State Recycling Laws Update

July 8, 2024:

Government of Canada Launches Public Consultation on Managing Plastic Textile and Apparel Sector Waste
Feedback from the consultation will help the government prepare a draft roadmap.

Biden Administration Releases National Strategy for Reducing Food Loss and Waste and Recycling More Organics
The strategy supports a a national goal to reduce food loss and waste in the United States by 50% by 2030.

Rhode Island Governor Signs Consumer PFAS Ban Act into Law
Intentionally added PFAS would be banned for most products starting January 1, 2027.

Colorado Governor Vetoes Approved Bill Disallowing for State Incentives for 'Advanced Recycling' of Plastic Waste
The governor said the bill "would have halted several promising production pathways for sustainable aviation fuel."

Bill to Establish EPR for Solar Panels Clears California Assembly
The bill now is being considered in the California Senate.

California Assembly Approves Changes to State Carryout Bag Law
Among the changes, plastic "pre-checkout bags" would become exempt from the law.

Recycling Laws International

July 15, 2024:

Bill Introduced in Brazilian Camara Would Authorize Tax Discounts for Companies and Individuals that Source Separate Waste
The bill's sponsors says it wouldstimulate investments in technologies and infrastructure aimed at managing waste and increasing recycling.

Western Australia Launches Public Review of Current Waste Strategy
The current strategy that runs to 2030 was released in 2019.

Danish Ministry of Environment Announces Planned Ban on PFAS in Textiles
The ministry claims that PFAS from textiles make up around 60% of all PFAS emissions in the European Union.

Philippine House Bill Would Ban All Types of Plastic Shrink Wrap
Included would be plastic wrap used to secure packaging on pallets bound for transport.

Swedish EPA Proposes 2024 Anti-Litter Fees for Single-Use Plastic Products and Packaging
The collected fees would be directed to municipalities to support cleaning up single-use plastics litter.

Amendments to National Plastic Bag Law Proposed in Chilean Camara
The bill would add certification and labeling requirements on carryout bags.

The Bulletin

July 2024:

Regulatory Developments:

  • New Norwegian Regulations Set Waste Separation and Sorting Requirements
  • Quebec Government Advisory Committee Recommends Adopting New Regulations to Reduce Construction and Demolition Waste
  • New South Wales Launches Public Consultation on Possible Landfill Tax Increase to Boost Recycling
  • More Single-Use Plastics Banned in British Columbia
  • Welsh Govenrment Proposes Ban on Single-Use Vaping Pens to Support a Circular Economy

Statistics and Trends:

  • German Government Study Recommends Sorting Waste Textiles Treated with PFAS
  • European Steel Packaging Recycling Rate Reached 80.5% in 2022
  • Despite Reduction Efforts, Irish EPA Says Country Generated 750,000 Tons of Food Waste in 2022
  • Czech Ministry of Environment Announces 50 Million Crowns to Close Illegal Dumpsites

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