State Recycling Laws Update

16 November 2021:

Bill to Establish Federal Battery Recycling Grants Introduced in United States Senate
The grants would be provided by the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

Rulemaking Process Underway in Florida to Phase Out Polystyrene Foam Food Service Products
The process was launched by the Agriculture Commissioner.

Draft Regulation in Quebec Would Expand EPR Regulations to Cover Six Additional Product Categories
A public consultation on the regulation was launched on October 13.

Proposed Changes to British Columbia’s Environmental Management Act Focus on Packaging-Related Definitions
Most of the proposed changes would affect single-use packaging and products.

Zero Waste Commission Proposed for City of Baltimore
The commission would develop a plan to largely eliminate landfill disposal of waste by 2035.

Pittsburgh City Council Considers Requirement to Eliminate Single-Use Plastics in Municipal Purchasing
The requirement is part of an update of the city’s sustainable and socially responsible purchasing procurement policy.

Recycling Laws International

2 November 2021:

Indian Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change Issues Draft Plastic Packaging EPR Regulations
The regulations set a 100% EPR coverage target for specified plastic packaging by 2023.

New Zealand Government Launches Public Consultation on Developing a New National Waste Strategy
Input on developing required new waste legislation also is being sought.

Iceland Environment Agency Releases Action Plan to Reduce Food Waste
The plan includes 24 actions to be taken by government and businesses.

Brazilian Camara Bill Would Require Retailers to Collect Used Packaging
The bill focuses on glass, aluminum and plastic packaging.

European Commission Adopts Regulations Restricting Three Harmful Chemicals in Recyclable Waste
Two of the three chemicals are used to treat textiles, a waste stream of growing interest in the European Union.

United Kingdom Government Announces Plastic Packaging Tax Amendments
The amendments are supposed to provide a financial incentive to use more recycled content in plastic packaging.

The Bulletin

27 October 2021:

Regulatory Developments:

  • Delayed Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban Takes Effect in Washington State

Statistics and Trends:

  • European Plastic Film Recycling Increased 10% in 2020
  • Waste Generation Jumped 20% in Northern Ireland
  • Portuguese Environment Agency Announces Project to Track Possible Illegal E-Waste Movement
  • Hong Kong Launches Preliminary Public Consultation on Transitioning from Single-Use Plastics
  • Japanese MOE Announces Pilot Projects Supporting Circular Plastics Production and CO2 Reductions
  • Italian Ministry of Environmental Transition Allocates €27 Million for Plastic Bottle Recycling Machines
  • New Zealand Government Announces $50 Million in Funding to Minimize Plastic Waste
  • New South Wales Makes $7 Million Available for Solar Panels Recycling

Business Initiatives:

  • Canadian Company Signs MOU with Call2Recycle to Collect and Recycle Electric Vehicle Batteries

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