State Recycling Laws Update

23 July 2018:

Santa Barbara, California Approves Ordinance Banning Several Disposable Plastic Food and Drink Items
The new ordinance also bans polystyrene foam food service packaging and shipping materials.

San Francisco Board of Supervisors to Vote on Banning Plastic Food Service Ware Accessories
Reusable beverage cups would need to be provided at events by event producers.

Bill to Ban Polystyrene Foam Food Containers Statewide Introduced in Pennsylvania General Assembly
The proposed ban would take effect on January 1, 2019.

US Senate Bill Would Ban Ortho-Phthalates in Food Contact Surfaces Including Packaging
Any current deemed safe applications on ortho-phthalates in food packaging no longer would be in effect.

Proposed Ban on Flame Retardants in Children's Products and Upholstered Furniture Introduced in Delaware General Assembly
The ban would apply to 10 specific substances.

US House of Representatives to Consider Bill Supporting Government Computer Refurbishing by Non-Profit Organizations
The bill would revise an existing federal program addressing transfer of unwanted government computers

Milwaukee Common Council Calls for Departmental Action on Illegally Dumped Waste
The Department of Public Works was directed to develop a plan to provide for more timely cleanups.

Recycling Laws International

16 July 2018:

Government of Victoria, Australia Announces a Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags
The ban will take effect before the end of next year.

Ban on Single-Use Plastic Items Proposed in Chilean Camara de Diputados
The bill is the fourth introduced this year seeking to restrict plastic waste.

Brazilian Senado Committee Approves Bill to Make Illegal Dumping in Public Places a Criminal Offense
The full Senado now will vote on the bill, which has already been approved in the Camara dos Deputados.

Two Bills Introduced in the Brazilian Camara dos Deputados Would Ban Plastic Straws
One bill would phase-in the ban; the other would not.

Singapore National Environment Agency Moves Up Date for Mandatory Packaging Waste Reduction Plans
Packaging producers now will need to submit waste reduction plans starting in 2020.

Swedish Government Announces Changes for Collection of Residential Packaging and Printed Paper Waste
Collections will become more convenient for residents; producers will pay for the convenience.

The Bulletin

18 July 2018:

Regulatory and Legislative Developments:
Bruxelles Environnement Opens Public Consultations on Updated Battery EPR Schemes
New Dutch Government Agreement Requires Minimum 5% Recycled Content in Concrete Structures

Statistics and Trends:
Single-Use Plastic Bag Consumption in Israel Fell by 80% in 2017
German Green Dot System Recovered More Than 1.78 Million Tons of Waste Packaging in 2017
Minnesota PCA Sees State Opportunity in China's Decreased Waste Import Policy
Dublin City Council Launches Public Awareness Campaign about Disposable Coffee Cup Waste
Denver Launches Effort to Reduce Residential and Business Food Waste
Chemical Waste Playland to Tour Seven Popular French Beaches
Mayor of Washington, D.C. Throws Support Behind Anti-Plastic Straw Campaign

Business Initiatives:
Irish WEEE Compliance Organization Sets New E-Waste Recycling Record

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