State Recycling Laws Update

17 June 2019:

Delaware Set to Become Fourth US State to Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags
The ban will take effect on January 1, 2021.

Oregon Governor Signs Law Banning Single-Use Plastic Straws
The ban takes effect on January 1, 2020.

Canadian Prime Minister Announces Additional Steps to Reduce Plastic Waste
Among the steps to be taken is a ban on single-use plastics as early as 2021.

Rhode Island Senate Approves Bill to Ban Single-Use Plastic Straws
The measure was sent to the House of Representatives for consideration.

Plastic Pollution Taskforce Proposed in Pennsylvania General Assembly
The taskforce would study methods to reduce plastic pollution and prepare a report.

Plastic Waste Pyrolysis and Gasification Bill Introduced in Delaware General Assembly
So far this year three other states have enacted similar legislation.

Ban on Non-Recyclable and Non-Compostable Food and Drink Packaging Proposed in Pennsylvania General Assembly
The ban would apply only in state-owned buildings.

New Law Approved in Maine Will Require Additional Reporting for Recyclable Materials
The law also places review requirements for some wastes managed at state-owned solid waste disposal facilities and contains other provisions.

Bill Introduced in Wisconsin Senate Would Amend Current E-Waste Recycling Law
Among the proposed changes, the sales thresholds triggering annual registration fees paid by smaller covered device manufacturers would be increased.

Change to Paint Stewardship Law Approved by Rhode Island House
The measure is being considered by the Senate now.

Governor of Maine Signs Law to Ban Phthalates and Possibly PFAS in Food Packaging
The law also authorizes the development of a list of food contact chemicals of high concern.

Illinois General Assembly Approves Ban on BPA-Containing Thermal Printing Paper
The ban will take effect on January 1, 2020.

Recycling Laws International

24 July 2019:

European Union Single-Use Plastic Products Directive Becomes Law
The directive includes product prohibitions, requires product markings and extended producer responsibility schemes, and sets other requirments.

European Environment Agency Report Says Only Nine European Countries Have Set Plastic Waste Prevention Targets
However, the agency identified 173 plastic waste prevention measures in place with the majority of them addressing plastic production.

Germany Launches Public Consultation on Minimum Recyclability Standards for Packaging
The standards will help determine packaging recycling fees that producers pay.

Bill to Ban Single-Use Plastic Shopping Bags Introduced in New South Wales Parliament
The law would take effect six months after it achieves royal assent.

Proposed Ban of Disposable Plastic Carryout Bags and Food Utensils Introduced in Brazilian Camara dos Deputados
The same bill also would ban microplastic particles in drugs and personal care products.

Chilean Camara Bill Would Extend Single-Use Plastic Carryout Bag Ban to Some Product Wrapping
Food retailers would switch to bags made of paper, cloth or non-plastic materials.

The Bulletin

19 June 2019:

Regulatory Developments:
Dutch Infrastructure State Secretary Calls for Ending Plastic Waste Exports by Western Nations
CalRecycle Considering a Reduction in TV Recycling Fees

Trends and Data:
Ontario Ministry of Environment Organizes Technical Working Group to Increase Compostable Products Use
Glass Packaging Reuse Proposals Sought by French Government and Packaging Recycling Compliance Organization
New UK Resource Action Fund Seeks Proposals for Plastic Packaging and Textile Recycling and Food Waste Prevention Grants
New South Wales EPA Announces $7.5 Million in Recycling and Reuse Grants Available
Brazilian Ministry of Environment Allocates R$2.1 Million to Combat Marine Litter
Study Estimates 24 Million Pieces of Litter Fall into UK Waterways Annually

Business Initiatives:
Plastics Recyclers Europe Issues Guidance on Quality Sorting of Plastic Packaging
Two US Organizations Release Report on Packaging Materials Challenges for MRFs and Reprocessors

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