State Recycling Laws Update

7 July 2021:

Maine State Legislature Approves Packaging EPR Bill
The enrolled bill was sent to Democratic Governor Janet Mills to sign into law.

Rhode Island General Assembly Approves Ban on Distribution on Single-Use Plastic Straws
The ban will take effect once the Department of Health promulgates needed rules.

Resolutions Adopted by Louisiana House of Representatives Seek to Encourage Recycling and Reduce Plastic Pollution
One resolution addresses accidental release of preproduction plastic into state waters.

New Jersey Senate Approves Bill Requiring Post-Consumer Plastic Content Minimums in Packaging and Bags
The measure is now being reviewed in the Assembly.

Bill Introduced in US House of Representatives Proposes R&D Funding for “Advanced Recycling” of Waste Plastics
The measure includes $200 million in federal funding over the next five years.

Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags Proposed in Pennsylvania General Assembly
The bill was introduced as a state law prohibiting local plastic bag ordinances is set to expire.

Bill Introduced in United States Senate Would Prohibit Environmental Discharge of Plastic Pellets by Producers
The measure directs the US Environmental Protection Agency to adopt and enforce a new rule.

Seventeen Michigan State Representatives Cosponsor Bill to Ban Some Chemicals in Food Packaging
The proposed ban would take effect in 2023.

Recycling Laws International

19 July 2021:

New Zealand Government Approves Plan for Phasing Out Problematic and Single-Use Plastics
The plan begins with a phaseout of six types of products by the end of next year.

Australian Parliament Approves Bill Adding Plastic Waste to Basel Convention Requirements
The legal framework was agreed to by Basel Convention parties more than two years ago.

Hong Kong Government Launches Public Consultation to Regulate Disposable Plastic Tableware
A ban on targeted items would occur in two phases.

First Annual Report on French National Pact on Plastic Packaging Published
Pact signatories reported using 2.5% less plastic packaging and increasing recyclable plastic packaging by 19% in 2020, among other findings.

Brazilian Deputado Introduces Bill to Establish a National E-Waste Awareness Week
The national government, states and municipalities would share responsibility for promoting the week.

Motion Introduced in Chilean Camara Calls for Requiring Supermarkets to Serve as Recycling Collection Points
Supermarkets that fail to obey the law would face financial penalties.

The Bulletin

7 July 2021:

Regulatory Developments:

  • Norwegian Government Announces Mandatory Labeling Requirements for Several Single-Use Plastic Products
  • Transition Period Ends for French Ban on Some Single-Use Plastic Food Service Items

Statistics and Trends:

  • Chile Begins Construction of 354 Packaging Collection Points for National EPR Program
  • New South Wales Commits $356 Million to Reduce Single-Use Plastics and Boost Recycling
  • Swedish EPA Awards SEK 70 Million in Grants to Prevent Microplastic Releases from Stormwater Runoff
  • Danish EPA Says Many Municipalities Making Progress in Sorting Nine Priority Household Waste Streams
  • Level of MSW Managed in Virginia Decreased in 2020, But Most Still Was Landfilled
  • New Irish EPA Food Waste Prevention Campaign Focuses on Improving Consumer Produce Storage
  • Recycle BC Tests Use of Flexible Plastic Packaging to Make Concrete More Durable

Business Initiatives:

  • Australian Waste Industry Association Is Upbeat on Government Efforts to Address Plastic Waste

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