State Recycling Laws Update

15 January 2018:

Vermont Lawmaker Calls for Study of Possible Microplastic Contamination of Tap and Bottled Drinking Water
Findings from the study would be presented to the Vermont General Assembly by January 1, 2020.

Two Missouri General Assembly Bills Would Amend Statute Concerning Local "Auxiliary Containers" Ordinances
The measures add plastic water bottles, cups, boxes and the types of disposable packaging protected by the law.

Bill to Authorize Adoption of Local Plastic Bag Ordinances Introduced in Virginia General Assembly
The measure would amend state law concerning counties, cities and towns.

Colorado Lawmakers Offer Plastic Bag Tax Proposal to Help Pay for Affordable Housing
A uniform 25-cent tax would be charged for plastic shopping bags regardless of how many are used by a store customer.

Missouri General Assembly to Consider Several Pharmaceutical Take Back Bills
Two of the three bills apply only to controlled substances.

Proposal Introduced in Vermont General Assembly Would Require Recycling Containers at Gas Stations
The containers would facilitate the collection of paper, aluminum, cardboard, steel, glass, and hard plastics.

Support for Recycling and Food Waste Composting in Schools Proposed in Washington Senate Bill
However, the measure includes no mandates.

Repeal of Paint Stewardship Act Proposed by Two Colorado Lawmakers
The stewardship program reused and recycled 81% of latex paint collected in 2016 and appears to be financially sound.

Washington State Bill Seeks to Ban PFAS in Food Packaging
The ban would not take effect until the Department of Ecology identifies a safer alternative.

Mississippi Bill Would Restrict Bisphenol A and Phthalates in Some Food and Drink Containers
Warnings about those chemicals and others would need to be displayed on food packaging labels or at point of display in stores.

Restrictions on Flame Retardants in Certain Products Proposed in Indiana General Assembly
The proposed restrictions would cover essentially all flame retardants.

Virginia Bill Would Place a Moratorium on Synthetic Turf Fields Made from Recycled Crumb Rubber
Meanwhile, the Department of Health would conduct a study on potential adverse health effects.

Recycling Laws International

11 January 2018:

Environmental Committee in UK Parliament Recommends Implementing a Container Deposit Scheme
The committee also called for a minimum use of 50% recycled PET in future bottle production and other actions.

Government of Western Australia Launches Public Consultation on Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban
The government wants the ban to commence on July 1, 2018.

Brazilian Government Opens Consultation on Proposed RoHS Regulations for Electronics and Appliances
European Union RoHS regulations were cited in the legislation as a possible model for Brazil.

Bill to Combat Littering and Illegal Dumping Clears Brazilian Camara
The legislation, introduced in 2013, is now being reviewed in the Senado.

ECHA Survey Finds BPA Use in Some European Thermal Paper Remains a Concern
Members of the European Thermal Paper Association appear to be more successful in transitioning to safer alternatives.

New Italian National Strategy for Sustainable Development Includes Some Waste and Recycling Goals
The plan calls for reducing the disposal of municipal solid waste to 10% by 2030.

The Bulletin

3 January 2018:

Regulatory Developments:
Plastic Bag Ban Takes Effect in Montreal
Italian Government Approves Bans on Products Containing Plastic Microbeads and Plastic Cotton Swabs

Statistics and Trends:
New York State E-Waste Collections Up According to Latest DEC Report
Recovery Energy Largely Responsible for Irish MSW Recovery Rate Increase
MSW Generation in Hong Kong Down Slightly in 2016
Australian Product Stewardship Scheme Collected and Recycled 79.1 Tons of Mobile Phone Components in 2016/2017
Survey Says Swedish Consumers Are Using Fewer Single-Use Plastic Bags than Six Months Ago
UK Government Paper Discusses Waste as a Valuable Resource

Business Initiatives:
Plastic Recyclers Europe Updates Design for Recycling of Plastic Packaging Guidelines
Dutch Waste Management Association Joins Recently Created Bio-Economy Federation

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