State Recycling Laws Update

18 February 2020:

Democrats in US Congress Cosponsor Bill to Reduce Plastic Pollution Nationally
Among the many provisions in the bill is national producer responsibility for products and packaging.

Canadian Parliament Bill Would Ban Export of 31 Types of Plastic Waste
Better regulation of the transboundary plastic waste movement became part of the Basel Convention last year.

Two Disposable Carryout Bag Bills Approved in Different Chambers of Virginia General Assembly
Both bills would impose a five-cent tax on disposable plastic bags.

Two State Legislatures Consider Bills Banning Plastic Filters for Cigarettes
Legislation in one state includes a ban on single-use electronic cigarettes.

Disposable Plastic Bag Bill in Iowa Legislature Would Place Fees on Manufacturers
Manufacturer fees would also apply to single-use plastic containers and straws.

Bill to Prevent Local Single-Use Plastics Ordinances Introduced in Kansas Legislature
Ordinances adopted before July 1, 2020 would be allowed to continue in force.

Illinois Lawmakers Consider Bill to Ban Plastic Straws
The ban would take immediate effect.

Packaging Stewardship Bill Introduced in Maine Legislature
A single stewardship organization would represent all participating packaging producers.

Idaho Lawmaker Proposes Repealing State Law Preventing Local Auxiliary Container Ordinances
The state law was approved only four years ago.

Repeal of State Container Deposit Scheme Proposed by Iowa Legislator
The bill also would redirect unpaid deposit refunds to increasing recycling and providing shelter for the homeless for an interim period.

Florida Recycling Working Group Proposed in Companion Florida Legislature Bills
The 11-member group would consist of government, industry and non-profit organization representatives.

Hotels Would Be Required to Recycle Specified Materials under Maryland House Bill
Local governments would be responsible for enforcing the state law.

Sustainable Materials Management Program Proposed in Maryland General Assembly
Funding for the program would come from government and industry sources.

Legislature in Minnesota is the Latest to Consider Ban on PFAS in Food Packaging
At least five other states are considering similar legislation.

Recycling Laws International

11 February 2020:

Scottish Government Proposes Landfill Tax Increase to Support a Circular Economy
Recommitments also made to a container deposit scheme and other initiatives to reduce waste.

Environment Bill 2019-2020 Reintroduced in UK Parliament
The bill includes a framework for adopting new waste, resource efficiency and producer responsibility regulations by each UK member country.

Australian Government Recycling Market Review Highlights National Waste Challenges
Chinese waste import restrictions have led to volatility for Australian plastics, paper and cardboard recycling.

Plastic Waste Imports and Exports Bill Advances in Parliament of Singapore
The measure would bring Singapore into compliance with its Basel Convention commitments.

Food Waste Reduction Act Proposed in Philippine House of Representatives
Establishments covered under the proposed law would need to segregate edible and inedible food waste streams.

Chilean Diputado Proposes Fishing and Aquaculture Industry Finance Marine Waste Clean Up
The bill’s author cites marine microplastics and an increasing volume of plastic waste among the reasons for action.

The Bulletin

19 February 2020:

Regulatory Issues:

  • European Chemicals Agency Says New SCIP Database Will Help Support a Circular EU Econom
  • Norwegian and Indian Governments Announce Joint Effort to Fight Plastic Pollution Globally


  • Landfill Disposal in Michigan Jumped 11% in 2019
  • CalRecycle Launches Two Pilot Programs to Increase Beverage Container Recycling
  • Pennsylvania DEP Study Claims an Estimated 502 Million Pieces of Litter Lie Along State Roads
  • Government of Quebec to Invest $30 Million to Modernize Provincial Recycling and Materials Recovery Efforts
  • Sustainability Victoria Announces $2 Million in Grants Available for E-Waste Infrastructure Projects
  • Nebraska DEQ Awards $6 Million in Recycling, Litter Reduction and Scrap Tire Grants

Business Initiatives:

  • Dutch Waste Management Association Announces Opposition to Composting Bioplastics with Food Waste
  • Australian Recycling Association Criticizes Government Recycling Infrastructure Spending Levels

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