State Recycling Laws Update

14 January 2019:

Two Bills Introduced in Virginia General Assembly Target Plastic Waste
One bill would establish a Plastic Pollution Prevent Council; the other would authorize local ordinances banning specified plastic items.

Senator Calls for Repeal of Missouri Law Prohibiting Local Carryout Bag Ordinances
The law was enacted in 2015, but required an override of a governor's veto to take effect.

Washington State Legislature to Take Up Bill Banning Plastic Beverage Straws
The proposed ban would take effect in 2020.

Colorado Bill Would Allow Local Governments to Set Recycling and Composting Standards for Carryout Food Containers
However, a state ban against local ordinances that prohibit or restrict containers or packaging would not be repealed by the bill.

Food Waste Initiatives Study Proposed in New York Assembly Bill
A report of findings and recommendations would be delivered to the governor and legislature.

Labelling Scheme to Reduce Food Waste Proposed in Massachusetts General Court
Ready-to-eat food products would display both a safety date and a quality date.

Fewer Paper Sales Receipts Would Be Printed Under a California Bill Targeting Waste Paper
Businesses that provide paper receipts to customers that do not request them could receive fines.

Two State Legislatures Address Collection of Local Waste and Recycling Fees
Bills were introduced in Indiana and Virginia.

Landfill Gas Fee Proposed in Virginia General Assembly
Collected fees would be placed in a new Greenhouse Gas Fund.

Massachusetts General Court Approves Bill Banning Eleven Flame Retardants in Children's Products
Manufacturers that violate the law could be fined as much as $50,000.

Indiana House Bill Would Restrict Five Categories of Flame Retardants in Some Products
The chemical restrictions would apply only to upholstered furniture, mattresses, and mattress pads.

Ban of Sale of Cleaning Products and Cosmetics Containing 1,4-Dioxane Proposed in New York Senate
The US EPA says the chemical is likely a human carcinogen and has been found in groundwater across the United States.

Recycling Laws International

2 January 2019:

Australian Governments Release 2018 National Waste Policy
The policy provides a framework for waste reduction and recycling activities through 2030 and embraces a circular economy.

Brazil Ministry of Environment Launches Public Consultation on Marine Waste Prevention Plan
The ministry is seeking input into what should be included in the plan.

New Scottish Landfill Management Plan Supports 2021 National Biodegradable Waste Ban
The plan also calls for improving landfill gas capture data.

UK Government Launches Consultation on Doubling English Single-Use Plastic Bag Fee
Producers of single-use plastic bags would be required to report the number of bags they place in the market.

Bill Introduced in Brazilian Camara Would Prohibit Disposable Plastic Bags, Cups and Straws
The bill also requires the items be manufactured from biodegradable material within two years of the law's approval.

Chilean Camara Bill Would Require Special Labeling on Products Prioritized for Extended Producer Responsibility
Priority products include packaging, EEE, lubricating oil, tires, batteries, newspapers and magazines.

European Commission Announces Broad Restrictions on Four Phthalates Used in Plastics
The four phthalates will be restricted in all consumer products in the EU.

The Bulletin

16 January 2019:

Regulatory Developments:
CalRecycle Begins Rulemaking Process for Medical Sharps Product Stewardship
New York Governor Again Proposes Banning Single-Use Plastic Bags
119 Businesses Cited as Non-compliant in 2018 with Massachusett Materials Disposal Ban

Statistics and Trends:
ADEME, MTES and CITEO Interested in Innovative Proposals to Increase French Packaging Recycling
Better Household Waste Separation Will Be a Key Element in Next Danish National Waste Plan
City of Toronto Announces Availability of Residential Waste Reduction Grants
Hong Kong EPD Launches Glass Container Recycling Charter
Michigan DEQ Awards Nearly $1 Million in Scrap Tire Clean Up Grants
Irish EPA Announces Strategic Partnership with Eco-Center to Bring Attention to Product Reuse

Business Initiatives:
Twenty-Seven Companies Join Together to Launch Alliance to End Plastic Waste

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