State Recycling Laws Update

6 April 2020:

Plastic Bottle Recycled Content Mandates Bill Approved by Washington State Legislature
Governor Jay Inslee has not decided on whether to sign the bill into law.

Washington Becomes the Latest State to Ban Single-Use Plastic Carryout Bags
The new law also will require pass-through charges on recycled paper bags and reusable plastic film bags.

New Hampshire Senate Takes Up Two Bills Concerning Single-Use Bags
One bill would impose bag fees ranging from ten cents to 50 fifty cents per bag.

Charleston, South Carolina Suspends Single-Use Plastic Bag Ordinance Enforcement in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic
The ordinance went into effect on January 1.

City of San Jose, California Exploring "Procurement" of a Polypropylene Recycling Plant
Using a new recycling process, the plant would produce what is being called "virgin-like plastic."

Florida Legislature Approves Bill to Reduce Contamination in Recycling Streams
The bill specifies new requirements in all resident recycling contracts with city and county governments

Bill to Create Government Recycling Study Committee Moves to New Hampshire Senate
The study would focus on recycling and waste management at state agencies.

New Virginia Law Supports Refurbishment and Distribution of Surplus State Government Computers
Refurbishment would need to be performed by Virginia non-profit organizations.

Bill Supporting Composting Introduced in the U.S. Congress
The measure seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while converting food waste into something beneficial.

Recycling Laws International

11 February 2020:

Scottish Government Proposes Landfill Tax Increase to Support a Circular Economy
Recommitments also made to a container deposit scheme and other initiatives to reduce waste.

Environment Bill 2019-2020 Reintroduced in UK Parliament
The bill includes a framework for adopting new waste, resource efficiency and producer responsibility regulations by each UK member country.

Australian Government Recycling Market Review Highlights National Waste Challenges
Chinese waste import restrictions have led to volatility for Australian plastics, paper and cardboard recycling.

Plastic Waste Imports and Exports Bill Advances in Parliament of Singapore
The measure would bring Singapore into compliance with its Basel Convention commitments.

Food Waste Reduction Act Proposed in Philippine House of Representatives
Establishments covered under the proposed law would need to segregate edible and inedible food waste streams.

Chilean Diputado Proposes Fishing and Aquaculture Industry Finance Marine Waste Clean Up
The bill’s author cites marine microplastics and an increasing volume of plastic waste among the reasons for action.

The Bulletin

25 March 2020:

Regulatory Issues:

  • Government of Hong Kong Allocates $200 Million to Support Recyclers During COVID-19 Pandemic
  • UK Governments Suspending Carrier Bag Tax Due to COVID-19 Pandemic


  • Danish Beverage Container Return Rate Climbed to 92% in 2019
  • Spanish Glass Bottle Recycling Up 30% Over Last Five Years
  • French Packaging Recycling Compliance Scheme Seeking Provider of Automated Plastic Bottle Recovery Systems
  • UK WRAP Announces £1.5 Million Grant Fund to Support Textile Recycling and Reuse
  • New South Wales EPA Makes More Than $1 Million in Litter Cleanup Grants
  • Danish EPA Announces Proposed New Microplastics Monitoring Program
  • Signatories of European Plastics Pact Hold Kick-Off Meeting

Business Initiatives:

  • European Paper Recycling Council Concerned about COVID-19 Pandemic's Possible Effect on Paper Supply Chain

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