Program to Transition Consumers to More Energy Efficient Appliances
Boost in recycling of scrapped "white goods" expected.

Product Reuse Could Increase under Bill in Brazilian Camara
Producers would be required to offer repair parts long after products cease being made.

Bill to Manage Medical Waste Introduced in Philippine Senate
Proposed regulations would cover medical waste generators, transporters and storage and disposal facilities.

Bill to Regulate Management of Construction Waste Introduced in Brazilian Camara
Proposal would establish a new extended producer responsibility program.

UK Local Government Association Calls for Producers to Increase Funding for EU Resource Recovery
Producers should pay for at least 50% of waste collection and disposal costs by 2030.

Poland and Slovenia Face Fines over Failure to Transpose Recast EU WEEE Directive
The deadline to do so was February 14, 2014.

The Bulletin

20 May 2015:

Government and Regulatory:
Businesses Challenge New York City Polystyrene Foam Ban in Court

Statistics and Trends:
Danish EPA Awards 7.6 Million Kroner More in Funding for Municipal Waste Sorting Projects
US Paper Recovery Rate Increased to 65.4% Last Year
EU Steel Packaging Recycling Reached 75% in 2014
Poll Finds 63% of New York City Residents Oppose Implementing a Plastic Bag Fee
Sydney Pilot Project Recycles Printer Toner Cartidges into Paving Material
Delaware Residents Turn in Nearly 49 Tons of Scrap Tires during One-Day Collection Event
Kentucky EPA Announces $3.3 Million in Recycling and HHW Grants

Business and Industry Initiatives:
American Chemistry Council Releases Policy Guide and Video on Waste Plastic-to-Fuel Technologies
Industry-Sponsored Study Finds Recycling Contributes $105 Billion to US Economic Activity
Dutch Clothing Maker Recycles 100% of Polyester Rainwear in Government Pilot Project

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