State Recycling Laws Update

19 February 2018:

Connecticut Bill Proposal Would Add Nip Bottles to Beverage Container Deposit Scheme
The miniature liquor containers would be added to the current five-cent recycling deposit.

Ontario Environmental Minister Directs Launch of E-Waste Stewardship Program Transition
The current e-waste management organization will develop a plan this year to cease operation in 2020.

Bill to Encourage Public School Recycling and Composting Approved by Washington Senate
The bill is now being considered in the House of Representatives.

Companion Bills in Vermont General Assembly Would Modify Provisions of the Law Addressing Organic Waste Composting and Recycling
Among the modifications, smaller commercial food waste generators would no longer need to arrange to have their food waste transported to a management facility.

Bill Introduced in United States Senate Would Remove Tax Credits for Energy Recovery from Recyclable Paper
The bill could help encourage more paper recycling.

Transfer of Administrative Responsibility for Newsprint Recycled Content Mandate Proposed by Maryland Senator
A nine-member board appointment by the governor would be dissolved.

Carpet Recycling Ordinance Proposed in New York City Council
The proposed ordinance also would ban landfill disposal of carpeting.

New Jersey Lawmakers Re-Introduce Proposal for Solar Panels Recycling Program
The Department of Environmental Protection would have responsibility for developing the program.

Pennsylvania Lawmaker Plans Bill to Require Pharmacies to Collect Unwanted Drugs for Disposal
Pharmacies would need to installation collection receptacles.

New York City Council Bill Would Require Scrap Metal Processors to Record Metals Purchases
Penalties for violations would range from $500 to $2,000.

Connecticut House Committee Calls for Study on Beneficial Uses for Waste Tires
A report from the study would be submitted to the Connecticut General Assembly.

Recycling Laws International

16 February 2018:

Chilean Ministry of Environment Consults on National Ecodesign and Labeling Plan
Companies and products will be environmentally evaluated and certified using reference technical standards.

Danish Government Opens Initial Consultation on National Plastic Action Plan
Suggestions ought on plastic waste prevention, recycling, design and innovation, microplastic pollution prevention and related issues.

Panamanian Government Bans Retail Distribution of Single-Use Plastic Bags
Businesses have 18 to 24 months to transition to other types of carryout bags.

Draft Legislation to Ban Plastic Microbeads Published by Scottish Government
Additional legislation to ban plastic stemmed cotton buds proposed.

European MP Releases Draft Report Calling for Criteria for Product Robustness, Repairability Recyclability, Reuse and More
Those changes and others recommended in amendments to the EU Ecodesign Directive.

More Irish Food-Related Businesses Sign Voluntary Commitment to Government to Reduce Food Waste
Signatories commit to taking steps to reduce food waste by 50% by 2030.

The Bulletin

14 February 2018:

Statistics and Trends:
European Paper Recycling Rate Increased to 72.5% in Latest Data Report
Spanish Glass Bottle Recycling Rate Has More Than Doubled during Past 20 Years
French Government Announces €300 Million in Funding Available for Environmental Research and Innovation Projects
Catalan Waste Agency Allocates €1.8 Million for Local Waste Prevention and Reuse Projects
Indiana DEM Awards $1 Million in Recycling Market Development Grants
United Kingdom Accepting Expressions of Interest for Food Waste Reduction Fund Grants
Danish EPA Begins Testing Drinking Water for Microplastic Pollutants

Business Initiatives:
Dunkin' Donuts Announces Phaseout of Polystryene Foam Coffee Cups
ReFED Publishes Guide on Food Waste Reduction for Retailers
The Recycling Partnership Provides Recycling Cart Funding and Assistance for Another US City

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