State Recycling Laws Update

20 October 2017:

Second Bill to Restrict Interstate Waste Imports and Impose Higher Fees on Out-of-State Waste Introduced in US Congress
The new House of Representatives bill is a companion to an earlier bill introduced in the Senate.

Bill Introduced in Pennsylvania General Assembly Seeks to Deter Waste Tire Dumping in Philadelphia
The illegal disposal of waste tires would produce fines of $5,000 per tire.

Ohio General Assembly to Consider Auxiliary Containers Bill
The legislation would insure that single-use plastic bags, food service packaging and some other packaging are available for commercial distribution.

Environmental Fee on Carryout Bags Proposed for Cuyahoga County, Ohio
County retailers would retain part of the fee and remit the remainder to the county fiscal officer.

St. Paul City Council Considers Then Delays Action on Proposed Carryout Food Packaging Ordinance
The ordinance would ban carryout food and beverage packaging that is not environmentally acceptable.

Bill to Ban Waste Tire Burning Proposed in Nova Scotia Legislature
A legislator wants more waste tires to be recycled, not used as fuel at cement plants.

US Consumer Products Safety Commission Restricts Five Phthalates in Children's Toys and Products
New regulations result from a lawsuit brought by several environmental and health non-profit organizations.

San Francisco BOS Votes to Ban Upholstered Furniture and Juvenile Products Containing Flame Retardants
The county-wide sales ban would commence on January 1, 2019.

Recycling Laws International

12 October 2017:

England Launches Preliminary Public Consultation on Beverage Container Deposit Scheme
Responses will be reviewed by a government-established working group that could help shape possible draft regulations.

New South Wales EPA Launches Public Consultation on Draft Waste and Resource Infrastructure Strategy
New organic waste and C&D waste processing facilities are recommended; new energy recovery facilities may also be added.

South African Environmental Ministry Takes Over Management of Tire Stewardship Program
The Ministry's Waste Management Bureau assumes interim responsibility for the product stewardship scheme.

Chilean Municipal Transit System Participates in Beverage Container Reverse Vending Payment System
Commuters can pay for transportation using waste plastic bottles and beverage cans.

Protection of Waste Workers from Consumer Medical Sharps Proposed in Brazilian Camara Bill
The bill would amend the National Policy for Solid Waste to require public awareness campaigns.

Swedish Chemicals Agency Launches Mobile Website on Chemicals in Children's Lives
The website is the agency's latest "action plan for a toxic-free everyday environment" initiative.

The Bulletin

18 October 2017:

Regulatory Developments:
Recently Enacted Israeli Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags Produces 80% Drop in Distribution
Swiss Government Wants to Increase Industrial and Agricultural PE Recycling through Industry Stewardship

Statistics and Trends:
WRAP Launches Stakeholder Consultation on Possible UK Color Scheme for Household Waste and Recycling Containers
Large Shopping Malls in Singapore Account for 7% of All Solid Waste Disposed Nationally
RECYC-QUEBEC Issues Call for Proposals for ICI Sector Waste Diversion Projects
Irish EPA Launches National Drive to Collect Farm Hazardous Wastes
Zero Waste Scotland Says Uneaten Halloween Pumpkins Add to Food Waste
Firstever Global Recycling Day Announced

Business Initiatives:
European Bioplastics Says Biodegradable Plastic Bags Are Not Problematic for Recycling Streams
Austrian Plastics Manufacturer Leads €4 Million Effort to Reduce Marine Plastic Debris

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