State Recycling Laws Update

28 November 2016:

US EPA Report Sets 2014 US National Recycling Rate at 34.6%
Nearly 258 million tons of municipal solid waste was generated during the year.

City Council Agrees to Delete Some Retailer Provisions in Chicago Carryout Bag Ordinance
The seven-cent tax on permitted bags will be continued.

Iowa Department of Natural Resources Suspends Solid Waste Alternatives Program
Requests for financial assistance are exhausting available funding.

Notice of Violation Filed with California Attorney General over BPA Allegedly Found in Thermal Paper Receipts
Four major retail chains and one airline were cited for violating a California environmental law.

South Pasadena Is the Latest California Municipality to Ban Polystyrene Foam Food Service Ware
The ban will take effect in November 2017.

Recycling Laws International

5 December 2016:

United Kingdom Consults on Four Packaging Materials Recycling Targets for 2018-2020
The targeted packaging materials are paper, steel, aluminum and wood.

New South Wales Launches Public Consultation on Draft Container Deposit Scheme Regulations
Beverage producers and used container collection points will need to submit applications and registration fees next July.

Hong Kong Government Announces Enforcement Actions for Plastic Bag Ordinance
One retailer was fined $5,000 for not charging customers for their plastic bags.

More Single-Use Plastic Bag Legislation Introduced in Philippine House of Representatives
One measure calls for a bag ban and the other a resolution leading to additional legislation.

Swedish EPA Is Finalizing Guidance on Waste Plastics from Electronics and Cars, PVC and Tires
Concern about hazardous substances contained in some recycled materials prompts agency action.

French Agency Publishes Opinion on Using Pricing Incentives to Reduce Waste Generation
Pricing incentives are already in use in 190 communities across France.

Brazilian Congress to Consider Prohibiting Use of Microplastic Beads
During a proposed phase out period, products containing microplastic beads would need to display a warning message.

The Bulletin

30 November 2016:

Regulatory Developments:
Australian Environmental Ministers Agree to Address Food Waste and Photovoltaic Systems Waste and Other Concerns

Statistics and Trends:
Colombians Drop Off 113 Tons of Waste during First-ever National Clean Up Event
Illinois Used Tire Campaign Concludes with 1,166 Tons of Collected Tires
Dutch Household Waste Generation Down, Percentage Separated Up in 2015
Scotland Generated 1.35 Million Tons of Food and Drink Waste in 2013
Western Australian Government Announces New Funding Program Supporting Landfill Diversion
US Food Industries Report Says Most Manufacturer Food Waste Becomes Animal Feed or Soil Prep Materials
Brussels Doubles Number of Restaurants Participating in Food Waste Prevention Program

Business Initiatives:
Five Recycling Centers Selected for Eco Entreprises Quebec Improved Glass Container Sorting Plan
Glass Packaging Producers Launch Website to Help Boost Recycling

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