State Recycling Laws Update

24 March 2015:

Michigan Legislature to Consider Expanding State Deposit Container Scheme
Noncarbonated water would be added as a deposit beverage.

Connecticut Bill Would Add Beverages to State Container Deposit Scheme
The beverages would become subject to a five-cent per container deposit later this year.

Single-Use Carryout Bag Fee-to-Ban Proposed in Connecticut General Assembly
The fee would be effect two years only and eventually be replaced by a ban.

EPR Program for Electronic Devices Proposed in Arkansas General Assembly
Separate programs proposed for computers and televisions.

Michigan Legislators Want to Expand List of Covered Devices under State E-Waste Law
Mobile phones and tablets would be added.

Minnesota Bill Calls for $5 Million Appropriation for Large Scale Organic Waste Processing Plant
Plant would use pyrolysis for energy recovery.

Update to Paint Product Stewardship Law Proposed in Maine Legislature
New requirements would be placed on used paint collection sites.

Maine Bill Would Substantially Revise Mercury-Containing Thermostats Law
The current product stewardship program essentially would be closed in 2023.

Recycling Would Provide Some Funding for Highways under Pennsylvania Bill
Recycling containers would be placed at highway rest areas to recover materials.

Two Completing U.S. Senate Bills Seek to Amend Toxic Substances Control Act
Pro-industry bill introduced by Senator Udall; pro-environment bill introduced by Senator Boxer.

Indiana General Assembly Approves Ban on Microplastic Beads
A manufacturing ban on personal care products containing the beads takes effect on January 1, 2018.

Bans on Microplastic Beads Proposed in Michigan and Massachusetts
Bills contain roughly the same provisions as bills in more than 12 other states.

Restrictions on Ten Flame Retardants Proposed in Massachusetts House
Restrictions would apply to children's products and upholstered furniture only.

Recycling Laws International

19 March 2015:

Electronics EPR Bill Introduced in Hong Kong Legislative Council
General responsibilities of producers, retailers and e-waste collectors outlined.

Danish Ministry of Environment Publishes New Waste Prevention Strategy Draft
The draft strategy focuses on food, construction, textiles, electronics and packaging.

Dutch Ministry of Environment and Waste Industry Associations Sign Waste Recovery Agreement
The Ministry also launched a website to help local governments increase household waste recycling.

European Parliament Committee Releases New Draft Recommendations on EU Plastic Bag Regulations
Member States could implement either a fee or tax or achieve per capita bag consumption limits.

Portuguese Plastic Bag Tax Takes Effect
Ministry of Environment publishes FAQ document to help businesses better understand the new law.

French Government Agency Concerned about Migration of Chemicals in Heated PP Food Packaging
Recommendations made to consumers on how to minimize chemical migration risks.

The Bulletin

25 March 2015:

Government and Regulatory:
UK Government Acts to Combat Illegal Dumping and other Waste Crimes
New York City Begins Enforcing New Clothing Collection Bin Law
New South Wales EPA Consults on New Landfill Guidelines

Statistics and Trends:
Average Aluminum Beverage Container Recycling Rate Reaches 70% in Europe
Austria Recycled 233,700 Tons of Glass Containers in 2014
Residential Waste Collection Costs to Effectively Increase 58% in Toronto
UK Landfill Taxes Will Be Increasing through 2016
City of Phoenix Issues RFP for Waste Recovery
Nordic Council Says Textile Reuse/Recycling Could Create 4,000 Green Jobs
Danish EPA Publishes More Detailed National Waste Data

Business and Industry Initiatives:
Call2Recycle Chosen to Manage Vermont Household Batteries Stewardship Program
Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council Publishes Data on Hospital Plastics Recycling

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