State Recycling Laws Update

2 May 2016:

National Pharmaceutical Stewardship Program Proposed in US Congress
The US Attorney General and Drug Enforcement Agency Administrator would have responsibility for the program.

National Strategy for Re-refining Used Oil Subject of US House Bill
The strategy would include used oil collection and promotion of re-fined oil use by the federal government and the public.

Rhode Island Senators Want to Ban Organohalogen Flame Retardants in Bedding and Upholstered Furniture
The Rhode Island General Assembly joins six other state legislatures with similar bills.

Louisiana Bill Would Facilitate Sales of Some Scrap Copper
The measure would eliminate a waiting period for making payments.

Colleges and Universities with Best Waste Diversion and Recycling Efforts Would Be Recognized under Michigan Bill
A program to do so would be overseen by the Department of Environmental Quality.

Minneapolis City Council Approves Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags
The ban takes effect on June 1, 2017.

San Francisco Board of Supervisors to Consider Expanding Polystyrene Foam Ban
Polystyrene foam egg cartons and meat trays are among the packaging and products to be banned.

Recycling Laws International

5 April 2016:

French Government Bans Distribution of Single-Use Plastic Bags
Plastic bags produced with bio-based material will still be permitted.

Swedish EPA Recommends Charging SEK 5 Minimum for Single-Use Plastic Bags
The bag fee is proposed to meet a recent EU Directive requirement.

Indian Government Publishes Proposed Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016
The rules include establishing extended producer responsibility programs for plastic bags and related packaging.

UK Government Consults on Clarity of Proposed Packaging Waste Regulations Revisions
The regulations concern producer responsibility organizations.

Draft Construction and Demolition Waste Rules Unveiled by Indian Government
The rules specify the responsibilities of generators, transporters, processors and governments; processing site criteria; and an implementation timeline.

Latest Eurostat Data Shows a Combined 44% Recycling and Composting Rate for the EU in 2014
Average per capita waste generation EU-wide was 475 kilograms.

The Bulletin

6 April 2016:

Regulatory Issues:
Canada Publishes Changes to Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Recyclable Material Regulations

Statistics and Trends:
Sao Paolo Single-Use Plastic Bag Consumption Drops 70% after Passage of State Bag Law
UNEP Announces Funding for Special Program on Chemicals and Waste
City of Paris Issues Call for Reuse and Recycling Demonstration Projects
Mattress Recycling Facility Opens in the Australian Capital Territory
WRAP Report Indicates UK Is Making Progress in Plastics Recycling
Austria Glass Recycling Says 220,000 Tons of Austrian Glass Bottles and Jars Were Recycled in 2015
Dutch Producer Compliance Scheme Collects 110 Million Kilograms of WEEE

Business Initiatives:
US Glass Packaging Institute Helps Fund North Carolina Glass Recycling Effort
US Food Service Packaging Institute Launches Educational Website and Toolkit

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