State Recycling Laws Update

10 May 2021:

Arizona and Arkansas Become Second and Third States This Year to Approve Chemical Recycling of Waste Plastics Legislation
Arizona Governor Ducey signed that state’s bill into law on April 23.

Second Bill to Require Compostable Only Disposable Tableware for Government Use Introduced in New York State Legislature
A companion bill was introduced in the Senate in January.

Ontario Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Prevent Release of Microplastics from Washing Machines
Selling washing machines without the prescribed filters could result in fines.

Vermont House of Representatives Approves Expansion of Beverages Covered by State Container Deposit Scheme
The bill still needs approval by the Senate.

Arkansas and Montana Become Latest States to Prohibit Local Governments from Adopting Ordinances Regulating Auxiliary Containers
More than a dozen states have enacted similar laws in recent years.

Two Bills Addressing Organic Waste Recycling Approved by Maryland General Assembly
One bill phases in source separation of food waste based on the volume of food waste generated annually.

Two Bills Concerning Composting of Organic Waste Introduced in New York Senate
One bill would establish community composting in public recreation areas.

Maryland General Assembly Approves Bill to Develop Markets for Recyclable Materials
The bill is awaiting Governor Larry Hogan’s signature.

Baltimore City Council Considers Measures to Address Illegal Waste Dumping Problem
One proposal would establish a small hauler incentive problem to clean up dumped waste.

Study on Photovoltaic and Solar Water Heater Panels Waste and Recycling Approved by Hawaii State Legislature
An interim report will be submitted to the legislature before the start of its 2022 regular session.

Honolulu to Consider Possible C&D Waste Recycling Program
The city council chair believes the waste stream could generate revenue for the city.

Recycling Laws International

3 May 2021:

European Commission Launches Consultation on Widening the Scope of the EU Ecodesign Directive
Broadening the directive to support a circular economy is under consideration.

Bill Introduced in Irish Parliament Would Set a National Standard for Carbon Footprint Labelling of Products and Commodities
The standard would be set by the National Standards Authority of Ireland and the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment.

Irish Government Releases Draft Circular Economy Strategy
A public consultation on the draft strategy is open.

Australian Capital Territory Approves Bill Banning Some Single-Use Plastic Products
Other items could be added to the prohibited products list starting next year.

Republic of South Africa Amends Its National Plastic Bag Law
Plastic bags must meet a set of increasingly higher recycled content targets beginning in 2023.

Portuguese Ministry of Environment Issues Guidance on Managing Waste from Covid-19 Testing
The guidance makes separate recommendations for households, pharmacies, non-medical large volume test sites, and medical and hospital facilities.

The Bulletin

12 May 2021:

Statistics and Trends:

  • Household Waste Recycling Rate in England Fell 3.4% in Latest Government Quarterly Report
  • Roughly 1.7 Billion Danish Beverage Containers Were Returned in 2020
  • Consumption of Single-Use Plastic Bags Fell 26% in Sweden in 2020
  • Project Recently Launched in Chile Recycles Used Covid Pandemic Masks into New Products
  • Annual Survey Finds Cigarette Butts and Packaging Remain the Most Littered Items in Ireland
  • Government of Quebec Approves $14 Million to Develop Recycled Materials Markets
  • Massachusetts DEP Awards $1.3 Million in Waste Diversion, Reuse and Recycling Grants
  • Indiana DEM Announces Availability of Recycling Market Development Grants

Business Initiatives:

  • Australian Recycling Council Announces Support for Waste-to-Energy for Some Material
  • Four Certification Schemes Join Recycled Plastic Content Certification Platform PolyCert Europe

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