State Recycling Laws Update

27 June 2022:

New Canadian Regulations Will Ban Single-Use Plastics Nationwide
The ban will phase in starting on December 20 of this year.

U.S. EPA Announces Development of Three Major Recycling, Reuse and Waste Prevention Grants Programs
As part of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law enacted earlier this year, more than $375 million in grant funding is being allocated.

US Department of Interior Issues Order to Phase-out Single-Use Plastic Products in National Parks and other Department-Managed Lands
The phase-out will be completed over the next ten years.

New Hampshire Is the Latest State to Approve Advanced Recycling of Plastics Law
Eighteen other states have approved similar measures.

California Bill to Set Minimum Recycled Content for Thermoform Plastic Containers Clears the Assembly
The bill is being considered in the Senate.

Another Bill Introduced in United States House or Representatives Seeks to Improve Recycling and Composting Accountability
A companion bill was introduced in the Senate in March.

Companion Bill to Reduce Pollution from Plastic Pellets Introduced in United States House of Representatives
Last year, essentially the same bill was introduced in the Senate.

New York City Council Bill Calls for Study on Reducing Single-Use Plastics
The study would be completed by December 1, 2023.

Recycling Laws International

5 July 2022:

Ban on Single-Use Plastics Takes Effect in India
Special enforcement teams will be for checking for illegal manufacture, import, distribution, sale, and use of banned items.

Bill to Ban Some Single-Use Plastic Products Introduced in Tasmanian Parliament
The bill establishes a pathway for government to institute bans on products.

Scottish Government Plans to Limit Waste Incineration to Support Circular Economy
The announcement follows an independent review of current incineration activities.

Spanish Lawmakers Are Reviewing Bill to Reduce Food Waste
The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food would be responsible for preparing a national food loss and waste prevention plan.

Bill Introduced in Argentinian Camara Would Require Integrated Management of All Municipal Solid Waste within Five Years
The Argentinian Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development would develop a program and guidance.

Public Procurement of Green IT Products Proposed in Brazilian Camara Bill
A government 'lead by example' policy is hoped to stimulate more environmentally friendly IT products in the private sector, too.

UK Government Identifies Five Types of Chemicals for Possible Future Restriction in Products
The five selections comprise the 2022-2023 UK REACH work programme.

The Bulletin

16 February 2022:

Regulatory Developments:

  • Milk and Plant-Based Beverages Containers Added to British Columbia Container Deposit System

Statistics and Trends:

  • Norwegian Environment Agency Audits Find E-Waste Often Improperly Handled by Metal Recycling Facilities
  • Paper Industry Survey Finds 94% of US Communities Have Access to Paper Recycling Programs
  • Spanish Glass Container Recycling Increased 5% in 2021
  • Zero Waste Scotland Report Identifies the Most Carbon Intensive Materials Wasted
  • Victorian Government Announces $36.5 Million in New Funding for Recycling Infrastructure Improvements

Business Initiatives:

  • Coca-Cola Company Plans to Make 25% of Its Bottles Reusable by 2030
  • American Chemistry Council Calls for Creation of a National Plastics Recycling Advisory Committee
  • Plastics Recyclers Europe Launches Data System to Monitor European Plastics Recycling

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