State Recycling Laws Update

23 May 2016:

Bill to Study Packaging Waste Reduction Approved by Connecticut General Assembly
The measure calls for developing strategies to reduce packaging waste in the state by at least 25%.

Iowa Governor Signs Legislation to Increase Illegal Dumping and Littering Fines
The law also redefines litter.

Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection Now Responsible for Issuing Tax Assessments on Solid Waste Facilities
Governor Bevin signs bill authorizing a switch from the Department of Revenue.

Massachusetts Senate Passes Bill Restricting 11 Flame Retardants
The proposed restrictions would take effect on January 1, 2017, if approved by the Massachusetts House.

California DTSC Launches Public Consultation on Revised Mercury-Containing Thermostats Recycling Plans
Manufacturer outreach and pilot project plans expected to boost the state's collection rate.

US House Bill Would Mandate Ingredients Labeling for Cleaning Products
The measure would create the Cleaning Product Right to Know Act of 2016.

New York City Council Approves Fee on Disposable Carryout Bags
A five-cent fee will apply to plastic and paper bags.

Honolulu City Council Approves New Fines for Illegal Dumping of Bulky Items
Fines of up to $2,500 may now be imposed.

Proposed Polystyrene Foam Carryout Food Packaging Ban Moves Forward in Pasadena, California
A city council committee says recycling polystyrene foam is not feasible locally.

Recycling Laws International

9 May 2016:

First Paint Stewardship Scheme Launched in Australia
Scheme is funded through a 15-cent per liter tax on covered products.

Bill in Brazilian Camara Seeks to Improve Enforcement of Battery Recycling Laws
Existing resolution adopted in 2008 is being ignored, says bill's sponsor

Nordic Council of Ministers Issues Statement on Marine Microplastics Efforts
The council said it supports international and regional regulatory frameworks to combat marine plastic litter and microplastics.

Litter Reduction Bill Introduced in Brazilian Camara
All printed marketing material distributed in public places would need to be biodegradable.

Japan Reports 2014 Data on Local Government Collection of Packaging for Recycling
Containers and Packaging Recycling Law may be revised.

Edinburgh Officials Attribute Increased Recycling Rates to Sophisticated Five Bin System
Municipal landfill disposal of waste fell to 10% in latest fiscal year.

The Bulletin

6 April 2016:

Regulatory Issues:
Canada Publishes Changes to Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Recyclable Material Regulations

Statistics and Trends:
Sao Paolo Single-Use Plastic Bag Consumption Drops 70% after Passage of State Bag Law
UNEP Announces Funding for Special Program on Chemicals and Waste
City of Paris Issues Call for Reuse and Recycling Demonstration Projects
Mattress Recycling Facility Opens in the Australian Capital Territory
WRAP Report Indicates UK Is Making Progress in Plastics Recycling
Austria Glass Recycling Says 220,000 Tons of Austrian Glass Bottles and Jars Were Recycled in 2015
Dutch Producer Compliance Scheme Collects 110 Million Kilograms of WEEE

Business Initiatives:
US Glass Packaging Institute Helps Fund North Carolina Glass Recycling Effort
US Food Service Packaging Institute Launches Educational Website and Toolkit

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