State Recycling Laws Update

4 May 2020:

California Governor Suspends State Carryout Bag Requirements in Response to Covid-19 Pandemic
The same executive order suspensions some recycling center operating requirements.

New York City Suspends Curbside Composting Program Due to Covid-19 Budget Cuts
E-waste collection appointment program also discontinued.

Covid-19 Pandemic Delays Implementation of Philadelphia Plastic Bag Ban
The ordinance was scheduled to take effect on July 1.

Bill Supporting Pyrolysis of Plastic Waste Introduced in Pennsylvania General Assembly
Several other states have approved similar legislation.

Ban on Organohalogen Flame Retardants in Some Products Proposed in New York Senate
Violations could produce civil penalties of up to $2,500 per day.

Recycling Laws International

14 May 2020:

Netherlands Expands Container Deposit Scheme to Include Smaller Plastic Bottles
A deposit on metal cans could follow in two years.

A Different Kind of Beverage Container Return System Proposed in Colombian Senate Bill
The proposed system would “reimburse” consumers for 10% of a beverage product’s value rather than imposing a specific deposit amount.

Recycling Scheme for Non-Returnable Glass Beverage Bottles Proposed in Brazilian Camara
Businesses that sell beverages in glass bottles would be required to act as collection points for empty bottles.

House Resolution Calls for Study on How to Implement a Circular Economy in the Philippines
The study would be undertaken by a legislative committee.

Catalan Government Approves Progressive Landfill Disposal Tax Increases
The measure seeks to provide economic support for waste reduction, reuse and recycling.

Swedish EPA Researches a Possible Tax on Plastics
The Swedish EPA says a plastics tax could help the country achieve its goal of no net greenhouse gas emissions by 2045.

The Bulletin

13 May 2020:

Regulatory Issues:

  • Chilean Government Sets Initial Date for Manufacturers to Declare Priority Products under New EPR Law
  • United Kingdom Government Publishes Guidance for Reopening Local Recycling Centers during Covid-19 Pandemic
  • Connecticut DEEP Approves Resumption of Container Depost Scheme Operations


  • Government of New Zealand Allocates $8 Million for Grants to Reduce Waste
  • Hong Kong Government Provides Waste Workers $6.5 Million to Protect against Covid-19
  • Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Announces Grants to Support Recyclables Market Development
  • Brazilian Ministry of Environment Highlights Accomplishments during First Year of Zero Waste Plan
  • Ontario Launches Provincial Day of Action on Litter

Business Initiatives:

  • Australian Recycling Industry Group Voices Concerns about Plastic Waste from Covid-19 Epidemic
  • European Furniture Industry Report Discusses Being Part of the Circular Economy

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