State Recycling Laws Update

17 September 2018:

California Legislature Approves More Bills Addressing Waste and Recycling Issues
Laws pertaining to beverage container redemption center operations, carpet stewardship annual reporting deadlines, and expansion of activities eligible for the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund are about to change.

Additional Legislation in Michigan Targets Non-Flushable, Non-Woven Wipes
One measures calls on the United States Congress to enact national legislation.

Concurrent Resolutions Introduced in New Jersey Legislature Call for Different Actions against Single-Use Plastics
One resolution requests that the federal government enact extended producer responsibility legislation.

New York City Public Advocate Introduces Bill to Require Organic Waste Separation by City Agencies
The proposed requirement would take effect next July.

Milwaukee City Council Resolution Commends Kroger for Plan to Eliminate Single-Use Plastic Bags
By state law, Milwaukee cannot regulate single-use plastic bags.

British Columbia Government Consults on Changes to Organic Waste Recycling Regulation
Among the changes non-recyclable paper material and compostable plastic would be authorized for composting.

Recycling Laws International

10 September 2018:

Australian Government Invites Feedback on Planned Update of 2009 National Waste Policy
A discussion paper for the update sets six new waste reduction and recycling targets for 2030.

UK Prime Minister Intends to Increase Charge on Plastic Carrier Bags
The charge would double from five to ten pence in an effort to decrease marine plastic litter.

Ban on Plastic Bags Proposed in Brazilian Senado
Only biodegradable and reusable bags would be permitted.

Transition from Disposable Plastic Shopping Bags to Biodegradable Alternatives Proposed in Peruvian Congress
Merchants would have a year to complete the transition.

Grenada Approves Non-Biodegradable Waste Control 2018
Under the Act, a ban on importation of polystyrene foam food packaging took effect on September 1.

The Bulletin

12 September 2018:

Regulatory Developments:
Ontario RPRA Sets 2019 Blue Box Steward Funding Obligation at $126.4 Million
EFSA Preparing New Risk Assessment of BPA in Food Contact Materials

Statistics and Trends:
Portuguese Municipal Solid Waste Generation Up for 4th Consecutive Year
Use of Refillable Glass Beverage Bottles in Germany Fell to 44% in 2016
Chilean Environmental Ministry Launches Awarness Campaign to Reduce Disposable Water Bottle Use
NY DEC Allocates $2 Million for Food Waste Prevention and Recycling Grants
Food Waste Reduction Guidelines Developed by Mexican Government and Stakeholders
Canadian Government Promotes National Waste Plastics Clean Up Events

Business Initiatives:
Plastics Recyclers Europe Releass Assessment Tool for Plastic Film Recyclability
Industry Association Makes Recommendations for Improving UK Recycled Materials Quality

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