State Recycling Laws Update

24 April 2017:

Washington State Legislature Passes Changes to Mercury-Containing Lights Stewardship Law
Among the changes, the Department of Ecology must refund access administrative fees to producers.

Omnibus Extended Producer Responsibility Bill Introduced in New York State Assembly
Rather than focus on a product type, the bill would require EPR for all consumer products.

Amendments to Covered Device Recycling Act Proposed in Pennsylvania House of Representatives
The bill would increase manufacturer market share targets for the next few years.

Extension of Scrap Tire Fee Approved by Arizona State Legislature
The fee will be extended eight years.

West Virginia Governor Signs Law Increasing Penalties for Littering and Illegal Dumping
Fines and community service times are both increased substantially.

Three Recently Introduced Bills in Vermont General Assembly Would Impose Carbon Pollution Taxes
Fossil fuel purchases would be taxed, replacing or decreasing other tax revenue sources.

Bills to Fund the Purchase of At-Home Prescription Drug Deactivation and Disposal Products Introduced in Minnesota
One million dollars in funding would be allocated over the next two fiscal years.

Chicago Area Suburb Approves Ordinance Establishing Voluntary Single-Use Bag Fee Pilot Program
The new ordinance follows Chicago's seven-cent fee on single-use bags.

Recycling Laws International

21 April 2017:

UK Government Proposes Strategy to Combat Litter in England
The proposed initiatives that involve packaging directly are minimal and largely voluntary.

Single-Use Plastic Bag Distribution Fell 71% in the Netherlands since a National Ban on Free Distribution
A government-sponsored survey of retailers found most support the ban a year after it took effect.

Catalan Waste Agency Adopts Regulations to Support a Circular Economy
The regulations authorize government grants to businesses for specified types of projects.

Recommendations for Supporting a Circular Economy Discussed in Recent Swedish Parliament Report
Policy proposals for increasing product durability, reuse, and sharing are among the report's recommendations.

European Parliament Committee Approves Opinion for Adopting a Resolution on Greater Product Durability
The resolution would support efforts to increase product reuse, decrease waste, and help transition to a circular economy.

Japanese Recycling Rate Little Changed in 2016 Says Ministry of Environment
Municipal solid waste generation was also down.

The Bulletin

19 April 2017:

Regulatory Developments:
Operator of Illegal UK Waste Site Sentenced to Eight Months in Jail
County in New York Considers Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags

Statistics and Trends:
Canadian Plastic Packaging Recycling Up 0.4% in 2015
Dutch Rail System Adds Human Assistants to Improve Waste Separation by Passengers
Association of UK Local Governments Says EPR Needed to Address Plastic Bottle and Coffee Cup Waste
Swedish EPA Considers Methods to Remove Drug Residues during Wastewater Treatment
New York City Embraces Old Tech to Help Clean Up Litter

Business Initiatives:
Australian Packaging Covenant Releases Two White Papers on Sustainable Packaging
The Recycling Partnership Announces Availability of Grants to Establishing Curbside Recycling Cart Programs
American Forest & Paper Association Launches Packaging Sustainability Website for Teachers and Students

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