State Recycling Laws Update

13 April 2015:

Wisconsin State Legislature Approves Repeal of Newspaper Recycled Content Law
The enrolled bill was sent to the governor for signing.

Arizona Governor Signs Multifamily Residential Recycling Bill into Law
Private waste and recycling companies expected to benefit from the measure.

Cambridge, Massachusetts Bans Single-Use Plastic Bags
The new ordinance will take effect a year from now.

Arizona Legislature Approves Bill Prohibiting Local Plastic Bag Restrictions
Some other types of packaging would also be free from local government restrictions, taxes or fees.

Bill Introduced In US Congress Addresses Home Medical Sharps Waste
Funding for collection and disposal of the waste would be provided under Part D of Medicare.

Recycling of Critical Minerals Part of Proposed American Mineral Security Act of 2015
U.S. Senate bill would task the Department of Energy to develop and implement a critical minerals R&D program.

Wisconsin Opens Public Comment Period on Draft E-Cycle Guidance Document
The document clarifies registration suspensions and revocations of covered device collectors and recyclers.

Passage of Hawaii E-Waste Law Amendments Close
Changes address collection of end-of-life devices in manufacturers' recovery plans.

New Jersey Governor Signs Ban on Plastic Microbeads into Law
Amended bill includes reduced penalties for violations.

Maryland General Assembly Close to Approving Ban on Microplastic Beads
House and Senate versions of the same bill are trying to be reconciled in committee.

Recycling Laws International

17 April 2015:

Bill in Brazilian Camara Would Ban Recycled Paper from Use in Food Packaging
Concern is raised about sanitation issues with the paper waste stream.

EFSA Approves Three PET Recycling Processes for Use in Food Contact Applications
The rPET could be used to make thermoformed trays and containers and, in one instance, bottles.

European Parliament Committee Discusses Draft Report on EU Resource Efficiency and a Circular Economy
Recommendations in report range from "urban mining" of existing landfills to expanding the scope of the EU Eco-Design Directive.

New UK Law Prohibits Local Governments from Charging Consumers for Dropping Off Household Waste and Recyclables
However, for some local governments the prohibition does not take effect until 2020.

South Australia EPA Publishes Report on Recent Government-Industry Waste Summit
Public comment period opened on recommendations contained in the report.

New Portuguese National Waste Management Plan Takes Effect
Plan transposes requirements of the EU Waste Framework Directive.

Brazilian Camara Bill Would Eliminate Energy Inefficient Lamps
Some fluorescent lamps would be eliminated by LEDs.

The Bulletin

8 April 2015:

Government and Regulatory:
Ireland Opens Public Consultation on Battery Law Revisions
Colorado DPHE Rejects Industry's Initial Proposed Paint Stewardship Plan
California to Receive $1.74 Million in Settlement over Container Deposit Refund Charges
Canada Proposes Bans on Some Common Flame Retardants and Other Chemicals

Statistics and Trends:
Canadian Plastic Packaging Recycling Up 9% in 2014
European Commission Committee Publishes List of Emerging and New Health Risks
Danish EPA Report Addresses Hazardous Substances in Building Materials
Report Discusses Extending the Useful Life of Smart Devices
Ohio EPA Provides More Than $450,000 in Glass Recycling Grants

Business and Industry Initiatives:
E-Waste Recycling Firms Create Socially-Focused Network
Textile Recycling Industry Educational Campaign Reached One Million Students

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