State Recycling Laws Update

5 October 2022:

California Approves Expansion of Beverages Covered by Container Deposit Scheme
The scheme soon will add wine and distilled spirits as covered beverages.

California Legislature Approves Bills Placing Restrictions on Recyclers Purchasing Catalytic Converters and Bulk Merchandise Pallets
Both new laws seek to prevent selling of stolen materials to recyclers and scrap dealers.

EV Battery Recyclers Would Need to Be State Licensed under New Jersey Assembly Bill
The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection would be responsible for implementing the law.

Bill to Ban PFAS in Food Packaging Introduced in Pennsylvania General Assembly
The proposed statewide manufacturing, distribution and sales ban would take effect in 2024.

Michigan Lawmaker Wants Warning Labels on Disposable Wipes Sold in the State
Anyone violating the law could face civil fines up to $10,000.

Cupertino, California Expands Existing Ban on Single-Use Plastic Items
The ordinance will take effect this week.

Bill Introduced in New York City Council Would Require Dumpsters for Larger Residential Buildings
If approved, the ordinance would take effect 180 days later.

Recycling Laws International

29 August 2022:

Governments of Norway and Rwanda Announce New International Coalition to End Plastic Pollution
The governments of 18 other nations have agreed to be coalition members.

Kenya Plastics Pact Unveils Roadmap for Next Eight Years
The roadmap incorporates goals and targets first proposed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Resolution Introduced in French National Assembly Calls for More Restrictions on Plastic Packaging
One provision would prohibit perfluorinated compounds in food packaging and containers starting in 2024.

Philippine House Bill Would Establish National Network of Regional Recycling Centers
Local government units would initiate actions to help establish the centers; national government departments would provide assistance.

Jamaican Government Launches Fledgling E-Waste Recycling Effort
The country's solid waste agency said it is exploring possible e-waste export markets.

The Bulletin

28 September 2022:

Regulatory Developments:

  • Czech Ban on Single-Use Plastics about to Take Effect
  • Ecuador Ministry of Environment Announces EPR Program for Lamp Manufacturers
  • Resolution Introduced in French National Assembly Would Improve Enforcement of Food Waste Prevention Law

Statistics and Trends:

  • New South Wales EPA Allocates $9 Million to Increase Plastic Recycling
  • New Zealand Government Annnounces $5.57 Million in Grants Awarded to Reduce Plastic Waste
  • UK Advertising Standards Association Cautions Packagers about Making False Recycling Claims
  • Three Industry Organizations Announce Quality Standard for UK Post-Consumer Plastics
  • Green Seal Announces Sustainable Packaging Advisory Group

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