State Recycling Laws Update

27 February 2017:

Removal of Larger Beverage Containers from Deposit Scheme Proposed in Maine Legislature
Instead, beverage producers and distributors would pay a recycling fee on the larger containers.

Ban on Removable Plastic Beverage Bottle Caps Proposed in California State Legislature
The proposed ban would take effect in 2020.

Carryout Bag Tax Sought by Connecticut Lawmakers
The tax would apply to single-use plastic and paper bags.

Requirements for Compostable Carryout Bags Introduced in Illinois General Assembly
Labeling prohibitions on carryout bags included in the measure.

South Carolina Is the Latest State to Try to Prohibit Local Single-Use Plastic Bag Ordinances
A similar bill introduced in the last legislature failed passage.

Paint Stewardship Bill Introduced in Texas Legislature
Stewardship plan submissions would commence no later than March 1, 2018.

National Funding for Local Zero Waste Grants Proposed in US Congress
Five-year program would be supported with $100 million in US EPA funding.

Illinois Bill Would Ban Specified Items from Recycling Bins
The bill would amend the Illinois Environmental Protection Act.

Legislative Proposal Would Install Recycling Bins along Pennsylvania Turnpike
Sales of collected recyclable materials would help fund turnpike operations.

Recycling Containers Would Be Mandated in Retail Food Establishments under Connecticut Bill
The bill seeks to increase the state beverage container recycling rate in particular.

Zero Waste Economy Study to Be Considered by Vermont Legislators
A special committee would be created to prepare and deliver a report of findings by January 2018.

Texas Bill Calls for Advisory Panel to Study How to Prevent Litter and Illegal Dumping
A best practices guide and report would be due on November 1, 2018.

Maine Senate Bill Proposes $1.5 Million in Funding for Bioplastics Development and Marketing
The funding would be earmarked for a particular technology development institute.

Extension or Elimination of Sunset of California Compostable Plastic Labeling Law Alternately Proposed in California Assembly
The sunset provision is currently scheduled for next January.

Warning Labels for Products Containing Toxic Substances Proposed in Canadian Parliament
Penalties for violations could include fines as high as $250,000 or imprisonment or both.

Restricting Certain Flame Retardant Chemicals Proposed in New Mexico Legislature
Companion bills were introduced in the House of Representatives and Senate.

Recycling Laws International

14 February 2017:

Australian Government Consults on Draft Plan to Clean Up Marine Debris and Minimize Generation
Among the draft plan's proposed actions are limiting lost single-use plastic material and encouraging a circular economy.

Bill to Repeal Recently Enacted Puerto Rican Plastic Bag Law Introduced in the Camara
In place of the bag ban, in-store recycling would be mandated.

European Parliament Committee Publishes New Report on Proposed Updates to WEEE and Battery Directives
Many new provisions have been added to the rapporteur's previous draft report.

Swedish EPA Survey Indicates National Waste Plan and Waste Prevention Program May Need Revision
For many Swedish waste stakeholders, the documents "have not made any major impact" on achieving more efficient waste management, the survey finds.

Senate Plenary Vote on Brazilian National Landfill Fund Expected Soon
The final review committee approved the bill in a 3-1 vote.

New Zealand and Nordic Countries Consider Bans on Microplastic Beads
Both entities cite marine pollution and dangers to the human food chain as reasons to take regulatory action.

French Senate to Debate Resolution Addressing Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals
The legislation calls for focusing on cumulative EDC exposures over a lifetime.

Brazilian Camara Bill Requires Manufacturers to Wash Uniforms of Workers Using Chemicals Harmful to the Environment
Deputado says home laundering allows harmful chemicals to be released into the environment.

The Bulletin

22 February 2017:

Regulatory Developments:
South Australia Court Rules Waste Is Not A Product Until Its Character Changes
European Commission Sued for Allowing DEHP to Be Used in Some Plastic Products

Statistics and Trends:
RECYC-QUEBEC Receives $1 Million to Support Construction and Demolition Waste Reduction
Catalan Waste Agency To Launch Waste Management Best Practices Website for Municipalities
More US Supermarkets Accepting Rigid Plastics for Recycling
Reuse of Small Electric and Electronic Devices Is Focus of Scottish "Pass It On" Week
Sao Paulo Environmental Minister Says All Open Air Dumps in His State Will Be Closed by the End of 2017

Business Initiatives:
US Food Manufacturers Support New Date Labels to Help Prevent Food Waste
American Chemistry Council to Help Increase Plastic Bag and Film Recycling in Connecticut
US Recycling Industries Association Approves New Specs for Glass and Inbound Mixed Recyclables

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